Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 52

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Ms. Wilkinson 

Konnor let out a sound of realization, It’s you, it’s been years since we last met, I almost didn’t recognize you.” 

Meredith stood excitedly in front of Konnor. Although she was in 

her forties, she still seemed like a reserved student in front of Konnor

Konnor glanced at the time, I have to go home and cook, let’s chat another day.” 

Alright, take care, Professor Bonilla!” 

Meredith respectfully saw Konnor out the door

Ms. Payne, what kind of professor is he?Edwin was extremely frustrated at this moment. It was one thing to be unable to beat Konnor, but he didn’t expect to be completely outdone by Konnor in the field of music, which was completely unrelated to him

He was an honorary professor at Faircrest College of Music. Every time he taught a class, there was not a single empty seat. Even professors from other prestigious institutions would come to attend his lectures

So impressive? You must have mistaken me for someone else,Edwin said jealously

It’s impossible to be mistaken!Meredith insisted, then looked at 



Vivian, Vivian, you already have Professor Bonilla, why are you still looking for a teacher?” 

Vivian’s head was buzzing

Reflecting on the first time I met Konnor, he was just a delivery guy. Later, Konnor shocked Vivian by casually spending four million. Afterwards, he showed his formidable martial arts skills by defeating Edwin, the senior brother of Tiger Boxing Gym. Now, unexpectedly, Konnor is an honorary professor at a top international music academy

Vivian was filled with curiosity about Konnor, wanting to know what else was hidden behind this man

Konnor had delivered lunch to Maryjane at noon

Two people were sitting together eating lunch

Maryjane glanced at Konnor, How was working at the martial arts. gym these past two days?” 

It was pretty good.” 

Maryjane simply nodded. A monthly salary of fifty thousand wast indeed not enough for Maryjane, but this salary was already higher than many others

At least the social status had increased significantly

Maryjane was much more satisfied with the current Konnor



Chapter 52 Ms. Wilkinson 

Especially the scene where Konnor rushed into the fire that day, it really touched Maryjane

After lunch, Konnor went home

The phone in the pocket wouldn’t stop vibrating

The call was found to be from Seth

What happened?” 

You really are the type who needs a beating every three days to stay in line. You were already a troublemaker, and now you’ve gone off to the martial arts school to become a boxing instructor. Do you believe me if I say I’ll send your elder sister over to have a serious talk with you?Seth said angrily

Konnor hastily said, No, no, no! What are you getting angry about? Isn’t everything the same? Can’t anything provoke anger? Besides, I’ve already signed a contract with Eric.” 

Stop giving me these excuses. I’ve already given Eric a heads up. You better go find another job, even if it means working on a construction site,Seth grumbled

Konnor felt a pang of annoyance, Fine.” 

Right, Supremacy Gang has been very active in Lakebell recently. They stole a deity head statue that was kept in the Lakebell Library, planning to sell it abroad. The exchange will take place at the Luxe Nightclub in Lakebell three days later. You need to go there, retrieve the deity head statue and return it to the museum. I will 



Chapter 52 Ms. Wilkinson 

send you the specific information.” 

Supremacy Gang? Got it.” 

Konnor was taken aback at first. The Supremacy Gang was a mad organization in the underworld. Almost everyone in this organization was a bunch of lunatics. They acted on a whim

lawlessly and arrogantly, and had committed numerous atrocities. They had no regard for the code of the underworld, let alone moral bottom lines

Nearly a hundred years ago, during the national crisis, the Supremacy Gang almost entirely served as hounds for foreign enemies, causing the death of many chivalrous warriors

Just as he was about to hang up, Seth seemed to remember something, Also, keep the pearl your elder sister gave you safe, and try to find out the whereabouts of the other pearl as soon as possible, understand?” 

Realizing that he had lost the bead, Konnor couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty as he said, Understood.” 

That’s all I have to say, hanging up now.‘ 

Konnor lit a cigarette, pondering where to work next, when he suddenly remembered the business card Devin had given him the other day. He pulled it out and made a call

Hello, you’re Mr. Greg Freeman, right? I was introduced by Devin. Yes, my name is Konnor. Alright, I’ll be there in a moment.” 

Konnor rode his scooter to Orchid Grove



Chapter 52 Ms. Wilkinson 

40 IVouchers 

Devin’s cousin Greg had already been waiting. Devin was quite reliable, having given a heads up in advance, so when Konnor arrived in the afternoon, he became the fivestar general of Orchid Grove

The work was rather leisurely

Konnor and two security guards sat side by side, cigarettes dangling from their mouths

Bro, were you the delivery guy who was rumored on the internet a couple of days ago to be involved with the Wilkinson family’s heiress?” 

A guy called Alan was sizing up Konnor, finding him familiar

Konnor exhaled a smoke ring, No, you’ve got the wrong person.” 

No, I remember clearly, it was you. I heard Mr. Freeman say it, you used to deliver food and even got fired. I’m sure it was you.” 

Alan came over gossiping, bumped into Konnor’s shoulder, Come on, what’s really going on?” 

What’s there to say?Konnor stubbed out his cigarette

Alan immediately pulled out a cigarette and lit one for Konnor, Konnor, here, stop smoking your trashy cigarettes. Have one of these and tell me what’s going on while you smoke.” 

