Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 43

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 43

Chapter 43 What Did You Use to Fight Against Me

Seeing the lewd face of Edwin, Vivian showed a look of disgust for the first time

Dare you?Edwin challenged Fadao

Vivian knew Konnor was formidable, but considering that although Edwin was very annoying, his skills were not inferior at all, she still felt uncertain


Vivian said a sentence

Sure, I fought with you


Konnor didn’t have any unnecessary thoughts. If he wanted to make a stand in this place, he had to bring out something real

Otherwise, these people would not have been convinced

Moreover, at that time, Konnor really wanted to beat up this guy named Edwin

Edwin feigned innocence as he looked at Eric, Master, what should I do if I seriously injure this boxer?” 

Eric laughed, No, just go easy on each other, don’t be too harsh. Besides, you should really control your temper, Konnor is very 



Edwin sneered, I’m not lacking at all either.” 

Wait a minute, you only mentioned what would happen if you won, what about if Konnor won?Vivian questioned

Edwin dismissed it with disdain, If he wins against me, you can set any condition you want.” 

Vivian’s expression changed, Then give the concert tickets to Konnor and me.” 

Edwin’s smile was grim, Alright, alright! Come on! Everyone make way, let me see just how capable this socalled Mr. Bonilla really is!” 

The apprentices of the martial arts school immediately cleared a large circle, allowing the two individuals to stand in the middle in preparation

Vivian still expressed some concern, Edwin, know when to stop.‘ 

Seeing Vivian still favoring Konnor at this time, Edwin felt all kinds of imbalance in his heart

He sneered at Konnor, Give it your all when you fight me, I won’t be holding back.” 

Konnor adjusted his cuffs, one hand behind his back, the other in front of his body’s midline. He slowly lowered his body into a horse stance and smiled at Edwin, saying, Come on.” 



Chapter 43 What Did You Use to Fight Against Me

Without a word, Edwin launched a Iron Charge. Konnor lifted his hand and pressed against Edwin’s shoulder, using the momentum to pull back. He then rubbed upwards with a reverse hand, his palm bone scraping against Edwin’s chin. His five fingers hooked 

downwards, catching Edwin’s neck. He then pulled downwards, and his knee went up

He acted swiftly and decisively, his movements were clean and graceful, without any hesitation or delay

The victory was decided with just one move

Eric and Eddie both nodded in approval at the same time

Martial Arts was not about making a fuss or putting on a show. In real combat, if you could defeat the enemy with one strike, you would never resort to those flashy, unnecessary moves

Konnor’s martial arts was the result of countless times of 

refinement, which laid the foundation for his status as a Great Master today

All of this happened too rapidly

So much so that Edwin was still somewhat unresponsive

Konnor’s knee merely brushed against Edwin’s face, it didn’t actually hit him

If he had fallen, Edwin’s nasal bone would definitely have broken. If Konnor had given Edwin another elbow to the back, Edwin could have died right there



hapter 43 What Did You Use to Fight Against Me

40 Vouchers 

After all, it was the first time coming here, as Eric just mentioned

Stop when you reach the point.” 

Konnor patted Edwin’s shoulder, That’s it, your strength is good, but Martial Arts is not just about strength, you still need more practice.” 

However, what Konnor didn’t expect was

Edwin actually roared in anger, completely disregarding the favor from Konnor

He grabbed Konnor around the waist, lifted him high, and slammed him down to the ground

Relying on his tall and strong physique, Edwin really used his greatest strength this time


Konnor was heavily slammed onto the ground

Konnor!Vivian yelled, Edwin, what are you doing? Konnor has already spared you!” 

Edwin sneered, Being merciful to the enemy is being cruel to oneself. If you don’t even understand this simple principle, what kind of boxer are you?” 

Eric’s brow furrowed, and Eddie said with a smirk, Eric, your apprentice doesn’t respect the martial arts.” 



While speaking

Edwin sneered, raising his leg high and aiming his heel at Konnor, who was lying on the ground

Konnor on the ground was hit into a rage

With a bounce, the body stood up again, rotating in a strange posture

Just barely dodged a kick from Edwin

With a thud

A walnutsized hole was directly smashed into the rubber ground by the heel of Edwin’s foot

Edwin saw that Konnor had actually dodged, and without a word, he threw another punch

The fist brought the wind

Konnor stood still on the spot

Just by tilting his head slightly, Edwin’s fist brushed past Konnor’s 


Edwin was taken aback, not expecting that he didn’t hit Konnor at such a close distance

Then came another punch

Konnor turned his head again



Konnor looked coldly at Edwin, In that case, I will give everyone their first lesson today! The world’s martial arts, nothing is 

invincible! Only speed is unbeatable! Those who win by momentum will perish when the momentum is lost, and those who win by strength will die when the strength is exhausted!” 

Your punch is too slow!Konnor barked

Edwin missed with both fists, so he increased his boxing speed

A punch came crashing down, Konnor tilted his head, once again dodging Edwin’s fist

Too slow!” 

Edwin let out a roar from his throat

Both fists fiercely smashed towards Konnor

Still too slow! In the world of martial arts, speed is unbeatable! Speed is paramount! How can you defeat your enemy like this?” 

