Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 23

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 23

Chapter 23 


“I don’t need anything, Ivan.” I said, opening the door when I caught Ivan’s scent by it. 

The fact that he had it in him to come and check on me was something that I was thankful for. Hell, I did wish at times that it was Dimitri who came, but I knew better than to hope on false dreams that would never occur. At least I knew that the beta might have been genuine toward me, to some extend, with what he was doing. 

The maids were all outside as I refused to see anyone, and the fact that the beta was here himself told me that he did not plan on taking no for an answer. But right now, I just needed to be left alone and that was something that he didn’t seem to understand. 

“I did not come to ask whether or not you needed anything. I came here. to ask why there are four maids, who were assigned to ensure that everything that you had was tended to, are outside the bedroom door the way that they are?” He asked, and I opened the door wider for him to come inside the room. He frowned at the sight of the blanket that was on the floor where I was curled up in front of my bed. 

“I wanted to sit in this place, by myself, without anyone bothering or disturbing me.” I said, and he took a deep breath. “They would have, asked questions or called you, and that is not something that I wanted.” 

“And you are upset with what Charlotte said earlier and want to be alone without maids in the room after they saw you…” 

“Can you please leave?” I asked, stopping him. It was bad enough that I was having to deal with this. The last thing that I needed was a reminder of what I was living through in a house like this one. 

“Aurora, you need to get yourself something to eat, if not for you, for the baby. You need to regain your strength, and that is something that you seem to be neglecting.” He said, and I pinched the bridge of my nose. “I am not hungry, Ivan. I am going to be in my room if anyone need me.” I said, and he shook his head at me. At this point, I just wanted to be alone. I didn’t want to see nor did I want to speak to anyone. It was the idea of being alone that made me want to rest because I knew that otherwise, I was going to end up losing more than I can afford of my own mental state, and that wasn’t something that I wanted. 

“I was not asking, Aurora. I was telling you that you need to eat.” He ordered, making my chest ache at how helpless I felt. 

“At this point, I really don’t care, Ivan. Whatever it is that you are going to tell me.” I said, glaring at him and he took a deep breath. Everything was. starting to annoy me, and I knew that my hormones were playing with me, and everything that I was going through was one that I couldn’t find myself digesting today. It was just far too much for me to handle, and I just wanted to stay alone. 

“Aurora, what you are doing is just going to end up harming you and your child…” 

“You are only concerned about the child, Ivan. Please do not make it out. as if you care about me in any way because the two of us know that you do NOT.” I said, stopping him. His eyes met mine and I took a deep breath. “I am begging you, just leave me alone. I will go and eat when I am hungry, but right now, I am far too exhausted to find myself going anywhere near the kitchen or anywhere that would make me get closer to any of the pack members.” 

“Do you think that what you are doing is going to get you anywhere? Because from what I see, you are barely locking yourself, acting like some weak child who had her toy taken from her.” He said, making me frown. “Woman up and act like the mother of the child that you are carrying. Otherwise, you are going to lose the baby long before you’ve given birth to it, and I am not saying that you won’t be giving birth to the child.” 

“Put yourself in my shoes, and find it in you to deal with what…” 

“Then deal with what you have to deal with without the need of hiding.” He said, making my heart ache. The man didn’t wait for me to respond before he took a step back and walked out of the room. He closed the bedroom door, and I took a deep breath before sitting on the floor, fighting off the anger that I felt and my aching chest. They were literally blaming me for being upset that the man that I was supposed to be with, the man who was supposed to be my mate, and the man that I was supposed to try and be with was the same man who was cheating on me, and not only that, he was doing it right in front of me. And the worst part about it is that I was considered the one who was wrong in not liking it. “What do you think that you’re doing?” Dimitri’s voice startled me as he entered the bedroom. My eyes widened in surprise, and I took a step back, fearing him hurting me again. He looked down at my arm, noticing 

the bruise that formed on it, and I looked away from him, not wanting to anger him more than he already was. 

“I am sitting in my bedroom, Alpha Dimitri.” I said, and he scoffed before taking a step toward me. His eyes met mine as he stood, towering over my body, and I had to admit, though I did try and stay still, I couldn’t help but find myself weakening to my knees as I took in his size. compared to mine. 

“One more time you think of crossing your limits with the pack’s beta, and I am going to be sure that you regret it.” He said, making me gulp. “I” do not care whether or not you are carrying this bastard child inside you, I am going to make sure that you regret ever thinking of crossing limits. that you shouldn’t with those of higher rank.” 

“Bastard child?” I asked, taking a step back. “The child is yours, Alpha…” 

“I will believe that when I see the DNA test after it is born. If the child is not mine, then you know the consequences.” He said, and I gulped. “However, knowing that you lied about being a virgin would only mean. that you can easily lie about more things…” 

“I did not lie…” 

“Says the woman who didn’t bleed on her first night.” He said, taking at step back. “The maids are going to come with food in a bit. And I do suggest that you eat. Otherwise, I am going to be sure that you not only are forced to eat, but that you regret not doing so in the fucking first. place…” 

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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of romance, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. Set in a world where alpha dynamics rule, the story unfolds as Dimitri navigates love and challenges, creating a gripping narrative filled with passion and mystery. Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is an enthralling novel that delves into a realm of romance, suspense, and the supernatural. The narrative revolves around Dimitri, a character navigating a world shaped by alpha dynamics. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a gripping blend of love, passion, and mysterious elements. The author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge, exploring not only the complexities of relationships but also the challenges posed by a unique supernatural setting. "Alpha Dimitri" showcases Barbosa's storytelling prowess, creating a compelling narrative that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

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Title: Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Synopsis Novel

Chapter 1

Aurora: “Charlotte, it is only for the deal. The two of us are not going to…” “You are going to be touching her, Dimitri. The packs expect to see a fucking mark on the woman.” I heard my best friend’s voice, making me frown as I walked toward Dimitri’s office. The two of us were getting ready to go out to the mating ceremony, and I couldn’t help but find myself frowning when he disappeared.  


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