Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 21

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 21

Chapter 21 The Rules 

The entire Wilkinson family had shocked expressions on their faces

Who could have expected that the son of the richest man in the city would be so subservient to a delivery guy? 

Barton forced a smile and said, Mr. Dorsey, what are you doing? Someone like him doesn’t deserve a place at our table.” 

Harry wished to smash Barton’s head right now

Killing the leader of the Dark Dragon Gang was as easy as trampling an ant to Konnor. Of course, Harry would be afraid of him

As rich as Harry was, he only had one life to be taken

If Konnor didn’t deserve a place at your table, I’d be less deserving!Harry spoke up

His words left everyone in the Wilkinson family dumbfounded

Harry pulled out a chair and assumed a humble posture

Konnor, please have a seat.” 

Konnor ignored the stares of the Wilkinson family and took a seat before turning to Maryjane. Sit down, Maryjane. You’re pregnant. Don’t stand for too long.” 



Maryjane stared at Konnor, looking shocked

She couldn’t help but wonder what Konnor had done to make the arrogant and overbearing Harry so obedient

Konnor picked up a fork and offered some food to Maryjane. Try this!” 

The place was filled with a weird atmosphere

Only the sound of Konnor eating could be heard

After exchanging glances with Barton, Chris said, Mr. Dorsey, would you mind joining me for a moment? I have a surprise for you.” 

Harry looked at Konnor for guidance. Konnor said while continuing to feed food to Maryjane, Why are you looking at me? Go ahead.” 

Harry followed Chris to the bathroom

Mr. Dorsey, why are you so afraid of him?Chris asked out of curiosity

Harry was too proud to admit the truth, so he lied, I’m not afraid of him. I just don’t want to get into a pointless fight with someone who only has muscles but no brain.” 

Chris looked enlightened. So Harry just didn’t want Konnor to resort to violence

Why did you call me here? If there’s nothing, I’ll leave now. Don’t invite me over again when Konnor is around!Harry snapped



Chris hurriedly apologized, Mr. Dorsey, be patient. I drugged Maryjane’s drink. Once she faints, feel free to enjoy her. Consider it an apology from our family.” 

Harry’s eyelids twitched. Is this your surprise?” 

Yes,Chris responded with a grin, expecting praise

Fuck! Do you want to get me killed?Harry punched Chris 

in the face and stormed out of the bathroom

Maryjane was about to take a sip from her glass when Harry walked out

Harry rushed over to warn her, Don’t drink that! The drink has been tampered with!” 

Maryjane was frozen

Konnor set down his fork and turned his head toward Harry, his gaze piercing. With a start, Harry pointed at Chris and said, It’s him! He tried to drug Maryjane!” 

Chris was covering his stillbleeding nose

In the corner of his eye, Konnor noticed Maryjane angrily standing up and splashing the drink on Chrisface


It was a crisp and resounding slap

Maryjane’s hand landed firmly on Chrisface





415 Fe 

Maryjane slammed her glass onto the table and glanced at the Wilkinson family members, a disappointed look on her face

Taking Konnor’s hand, Maryjane said, Let’s go.” 

The couple left the house and got in the car

Maryjane sat weakly in the front passenger seat

How could her family do that to her? Maryjane gave a bitter smile, feeling sad for herself

After a while, Maryjane looked at Konnor and asked, Aren’t you going to explain?” 

Explain what?Konnor started the car

Harry is a spoiled rich man. Why is he so afraid of you?” 

Konnor pressed the accelerator, and the car sped away. Some people just need to be taught a lesson. Once you give them a good beating, they’ll behave.” 

Maryjane leaned her head against the car window

There was silence for a long while

Do you regret it?Maryjane broke the silence

Konnor was holding the steering wheel with one hand and resting the other on the window

Regret what?” 

Regret marrying me. You know what my family is like. With 




your background, it’s almost impossible for you to fit into my family. You have no money or influence, so they may not even allow you to sit at the dining table with them.Maryjane felt a bit of regret about rushing into marriage with a delivery guy

After all, they were from two different social classes

Konnor glanced at his phone

He had a new message from Krista

I’m here,it read

With a wry smile, Konnor stuffed his phone into his pocket. Your family is okay. They will bow to anyone with money. That isn’t a big deal. In our family, it’s different. We have more rules than your family, and those rules won’t be bent for money. I hope you can handle it.” 

What kind of rules can an average family like yours have? Do they forbid women from eating at the table?Maryjane couldn’t fathom what kind of rules Konnor’s family could have

Konnor said, My big sister is coming to visit us. Don’t say anything out of turn. Let me handle her. In our family, there are plenty of shitty rules, and she has a bad temper.” 

Maryjane snorted, How bad can it be?” 

