Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 13

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


I walked around the living room, making sure that everything was tended to and was in order, knowing that tonight was not only going to be a big evening for me, but that a lot depended on it, and everyone’s eyes were going to be on me. And that was something that I was more than a little scared of. 

“Please put these here,” I said, looking at the maid who nodded as she placed the tray of small pastries on one of the tables. The concierges knew what to do, and that wasn’t an issue for me, if anything, they made the job a lot easier when they tended to them. 

“Wow,” Ivan said, entering the house as he caught sight of the things that I prepared. Dimitri, who just walked inside, froze by the door for a second before looking at me. 

I looked down at my feet, avoiding both their eyes, and I couldn’t help but find my heart racing in both worry and anxiety as I feared the man not liking what I just did. And I had to admit, I couldn’t help but find myself actually dreading him coming home as I feared how he was going to be judging things, and though I could tell in his eyes that he was impressed I didn’t know how things were going to actually be in reality. For the most of it, the man knew how to shock me with the meanest words, and I didn’t even need to mention the fact that eh would go from being calm to wanting nothing more than to just argue with me in a mere second. It was something that tore me apart, and that was ne thing that he knew very well. 

“Did you do all this?” The Alpha asked, taking me off guard at the fact that he was even referring to me, and I nodded, forcing myself to stay calm and content as not to reveal my actual fear and worry. The last thing that I needed was to be creating an issue right now. 

The house was dimly lit, and the living room now had a buffet for the reception where the TV initially was. Though I knew that the maids were concerned of removing it, I knew that the table would be perfect for a small reception and we could always return it later. Plus, no official gathering actually had a television. I knew to keep such a detail in mind when I was preparing the area. 

The couches were moved to the center of the room, and though a small 

partition separated them, the dining table was already set with the silverware, glasses, and white and blue plates. 

Two candles were set on the dining table, and a small coffee table was moved from the common room to here, and I was sure to put it in front of the couch for those who wanted to drink their juices. There were the single couches, and again, I chose to take the small tables from the common room and placed them beside two of the couches. 

“I will be returning everything when tonight is done. The TV was moved to the common room, though I know that there is one there already, some of the pack members are using it to play video games. I didn’t think that it would be proper for us to have a TV in an official gathering and considering that the room wasn’t designed to have a reception table, I settled for this one.” I said, nodding at the table. It was the details that were added that made the difference, and I knew that it was what caught Dimitri’s attention. 

“We will be holding more receptions. We can find a new place for the TV,” he said, taking me off guard. Ivan looked at me and raised an amused eyebrow before the Alpha nodded as he walked toward the stairs. My heart raced and I let out a breath that I didn’t even realize that I was holding before the beta approached me. 

I raised an eyebrow at the man and he nudged my shoulder, “good job.” I blushed and watched as he walked toward the stairs before putting a hand on my chest as a sense of satisfaction filled my insides. My heart swelled, but it wasn’t until I turned around and saw Charlotte standing in front of me that my smile was wiped from my face as I saw her glare. She took one of the shrimp glasses, and I took a deep breath as I watched her walk toward me. Her eyes were fixed on mine before she spilled the red sauce on me, making my eyes widen in surprise as I took a step back. She smiled, her smile cold, menacing, and I couldn’t help but feel my breath get caught in my throat as I saw her taking a bite of the shrimp before handing me the cup and its tail. 

“Ops, my bad.” She muttered, her tone cold, mocking, and sarcastic. “Now be a doll and clean it up. You know, the pack is having guests in a bit.” 

“You were my best friend,” I said, shaking my head at her. Her eyes were focused on mine for a second, and I shook my head in question. “It is not like the two of us met yesterday, nor is it like…” 

“You never knew me, and if you believe that you did, then you are far more blind than I ever thought that you were.” She said, making my chest 

burn with so many feelings that I couldn’t describe. 

The woman and I grew up knowing one another, and not once did she tell me that she was in a relationship let alone the fact that she would be with the Alpha. Hell, I didn’t even know that she liked him whenever she did, and that was something that took me off guard when I found out 

about it. 

“Charlotte, if I had known before…” 

“Clean up,” she said, stopping me. Her next words taking me off guard as she made my chest ache. “I have a lover who is waiting for me in the bedroom, omega…” 


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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of romance, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. Set in a world where alpha dynamics rule, the story unfolds as Dimitri navigates love and challenges, creating a gripping narrative filled with passion and mystery. Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is an enthralling novel that delves into a realm of romance, suspense, and the supernatural. The narrative revolves around Dimitri, a character navigating a world shaped by alpha dynamics. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a gripping blend of love, passion, and mysterious elements. The author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge, exploring not only the complexities of relationships but also the challenges posed by a unique supernatural setting. "Alpha Dimitri" showcases Barbosa's storytelling prowess, creating a compelling narrative that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

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Title: Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Synopsis Novel

Chapter 1

Aurora: “Charlotte, it is only for the deal. The two of us are not going to…” “You are going to be touching her, Dimitri. The packs expect to see a fucking mark on the woman.” I heard my best friend’s voice, making me frown as I walked toward Dimitri’s office. The two of us were getting ready to go out to the mating ceremony, and I couldn’t help but find myself frowning when he disappeared.  


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