Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 66

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla ) Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Choose Yourself 

The two looked into each other’s eyes

Both saw surprise in each other’s eyes

Konnor hadn’t expected it to be Ramona

The previous Ramona always dressed very conservatively, almost always in sportswear. Now that she was dressed so provocatively, Konnor couldn’t help but take another look

Even if I had seen Ramona’s chest before

But how could one ever get enough of this thing

Ramona glared fiercely at Konnor, Pervert! Have you had enough?” 

No,Konnor said honestly

Ramona fiercely pinched Konnor’s thigh, Stop looking! What are you doing here?” 

Konnor took a sip of his drink, If you can come, why can’t I?” 

No one asked why Ramona came to this place, what the police wanted to do here. The answer was obvious

Not to mention that Konnor had just arrived tonight and had already 

seen that this place was a mix of all sorts of people

Ramona ordered a drink, You come to this place to pick up girls, at least dress better. With the way you look, even the waitstaff can’t be bothered to deal with you.” 

or was

take me for?” 

with a lighter, What kind of person do you 

You lecher,Ramona said bluntly

Konnor glared fiercely at Ramona’s pristine ravine in retaliation

Ramona was amused by Konnor’s little action, You pervert, want to see more?” 

I wish,Konnor said, looking eagerly at Ramona

Ramona covered it with his hand, In your dreams.” 

The phone vibrated once, Konnor pulled it out and took a glance, The transaction has begun.” 

Stuffing his phone into his pocket, Konnor set his glass on the bar, I have to leave early, this drink is on me.” 

Ramona kicked Konnor’s shin, Hey, it’s not safe here tonight, better go home early.” 

Flashing a smile at Ramona, Konnor squeezed through the crowd 

and into the elevator

Tonight, the three Hogan brothers hosted the event, they provided 



Chapter 66 Choose Yo 

40 Moochers 

the venue and took a cut from it

So, the entire tenth floor was cleared out. To come to this place, it was necessary to have the agreement of the three Hogan brothers

Reached the tenth floor

The door was opened

He saw two burly men in suits standing at the door

The burly man sized up Konnor, then raised his hand to point at a QR code nearby, Scan it.” 

Konnor couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, truly keeping up with the times. It’s not the thugs who can fight that you should be afraid of, but the thugs who are educated

After scanning this QR code, the Hogan brothers would know who had arrived

Konnor pretended to scan the code

A hand had picked up the cigarette butt

Holding a cigarette butt between his fingers, he suddenly made a move, backhanding a slap that sent the cigarette butt flying, burning into the earlobe of a burly man. The man winced in pain, clutching his ear. Konnor’s fingers curled like hooks, reaching out to grip the man’s chin, and with a swift swipe, he clawed across

With a crack, the burly man’s body slid down the wall



He acted swiftly and decisively, without any hesitation or delay

Another strong man was just about to take action

Konnor’s elbow was like a knife, smashing into the burly man’s Adam’s apple. The man’s eyes bulged out significantly, unable to make any sound at all


Konnor rubbed the burly man’s head with both hands

The strong man lay softly on the ground

Konnor’s Dislocating Wrapping Strike was not something that an average person could withstand

Even in front of Konnor’s Dislocating Wrapping Strike, the peak of the Great Master still seemed a bit inadequate

Two burly men lay at the elevator entrance, blocking the elevator door. The elevator door kept opening and closing but couldn’t shut completely, remaining stuck on the tenth floor

Konnor lit another cigarette

He glanced at the surveillance camera, flipped it off, then walked towards the private room with a cigarette in his mouth

The tenth floor was much quieter than the ones below. Basically, those who came to this floor were up to no good, doing things that couldn’t stand the light of day



Of course, there were also wealthy and influential people who preferred not to show their faces here, and the confidentiality work was done very well

Arrived at the entrance of the trading box tonight

No sound from inside could be heard from outside

Konnor tried to push the door, only to find it was being held shut from the inside

With a hard push, the door opened a crack

A head with a burn on its face popped out, bellowing angrily like a demon, What the hell are you pushing?” 

Konnor laughed, Sorry, I’m here to see Jeremy.” 

