Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 25

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 25

Chapter 25 My Family Has Business Abroad Too 

The large hall was quiet

All the guests gawked at the scene in front of them

Everyone knew the Lancelot family’s status in Lakebell

Even the Dorsey family, the richest family, had to think twice before going headon with the Lancelot family

After all, the Lancelot family was wealthy, and more than that, it was wide connections

The man that came out of the blue hit Eden for no reason. In their eyes, the man was risking his neck

Fuck! You” 

Eden struggled to get up, and yet Konnor stomped him on the head and pinned him to the ground. As a result, what Eden wanted to say only became muffled sounds

What kind of brats dare to act arrogantly here?” 

A sudden roar came from the door

In the next second, a middleaged man in a formal suit came in from outside




The man in a formal suit was Evan Lancelot, Eden’s father

Dad!Eden roared

When Evan saw Eden being trampled underfoot, he was furious. You bastard! Do you know what this place is? Let go of my son!” 

Konnor, however, used more strength. Sure enough. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now I get why Eden is such a jerk. After all, he has a father like you.” 

Who are you to boss around here? This is the Lancelot family’s turf! You are barking at the wrong tree! You have three seconds to let go of my son! Kneel in front of him, and then kneel here for a day. And then I’ll show you some mercy and let you off!” 

Konnor exerted more strength again, and Eden cried out in pain again

Evan’s face was twisted. You asked for this! Alvin, go get them!” 

Alvin Clapham, the man behind Evan, walked forward slowly

The muscles on Alvin’s arms throbbed

Seeing him, Vivian turned pale. Damn! Dad told me before that Alvin was a Great Master, and even Dad wouldn’t want to confront him. Konnor and his friends are doomed! Zain, please go help him! Konnor saved my life before!” 



Zain Delia, her bodyguard, was hesitant

At the same time, Alvin had already come at Konnor and the others

Konnor remained calm. Irwin.” 

The tall Irwin stepped forward with a smile on his face

Then Irwin stood in situ quietly

Alvin punched him

Alvin hit him right in the belly

Irwin’s belly quivered, yet his expression didn’t change at all. He still stood there with a smile on his face

Alvin’s expression changed

He lowered his body and stretched out his arms, coming at Irwin

Irwin slowly raised his hand, his palm turning purple

A crisp sound rang out

He hit Alvin on the head

Alvin got down on the ground in an instant

Blood oozed out from his nostrils

His face turned red, and he struggled to roll to a place not far from Evan


He used the back of his hand to wipe the blood coming out of his nose and looked serious

Everyone present was shocked

Including Vivian, who was slackjawed

What happened, Alvin?Evan looked surprised and somewhat skeptical

He thought, Alvin was on the ground being slapped once? Those who didn’t know might think that Alvin was acting.” 

Alvin wiped the blood again and said, Iron Palm, from the Snow family in Ragebrook.” 


Evan heard his words, and his expression changed drastically

The Lancelot family was sophisticated, and of course, he had heard of the Snow family in Ragebrook

The Snow family had a prominent social status, especially in the southeast coastal areas. It was basically an acknowledged leading family, and its generations were good at fighting

The Lancelot family had a lot of business deals in the southeast coastal areas. If they provoked the Snow family, their family’s business there might not even have a foothold

Evan pondered for a while and then smiled

I had no idea that you are our friends from Ragebrook. I’m sorry 



for being rude. May I know what’s your business here?” 

Irwin said nothing and just stood quietly behind Konnor

Konnor restated the purpose of his visit. He said, My friend lost his life saving your son, and your son never thanked my friend. Instead, he even said that my friend did it voluntarily in front of the media.” 

Evan nodded and said, I see. Well, what my son did was wrong indeed. You know what? How much do you want? Give me a number, I’ll give you the money you want, and we’ll call it a day. How about that?” 

No amount of money could bring my friend back to life.Konnor’s expression turned cold

Evan pulled a long face. My friend, many things in this world come with price tags. I’ve asked around, and I know that friend of yours was just a mechanic. I think 830 thousand dollars will be enough, right?” 

Konnor exerted more strength, and Eden cried out in pain once again

Evan said angrily, Don’t push your luck! Now that I’ve offered you money, take it! Isn’t money what you came here for?” 

How wealthy do you think you and your family are? Stop being so condescending!” 



eyes were on the young man wearing sunglasses and chewing 


Evan sneered, How wealthy are we? This is the first time I’ve heard anyone question my family’s financial firepower. The Lancelot family has enough money to pay for countless of your friend’s cheap lives!” 

Both you and your family are nothing but trash. You can never pay for my friend’s life!” 