Konnor held a cigarette in his mouth, I married the Wilkinson family’s heiress. The Wilkinson family didn’t agree, they despised 



Chapter 52 Ms. Wilkinson 

40 Vouchers 

me for being poor. There was also a power struggle within the Wilkinson family, they bribed the media to slander us.” 

Konnor roughly explained the whole thing, the look behind Alan’s glasses was very strange, I’m telling you Konnor, don’t bullshit, just tell us what really happened?” 

I didn’t brag to you,Konnor said honestly

Alan smacked his lips, Konnor, you’re wrong. What’s your status compared to Miss Wilkinson of the Wilkinson family? How could she marry you? Besides, if you really got married, would you be here working as a security guard?” 

See, I told you but you didn’t believe me. What else do you want to hear?Konnor flicked away the cigarette ash

Alan chuckled, Although it’s impossible for you two to get married, there must be something between you. Otherwise, why would Lakebell choose you among so many delivery guys?” 

Konnor suddenly realized, You want to hear some stories that aren’t allowed to be broadcasted, don’t you?” 

The eyes behind Alan’s glasses were gleaming with mischief, his head bobbing like a chicken pecking at grains, Yes, yes, yes.” 

Konnor shoved the Alan away, Get lost! That’s my wife! Can I talk about this stuff with you? I’m not a porn director.” 

Alan rubbed his nose, Konnor, enough, you really put on a show. The Wilkinson family’s daughter just bought a house in our 



neighborhood, she’s been renovating these past few days. Be careful, I might tell on you.” 

Konnor paused for a moment, Really?” 

Really, she just bought a house here a couple of days ago, and has been renovating it these past two days.” 

Shit!Konnor exploded. If Maryjane saw Konnor working here as a security guard, it would be the end of the world

Alan wrapped his arm around Konnor’s shoulder, So you’re chickening out now? Didn’t you just say you guys got married?” 

I thought this matter had passed, but unexpectedly, it came up again. just as the shift was about to change in the afternoon

A Maserati slowly drove into the community

Alan puffed out his chest and saluted, Hello, Ms. Wilkinson!” 

Maryjane in the car remained aloof

Who would have thought that Alan suddenly turned around, Konnor, come over here! What are you slacking off for during work hours?” 

The car that had been moving forward suddenly stopped. Maryjane turned her head towards the security room, while Konnor flipped off Alan

Alan had a look of schadenfreude



The car pulled over

Maryjane got out of the car

Her expression was cold and stunning, the look she gave Konnor was one of anger mixed with disappointment

Maryjane looked at Konnor coldly, Weren’t you working at the martial arts gym?” 

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/20/2023 Native Language: English
Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a captivating novel that follows the protagonist's journey to attain unmatched mastery. Filled with intense training, formidable challenges, and personal growth, the story explores the pursuit of strength and self-discovery in a compelling narrative.

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a transformative guide that navigates the journey of personal growth and mastery. Through concise and insightful prose, Bonilla explores the principles of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve mastery in various aspects of life. Drawing on practical wisdom and motivational anecdotes, Bonilla empowers readers to cultivate inner strength, develop a winning mindset, and conquer obstacles on the path to becoming the strongest version of themselves. This compelling guide inspires readers to embrace the challenges of life with courage and determination.  

Summary of the novel:

Becoming the Strongest Master Chapter 1 The King in Dormant Konnor Bonilla was awakened by the blaring ringtone. It was from an unknown number. Besides the call, the number also sent several texts. "Where are you?" "I'm pregnant with your baby." "Would you come to see me?" Ignoring the texts, Konnor blocked the number after flagging it as a fraud. "Damn those crooks. They're not going to fool me." Donning his delivery guy uniform, he lit a cigarette. Turning, he noticed his co-workers engaged in a discussion about local news. With the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he inquired, "What are you all talking about?" Barney Stein waved his phone. "The heiress of the Wilkinson family is set to marry the son of Larry Dorsey, the wealthiest man in Lakebell." Konnor tied his shoelaces. "Why bother about those rich folks? It's none of our business." Barney held his phone high. "Look at how stunning Ms. Wilkinson is. But her future husband is a scoundrel and a playboy. The newspapers even claim he has syphilis. I feel sorry for Ms. Wilkinson. Good girls always end up with the bad boys." Konnor glanced at the screen and froze when he saw the woman on the news. "Damn." Worried he might be seeing things, Konnor grabbed the phone and examined it more closely. Barney laughed, "Feeling the same way I do?" Konnor looked at the woman, a strange expression on his face. "I was with her before." Barney took his phone back, looking at him disdainfully. "Come on. Don't be so jealous and quit boasting. Yesterday, you claimed you were with an international movie star. Now, you're saying you were with this wealthy girl." Wyatt Riggs shot Konnor a scornful look. "All he does is brag. The other day, he told me he was a famous international arms dealer." Barney grinned. "That's not the craziest thing I've heard. He once told me he was best friends with the most powerful men in Bayfort. According to him, the wealthy there would bow to him."  

Critical reception:

In your overall assessment, you find “Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )” to be an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. You appreciate its well-written narrative, unique premise, and developed characters. However, you do caution potential readers about the slow pacing and the absence of world-building. If someone is interested in reading this novel, you suggest they can find it online at a specific website. It would be helpful if you could provide the website’s name or URL to make it easier for readers to access the book.

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Title: Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  

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