Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 28

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 28

Chapter 28 


Charlotte’s eyes met mine as I walked down the stairs the next morning. 

The pain that I felt as my eyes met hers without me approaching her was one that I wouldn’t have liked to think of, but I knew that it was one that only meant that things were going to be falling into place within this pack. At least, the bullshit that we have been dealing with was not going to be one that we would be fussed about now. 

Her heart raced against her chest and she knew that not only was she not even allowed to speak to me, but that her being here was only because I wanted her to be punished the way that I saw fit for what she did. 


“Dimitri, I was not going to let you be with her while I just stood and watched…” 

“My name is ALPHA Dimitri,” I said, stopping her. She gulped and shook her head at me as tears fell from her eyes. The last time that she called. me Alpha was when she was nothing but a consort for my pleasure, and even then, I would mostly allow her to call me by my name. But now, considering that she chose to not only betray the trust that I gave her but to betray me by doing what I specifically told her not to do, then she was. going to be paying greatly for it. 

“Please don’t do this, Dimitri. The two of us have been together for years and you knew that I not once betrayed you. You know that I did everything…” 

“How would I be able to trust that? Huh? Your father has been swarming. around you and the pack for months now, and considering that you accepted taking to him, it only means that it has happened before.. Therefore, what is my guarantee that you did not betray me? How would I fucking know that you would not be doing it again and again?” I asked, stopping her. “For someone who looked me in the eye and lied to me, for a woman whose eyes met mine as she did it…” 

“Dimitri, please.” She said, shaking her head at me. “Please don’t do this 

to me.” 

“You are going to be serving in this house with the maids just like the consort that you came to be. You came to work here for my pleasure, but that would be an advantage for you. Therefore, you are going to be 

serving in the kitchen, and not a word will come out of you. Be it cleaning, cooking, or even washing the dishes, I do not give a fucking damn. And if my eyes meet yours, I give you my fucking word that not only would you be a rogue, but I will be sure that you regret it.” I said, glaring daggers at her. She opened her mouth to say a word, but I raised my hand, stopping her before taking a step back as I turned to my desk. The last thing that I wanted was to look at her right now. 

“Dismiss yourself.” 

“Dimitri, just hear me out…” 

“Now, Charlotte. Unless you want to find yourself in deeper shit than you can handle.” 

End of Flashback. 

My chest ached for her for a second but my eyes ere as hard as stone. before I turned to the stairs where I saw the headmistress and the maids. that were assigned to tend to Aurora walking up to her floor. I knew that it was for them to help her get ready for the day, and though she normally stayed in the room, today I was going to be sure that Charlotte saw us together. It was going to be a reminder to her of who was standing in front of her. 

“Call Aurora to come down to the dining room.” I said, not bothering to look at Charlotte. Her breath got caught in her throat and I knew that it was because this was the last thing that she would have expected me to do. I had to admit, even I didn’t want to see the woman, but I knew that I had to be sure that Charlotte was educated in a way that would teach her the limits that she seemed to not only neglect and forget, but the limits. that she has crossed a long time ago. 

“Yes, Alpha.” The headmistress said, and I nodded before turning to find Charlotte still looking at me. She took a deep breath and took a step toward me, making sure to look down at my chest as she did. Her heart. raced and she extended her hand toward mine before getting down on her knees in front of me. 

“I would rather that I die instead of not being by your side, Alpha.” She said, taking a deep breath as she waited for what I was going to say. I looked down at her for a minute before taking a step back, leaving her to get lost in whatever it was that she was thinking. Her heart raced, and she shook her head at me before her sniff caught me off guard. 

“You know, I do suggest that you stop making a fool of yourself.” I said, looking at her over my shoulder. “Go and tend to the kitchen, and if 

anything happens to either her or the child, I will be holding you accountable. I want you to keep that in mind when you are assisting in there.” 

The main reason why I was doing this was because I knew that she could easily use the kitchen as a way to either poison Aurora or make sure that she causes a miscarriage, and that was something that was going to reeducate her into knowing her limits. She would know that not only was. she going to be held accountable for what she did, but that I did not want her to do this, and IF she did, then she was going to be defying me personally, and I knew that she wasn’t dumb enough to do that. “You know that being who she is, she won’t be benefitting you in anything.” Charlotte said, avoiding my eyes. “But I am going to keep counting the days till you have looked at me, and I will be sure to be patient until you have. Until then, I will leave you to enjoy your evenings with your new Luna.” 

“Get out of my sight.” I said, and she sniffed before I heard her taking a step back as she walked toward the kitchen. My chest burned, but I looked up to find Aurora walking down the stairs wearing a knee long sundress and flats. She looked at me for a second before looking down at her feet, avoiding my eyes. 

Her hair was left in its normal curls, and she had a light shade of makeup that brought up her features, sharpening them a bit. Her breath got caught up in her throat, and I couldn’t help but notice that she released a breath, meaning that she was initially holding it. 

“You called for me, Alpha?” She asked, her voice low as she asked. She wrapped her right arm around herself as if fearing my reaction, and I stayed quiet for a second, my eyes harder than they ever were, knowing that I was going to be sitting with an omega on the same table was not something that I found myself fond with doing. But I knew that I was going to have to do this right now. It wasn’t something that I had to be debating on. 

“Yes,” I said, and she looked up at me before I nodded at the dining room. “You are going to be joining me for breakfast. Now, come on, the dining room is set and ready before I head to the office…” 

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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of romance, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. Set in a world where alpha dynamics rule, the story unfolds as Dimitri navigates love and challenges, creating a gripping narrative filled with passion and mystery. Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is an enthralling novel that delves into a realm of romance, suspense, and the supernatural. The narrative revolves around Dimitri, a character navigating a world shaped by alpha dynamics. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a gripping blend of love, passion, and mysterious elements. The author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge, exploring not only the complexities of relationships but also the challenges posed by a unique supernatural setting. "Alpha Dimitri" showcases Barbosa's storytelling prowess, creating a compelling narrative that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

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Title: Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Synopsis Novel

Chapter 1

Aurora: “Charlotte, it is only for the deal. The two of us are not going to…” “You are going to be touching her, Dimitri. The packs expect to see a fucking mark on the woman.” I heard my best friend’s voice, making me frown as I walked toward Dimitri’s office. The two of us were getting ready to go out to the mating ceremony, and I couldn’t help but find myself frowning when he disappeared.  


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