Jordon took out his phone and made a call. Ruin any business related to As the Lancelot family in Lakebell! I’ll bankrupt them!” 

Evan laughed out loud. You’re the most pretentious poser I’ve ever seen. Who the fuck are you? Who are you to act so arrogantly on my family’s turf? We, the Lancelot family, are worth at least hundreds of millions of dollars. You want to bankrupt us? Are you dreaming?” 

A man ran in from outside the door hurriedly. Mr. Lancelot, something has happened.” 

Why are you panicking? Who gives you the nerve to interrupt? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?Evan scolded furiously

Mr. Lancelot, all of our partners have stopped working with us, and all of our companies and factories have been ordered to shut down temporarily.” 

Evan was shocked

How did this happen?” 


The Kingsley Group in Southern Paraland is behind it.‘ 

Evan turned to look at Jordon, his expression changing several times. May I know your name?” 

Jordon pushed his sunglasses up, chewing the gum and looking utterly cynical. Listen carefully. My name is Jordon Kingsley.” 

Jordon Kingsley?” 

Evan’s assistant leaned toward his ear

Then his assistant whispered, Mr. Lancelot, Jordon Kingsley is the name of the future heir of the Kingsley Group in Southern 


Evan’s face turned pale at once. The Kingsley Group in Southern Paraland was nothing but wealthy and had business all over the country

Compared with the Kingsley family, the Lancelot family was nothing

He now knew why Jordon was acting so arrogantly

Evan forced a smile. I’m sorry, Mr. Kingsley. I didn’t know it was you.” 

Eden shouted, Dad, why are you afraid of him? So what if it’s the Kingsley family? We have business abroad! We could just immigrate abroad! We don’t have to be afraid of them at all!” 



Evan’s expression changed a few times as he weighed the pros and the cons

While he was hesitating, Edgar, whose face was half tattooed, took out his phone and made a call. Your family has business abroad? What a coincidence. My family has business abroad, too.” 


Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/20/2023 Native Language: English
Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a captivating novel that follows the protagonist's journey to attain unmatched mastery. Filled with intense training, formidable challenges, and personal growth, the story explores the pursuit of strength and self-discovery in a compelling narrative.

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a transformative guide that navigates the journey of personal growth and mastery. Through concise and insightful prose, Bonilla explores the principles of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve mastery in various aspects of life. Drawing on practical wisdom and motivational anecdotes, Bonilla empowers readers to cultivate inner strength, develop a winning mindset, and conquer obstacles on the path to becoming the strongest version of themselves. This compelling guide inspires readers to embrace the challenges of life with courage and determination.  

Summary of the novel:

Becoming the Strongest Master Chapter 1 The King in Dormant Konnor Bonilla was awakened by the blaring ringtone. It was from an unknown number. Besides the call, the number also sent several texts. "Where are you?" "I'm pregnant with your baby." "Would you come to see me?" Ignoring the texts, Konnor blocked the number after flagging it as a fraud. "Damn those crooks. They're not going to fool me." Donning his delivery guy uniform, he lit a cigarette. Turning, he noticed his co-workers engaged in a discussion about local news. With the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he inquired, "What are you all talking about?" Barney Stein waved his phone. "The heiress of the Wilkinson family is set to marry the son of Larry Dorsey, the wealthiest man in Lakebell." Konnor tied his shoelaces. "Why bother about those rich folks? It's none of our business." Barney held his phone high. "Look at how stunning Ms. Wilkinson is. But her future husband is a scoundrel and a playboy. The newspapers even claim he has syphilis. I feel sorry for Ms. Wilkinson. Good girls always end up with the bad boys." Konnor glanced at the screen and froze when he saw the woman on the news. "Damn." Worried he might be seeing things, Konnor grabbed the phone and examined it more closely. Barney laughed, "Feeling the same way I do?" Konnor looked at the woman, a strange expression on his face. "I was with her before." Barney took his phone back, looking at him disdainfully. "Come on. Don't be so jealous and quit boasting. Yesterday, you claimed you were with an international movie star. Now, you're saying you were with this wealthy girl." Wyatt Riggs shot Konnor a scornful look. "All he does is brag. The other day, he told me he was a famous international arms dealer." Barney grinned. "That's not the craziest thing I've heard. He once told me he was best friends with the most powerful men in Bayfort. According to him, the wealthy there would bow to him."  

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In your overall assessment, you find “Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )” to be an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. You appreciate its well-written narrative, unique premise, and developed characters. However, you do caution potential readers about the slow pacing and the absence of world-building. If someone is interested in reading this novel, you suggest they can find it online at a specific website. It would be helpful if you could provide the website’s name or URL to make it easier for readers to access the book.

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Title: Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  

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