Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 5

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa Chapter 5

Chapter 5 


My body ached as I opened my eyes to find myself laying alone on the bed. 

Dimitri, who was still wearing his suit, raised an eyebrow at me before. rolling his eyes as he threw a napkin my way. I looked at it only to frown at the scent of it. 

It was my squirt and his cum. 

“You are no virgin and for that, your blood was not needed. This was proof enough along with the bite mark that is on your neck.” He said, making my heart drop. 

“They entered the room?” 

“You should be thankful for the fact that they did accept giving us our ‘privacy’ in this.” He said, fixing his tie. “This will be your room from now on, and I don’t expect to see you coming to mine.” 

“It is our first night…” 

“You got your first night, or more specifically, half an hour.” He said, and I looked away from him. My heart ached as I sat up, and I frowned when I felt blood prickle down my neck. The man’s canines were buried deep in my neck, and though I knew that it was not to technically mark me, he did not hit the correct vein for that, I knew that it was enough for him to push in his marking scent to ensure that I am marked as some consort. “Are you coming, Dimitri?” Charlotte’s voice took me off guard and it took everything in me not to say a word as I fisted the sheets. The man didn’t even bother looking at me as he walked toward her. My heart raced against my chest, and I shook my head in both agony and anger. 

“Give me a minute, Charlotte.” He said, and she nodded before taking a step back, walking out of the room. He looked at me over his shoulder, and I had to fight back frowning as I felt his eyes on me. The idea of having to endure this on my own was not one that I knew how to handle, and seeing as I knew that even my mother was on his side in this, I just felt alone. “Our mating is nothing but a public’s eye deal, am I making myself clear? What happened tonight is ONLY a deal for the elders.” 

“What did I do wrong, Dimitri…?” 

“Alpha Dimitri.” He said, correcting me. “You are nothing to me, and 

needless to say are nothing in comparison to my class. Start acting like it before I force you to.” 

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, shaking my had in question. “Surely, I did something…?” 

“One more question and I am going to force you to swallow that tongue of yours.” He said, stopping me. I looked down at my lap and he scoffed before opening the door. “That’s all I needed in my life, a fucking omega who thought that she had any right to look at the Alpha let alone to speak to him.” 

He slammed the door shut, and my tears fell from my eyes before I could stop them. My heart ached, and I clenched my fist, trying to think of a solution to the mess that I was in. 

It was one that I never thought that I would have to deal with, especially given the fact that I knew that the two of us were supposed to be chosen for one another for so many reasons. However, this was proving to me that I was wrong in agreeing to this, not that I had another choice to begin with, when I was asked by the elders. 

I got up from the edge of the bed, ignoring the soreness that was between my legs. I may have bled, but the man didn’t know that it was my first time. Tears fell from my eyes before I could stop myself, and I walked toward the bathroom as I filled the tub. 

“You know, the last thing that I expected was for that bitch not to be a virgin.” I heard Charlotte say from beside the door was I walked out of the bathroom to get myself new clothes. I needed to at least get out of this dress. 

“How about we close the topic, Lotte? The last thing that I need right now is a reminder of the filth that I just touched.” He said, making my heart. ache. “But I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind you preparing a bath for me. You know, something to clean me up, help me relax…” 

I walked back to the bathroom without saying a word as my world started turning. I opened the water facet and washed my face, trying to control my tears as I attempted to cool my body down; however, the pain that I felt was one that I couldn’t describe. 

“Filth?” I whispered to myself. “He just saw me as nothing but filth?” I gulped as I tried forcing myself to accept his words, but I knew that no matter what I was going to do, I wasn’t going to be able to do so. My heart ached a I gripped the sink tightly before I walked out of the 

bathroom. My heart raced, and I walked toward the window to open it, needing some fresh air before I took a deep breath. 

My mother’s words played in my ears and I couldn’t help but find myself being completely alone, forced to accept a fate that I didn’t even understand. 

“You are no pure blood, your father barely managed to arrange this agreement for all our safeties.” My heart ached at that, and looking out the window, I couldn’t help but find myself tearing up as I looked up at the night sky. It was filled with stars and the crescent moon that lit it up watched as my tears fell freely from my eyes. 

“You are completely alone,” I muttered to myself, voicing out my thoughts. “So, what are you going to do this time, Aurora?” 

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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of romance, suspense, and supernatural intrigue. Set in a world where alpha dynamics rule, the story unfolds as Dimitri navigates love and challenges, creating a gripping narrative filled with passion and mystery. Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa (Aurora Sforza) is an enthralling novel that delves into a realm of romance, suspense, and the supernatural. The narrative revolves around Dimitri, a character navigating a world shaped by alpha dynamics. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a gripping blend of love, passion, and mysterious elements. The author skillfully crafts a tale that keeps readers on the edge, exploring not only the complexities of relationships but also the challenges posed by a unique supernatural setting. "Alpha Dimitri" showcases Barbosa's storytelling prowess, creating a compelling narrative that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

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Title: Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa ( Aurora Sforza )

Synopsis Novel

Chapter 1

Aurora: “Charlotte, it is only for the deal. The two of us are not going to…” “You are going to be touching her, Dimitri. The packs expect to see a fucking mark on the woman.” I heard my best friend’s voice, making me frown as I walked toward Dimitri’s office. The two of us were getting ready to go out to the mating ceremony, and I couldn’t help but find myself frowning when he disappeared.  


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