Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 3

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 3

Chapter 3 


Our guests smiled at us, some cheering, others inviting us for drinks with them to have a small ‘chat’ as the two of us walked past them. 

“Aurora,” Charlotte called, taking me by surprise. I looked at her and she took my hands in hers before squeezing them gently. I knew that she was doing this for the public eye, especially since we were everyone’s center of attention right now. 

It has been a while since our vows were said, and I knew that I was to count the minutes before we were ordered to head to the bedroom. And that was something that I both feared and dreaded right now. 

“I didn’t see you before the ceremony, I’m sorry.” I said, trying my best to lie. She smiled, her smile both bright and devious, and I could swear that she and Dimitri shared a glance before she turned to look at me. 

“No, no, don’t be.” She said, squeezing my hands gently. “You have no idea how happy I am for you.” 

“I can tell that you are.” I said, flinching slightly when Dimitri put his hand on my lower back, giving me his silent warning to stop my sarcasm. I looked down at my feet for a second before taking a deep breath as I knew that not only was I the center of attention tonight, but I knew that everyone was looking for my mistake this evening. 

“I take it that I interrupted the two ladies?” He asked, smiling at me, hist eyes giving me his silent warning not to say anything about it. 

“Not at all, Alpha.” She said, looking down at his feet, giving him a quick nod before looking up at him with the brightest smile.. “I was just coming to congratulate the two of you.” 

My chest ached and the air felt thick around me, but I knew better than to react. I clenched my fist for a second before forcing myself to loosen my grip as I looked at Dimitri whose eyes were fixed on mine. 

“I am indeed lucky to have been able to win the most beautiful woman of them all.” He said, nodding at the elders who were watching, and I smiled at him as he put his finger under my chin. He connected his lips. with mine in a gentle kiss before pulling away to rest his forehead against 


“I take it that the two of you will be dismissing yourselves for the 

evening?” Lord Alpha Jordan asked, approaching us. “You know what has to be done, and the faster it is, the better the process.” 

“We have guests, Lord Alpha.” I tried persuading, wanting to delay things as much as I could. The last thing that I wanted was to be having my first. time like this. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to speak to the Lord without being addressed, but this was beyond what I could actually accept on myself. 

“I believe that they are all well aware of what is to happen, and would be dismissing themselves shortly, Aurora.” Elder Jordan said, looking at me. “Now you have the choice of choosing five of the elders and your 

mothers being in the room…” 

“What?” Dimitri asked, frowning in confusion. 

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“You know that it is in tradition for us that you two have mated. Therefore, you have the freedom of choice. Normally, it would have been the female elders, but considering that us as females are more than five, you have the right to choose.” 

“Surely, we wouldn’t need anyone chaperoning over us while we mate.” Dimitri said, shaking his head at the woman. His mother, Maria, looked at him, shaking her head at her son and he looked away from her before turning to Elder Jordan. 

“I believe that if the Luna would be comfortable…” Lord Alpha Sirius said, walking toward us. “We can be fair enough by suggesting that they at least show us proof that it has been performed. I believe that would be a fair deal if they wish to have their privacy.” 

“It is not…” 

“Our time is different from theirs, and just as many things have been altered, I believe that this can be modified too.” he said, looking at Aurora. She looked down at her feet and he cleared his throat. “What do you wish? Privacy, or should you and your Alpha choose the women who would escort you to the bedroom?” 

I gulped for a second as I looked at Dimitri before shaking my head. My mother glared at me, urging me to respond and I blushed. 

“I would wish for privacy, Lord Alpha.” I said, and he nodded. 

“Then it is granted.” He said, looking at the two of us. “You have an hour.” 

“An hour?” Dimitri asked, and he raised an eyebrow. 

“Otherwise, you are to be chaperoned.” He said, taking a step back toward 

the bar. “Fifty-nine minutes…” 

Dimitri wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me to the room and I looked at my mother one more time, watching as she glared at me not to make a mistake in this. In her mind, right now, I was nothing more than a girl to bring them their peace. 

Dimitri pushed me inside the room the second we walked in, and it took me a second not to stumble on my footing before I turned around to face. him. His eyes met mine for a second before he leaned in to kiss me. I took a step back, flinching, and he chuckled, shaking his head at me. “I doubt that you would want the elders to be watching us.” He stated, making my heart race. He kissed my neck, and I couldn’t help but find myself flinching for a second and he frowned, glaring at me. 

“What is your problem, omega?” He asked, glaring at me. “Because I believe that our time is running and your childish acts will not lead us anywhere…” 

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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of romance, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. Set in a world where alpha dynamics rule, the story unfolds as Dimitri navigates love and challenges, creating a gripping narrative filled with passion and mystery. Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is an enthralling novel that delves into a realm of romance, suspense, and the supernatural. The narrative revolves around Dimitri, a character navigating a world shaped by alpha dynamics. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a gripping blend of love, passion, and mysterious elements. The author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge, exploring not only the complexities of relationships but also the challenges posed by a unique supernatural setting. "Alpha Dimitri" showcases Barbosa's storytelling prowess, creating a compelling narrative that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

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Title: Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Synopsis Novel

Chapter 1

Aurora: “Charlotte, it is only for the deal. The two of us are not going to…” “You are going to be touching her, Dimitri. The packs expect to see a fucking mark on the woman.” I heard my best friend’s voice, making me frown as I walked toward Dimitri’s office. The two of us were getting ready to go out to the mating ceremony, and I couldn’t help but find myself frowning when he disappeared.  


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