Then they saw that Edwin’s fist and arm had actually produced an afterimage

But what surprised everyone more was not this, but the fact that Konnor casually dodged every punch with a tilt of his head

All the apprentices held their breath

Everyone was watching this scene in astonishment



Eric and Eddie exchanged a glance, Eddie exclaimed in surprise, Eric, this Konnor is quite skilled, you’ve really struck gold.” 

Vivian looked at Konnor with admiration

With a smile on his face, Konnor said, Still too slow!” 

Edwin’s fists were swinging fiercely

However, strength would eventually run out. After dozens of punches, Edwin’s speed had noticeably slowed down

With an unruffled smile on his face, Konnor said, Too slow! Is that all you’ve got?” 

Edwin roared in anger, his massive body charging towards Konnor

Once again, he executed the Iron Charge move

But this time, he was smart, protecting his head and not giving Konnor a chance to pin him down

Konnor was hit so hard that he took a half step back, a triumphant smile on his face

With elbows sharp as knives, he launched a Double Goat Horns Attack at Konnor

Konnor retreated backwards, pressing down on Edwin’s elbow

However, Edwin’s intention was not to elbow strike. He withdrew his hand halfway through the move and threw a punch towards Konnor’s chest



Konnor was hit by the punch and staggered back three steps

Edwin rushed forward, grabbing Konnor’s shoulders with both hands, his knee following in quick succession, You want to be a boxer like this? I’ve been practicing martial arts for nearly fifteen years, do you think you’re worthy to act big in front of me?” 

Upon seeing the situation, Vivian quickly shouted, Stop!” 

Saying this, he ran towards the race field

The apprentices looked uneasy. From their perspective, Konnor was being rubbed against the ground

Eric and Eddie looked at each other, their faces mirroring each other’s expressions

Konnor’s arm folded to block Edwin’s knee strike, while his other hand slowly raised, its fingertips pressing against Edwin’s chest and abdomen

One punch

The Inch Fist Split the Sky

Edwin, who fiercely kneed Konnor, suddenly halted his movements. The next second, his body, weighing over 180 pounds, astonishingly flew backwards

The eyeballs bulged out a lot

Edwin had just steadied himself



Konnor threw a punch

The fist ultimately halted half an inch away from Edwin’s brow

Edwin’s bangs were flipping backwards

A purple bruise slowly emerged on the skin between the eyebrows

This punch of mine! Twenty years of hard work! What do you have to fight against me?” 

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/20/2023 Native Language: English
Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a captivating novel that follows the protagonist's journey to attain unmatched mastery. Filled with intense training, formidable challenges, and personal growth, the story explores the pursuit of strength and self-discovery in a compelling narrative.

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a transformative guide that navigates the journey of personal growth and mastery. Through concise and insightful prose, Bonilla explores the principles of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve mastery in various aspects of life. Drawing on practical wisdom and motivational anecdotes, Bonilla empowers readers to cultivate inner strength, develop a winning mindset, and conquer obstacles on the path to becoming the strongest version of themselves. This compelling guide inspires readers to embrace the challenges of life with courage and determination.  

Summary of the novel:

Becoming the Strongest Master Chapter 1 The King in Dormant Konnor Bonilla was awakened by the blaring ringtone. It was from an unknown number. Besides the call, the number also sent several texts. "Where are you?" "I'm pregnant with your baby." "Would you come to see me?" Ignoring the texts, Konnor blocked the number after flagging it as a fraud. "Damn those crooks. They're not going to fool me." Donning his delivery guy uniform, he lit a cigarette. Turning, he noticed his co-workers engaged in a discussion about local news. With the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he inquired, "What are you all talking about?" Barney Stein waved his phone. "The heiress of the Wilkinson family is set to marry the son of Larry Dorsey, the wealthiest man in Lakebell." Konnor tied his shoelaces. "Why bother about those rich folks? It's none of our business." Barney held his phone high. "Look at how stunning Ms. Wilkinson is. But her future husband is a scoundrel and a playboy. The newspapers even claim he has syphilis. I feel sorry for Ms. Wilkinson. Good girls always end up with the bad boys." Konnor glanced at the screen and froze when he saw the woman on the news. "Damn." Worried he might be seeing things, Konnor grabbed the phone and examined it more closely. Barney laughed, "Feeling the same way I do?" Konnor looked at the woman, a strange expression on his face. "I was with her before." Barney took his phone back, looking at him disdainfully. "Come on. Don't be so jealous and quit boasting. Yesterday, you claimed you were with an international movie star. Now, you're saying you were with this wealthy girl." Wyatt Riggs shot Konnor a scornful look. "All he does is brag. The other day, he told me he was a famous international arms dealer." Barney grinned. "That's not the craziest thing I've heard. He once told me he was best friends with the most powerful men in Bayfort. According to him, the wealthy there would bow to him."  

Critical reception:

In your overall assessment, you find “Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )” to be an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. You appreciate its well-written narrative, unique premise, and developed characters. However, you do caution potential readers about the slow pacing and the absence of world-building. If someone is interested in reading this novel, you suggest they can find it online at a specific website. It would be helpful if you could provide the website’s name or URL to make it easier for readers to access the book.

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Title: Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  

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