You’ll find out soon,Konnor said

They arrived at the front door of Konnor’s home




Konnor hesitated while holding the keys

Maryjane noticed his nervousness and gave him a contemptuous look

She reached for the keys and opened the door

Then, they stepped inside

A woman in her thirties was sitting at the coffee table in the living room. She had radiant skin and a graceful figure, and her hair was elegantly coiled

She was beautiful enough to dazzle without makeup

The woman might not be as pretty as Maryjane, but there was an imposing aura about her that Maryjane couldn’t compete with

She was wearing a dotted blouse and shorts

It was casual attire that might be seen on middleaged women in the countryside

She had a cigarette in her mouth

Her demeanor was languid


While Maryjane was stupefied, Konnor’s face lit up with a smile. Krista, you’re here! I’ve missed you!” 

Konnor enthusiastically ran up to Krista, attempting a big hug

But Krista lifted her foot and pushed against his chest



Her tone was cold

Don’t get too close. Kneel!” 

Konnor grinned. Krista, you must be hungry after the journey. Let me order some food for you.” 

Krista ignored his words and demanded again, Kneel!” 

Konnor reluctantly got down on his knees

He sniffled timidly, Krista” 

Krista turned to Maryjane. You, too, kneel.” 

Maryjane was surprised by the demand and frowned, wondering what kind of family would follow such feudal rules


Krista took a drag of her cigarette, he turning icy

Apparently, Krista was about to lose her temper

Krista, she’s pregnant,Konnor hastily explained

Krista furrowed her brow, raised her hand, and said to Maryjane, Come here.” 

Konnor gave Maryjane a subtle nod

Maryjane approached as she was told to, and Krista examined her carefully

After a few seconds

Krista suddenly delivered a kick straight into Konnor’s 





Konnor was sent sliding backward about four or five meters, crashing into a shoe cabinet with a loud thud

Maryjane was startled

She wondered what on earth was happening

Was that another antiquated rule passed down from their family

Krista put out her cigarette

Krista opened a window to let the smoke out

After a few years abroad, you’ve learned quite a few bad habits.” 

With that, Krista retook her seat at the coffee table and picked up a glass

With a delicate pinch, the glass shattered into tiny shards

Krista’s fair hand, however, remained unscathed

Maryjane was left in awe

If Maryjane hadn’t seen it with her eyes, she would have thought such a surreal thing could only happen in movies

Krista tossed the glass shards onto the floor and gazed at Konnor, repeating, Kneel!” 




Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/20/2023 Native Language: English
Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a captivating novel that follows the protagonist's journey to attain unmatched mastery. Filled with intense training, formidable challenges, and personal growth, the story explores the pursuit of strength and self-discovery in a compelling narrative.

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a transformative guide that navigates the journey of personal growth and mastery. Through concise and insightful prose, Bonilla explores the principles of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve mastery in various aspects of life. Drawing on practical wisdom and motivational anecdotes, Bonilla empowers readers to cultivate inner strength, develop a winning mindset, and conquer obstacles on the path to becoming the strongest version of themselves. This compelling guide inspires readers to embrace the challenges of life with courage and determination.  

Summary of the novel:

Becoming the Strongest Master Chapter 1 The King in Dormant Konnor Bonilla was awakened by the blaring ringtone. It was from an unknown number. Besides the call, the number also sent several texts. "Where are you?" "I'm pregnant with your baby." "Would you come to see me?" Ignoring the texts, Konnor blocked the number after flagging it as a fraud. "Damn those crooks. They're not going to fool me." Donning his delivery guy uniform, he lit a cigarette. Turning, he noticed his co-workers engaged in a discussion about local news. With the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he inquired, "What are you all talking about?" Barney Stein waved his phone. "The heiress of the Wilkinson family is set to marry the son of Larry Dorsey, the wealthiest man in Lakebell." Konnor tied his shoelaces. "Why bother about those rich folks? It's none of our business." Barney held his phone high. "Look at how stunning Ms. Wilkinson is. But her future husband is a scoundrel and a playboy. The newspapers even claim he has syphilis. I feel sorry for Ms. Wilkinson. Good girls always end up with the bad boys." Konnor glanced at the screen and froze when he saw the woman on the news. "Damn." Worried he might be seeing things, Konnor grabbed the phone and examined it more closely. Barney laughed, "Feeling the same way I do?" Konnor looked at the woman, a strange expression on his face. "I was with her before." Barney took his phone back, looking at him disdainfully. "Come on. Don't be so jealous and quit boasting. Yesterday, you claimed you were with an international movie star. Now, you're saying you were with this wealthy girl." Wyatt Riggs shot Konnor a scornful look. "All he does is brag. The other day, he told me he was a famous international arms dealer." Barney grinned. "That's not the craziest thing I've heard. He once told me he was best friends with the most powerful men in Bayfort. According to him, the wealthy there would bow to him."  

Critical reception:

In your overall assessment, you find “Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )” to be an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. You appreciate its well-written narrative, unique premise, and developed characters. However, you do caution potential readers about the slow pacing and the absence of world-building. If someone is interested in reading this novel, you suggest they can find it online at a specific website. It would be helpful if you could provide the website’s name or URL to make it easier for readers to access the book.

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Title: Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  

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