Who are you?The man with a face full of burn scars stared at Konnor warily

Konnor held a cigarette, I am” 

The words were not fully spoken

Konnor had covered the past with his palm

The cigarette butt was directly inserted into the other party’s nostril, and with a swift movement, a large hand gripped the other’s chin and pushed upwards

The door was also pushed open in the process



Chapter 66 Choose Yoursel 

40 Vouchers 

With a thud

The back of the head hit the wall

The person sat down against the wall, two streams of fresh blood flowing from his nostrils


The noise at the door immediately attracted the attention of the people inside

There were over twenty people sitting and standing inside

Glanced over, five groups of people

Seller Jeremy

The boss of the Hogan family, Oscar Hogan

There were three more buyers

The large coffee table was covered with newspapers, adorned with cash and various bottles and jars. Several suitcases were also placed on the floor, filled either with cash or various kinds of antiques

Upon hearing the noise at the door, the first thing Jeremy’s subordinate did was to draw his gun, the dark muzzle pointing at Konnor who came in from outside

Seeing Konnor continue to walk further in, Jeremy didn’t allow his subordinates to act rashly, instead, he glanced at Oscar


Chapter 66 Choose Yoursel 

Oscar slammed the table and stood up, Ignorant fool, do you know 

where this is?” 

Konnor swaggered over

Grabbing a buyer by the collar, Konnor sat down on the small sofa

Sorry everyone, the deal might not have been possible today.” 

What the hell are you, coming here to ruin my place!Oscar was livid

The pair of copper belllike eyes gave his subordinate a look, filled with murderous intent

His subordinate immediately drew his gun

But the hand had not been raised yet

A black card had somehow appeared in Konnor’s hand

The black card was thrown out

It went straight into the forehead of Oscar’s subordinate

The skull was the hardest bone in the human body

However, Konnor’s black card effortlessly sank into the center of Oscar’s forehead, just like it was being inserted into tofu

Blood spread out, and the ten blurry figures on the black card became much clearer


The atmosphere instantly became frozen

Oscar had placed one hand on his lower back

The people present were by no means good

But they were all scared by Konnor

Konnor laughed, Oscar, right? I’m here for Jeremy. I’m giving you two options, either get lost or die. I can assure you, I can kill you at least three times before you even draw your gun. Your choice.” 

Oscar tightly gripped the gun tucked behind his waist, looking at Jeremy

Jeremy, is this your friend?” 

Jeremy’s gaze was drawn away from the black card

His expression was unpredictable

The people of the Great Ten Gang, didn’t know the honorable name of their friend.” 


After hearing this name, Jeremy pondered for a few seconds, his eyes flickered, and he flashed a smile at Konnor

So it was Mr. Nine who graced us with his presence. I apologize for not greeting you from afar. Ladies and gentlemen, business for today is over.Jeremy gave his subordinates a look, and they immediately began to pack up

Chapter 66 Choose Yourself 

40 Wouchers 

Those buyers were confused

Upon hearing this, Oscar’s eyebrows furrowed, Jeremy, what does this mean? Who the hell is Mr. Nine? I’ve never heard of him in Lakebell. This is my territory, I call the shots!” 

The words had just been spoken

Oscar had already pulled out the gun

But before the gun could be raised, Konnor grabbed a beastfaced bronze incense burner from the coffee table and smashed it onto Oscar’s wrist. The gun was immediately knocked away. Without pausing, Konnor continued to strike Oscar with the bronze burner

Oscar was beaten to a pulp in no time at all

Throwing away the bronze stove, Konnor sat back down, Let’s get down to business, where’s the deity head statue?” 


Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/20/2023 Native Language: English
Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a captivating novel that follows the protagonist's journey to attain unmatched mastery. Filled with intense training, formidable challenges, and personal growth, the story explores the pursuit of strength and self-discovery in a compelling narrative.

Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )

Becoming the Strongest Master" by Konnor Bonilla is a transformative guide that navigates the journey of personal growth and mastery. Through concise and insightful prose, Bonilla explores the principles of resilience, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The book serves as a roadmap for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and achieve mastery in various aspects of life. Drawing on practical wisdom and motivational anecdotes, Bonilla empowers readers to cultivate inner strength, develop a winning mindset, and conquer obstacles on the path to becoming the strongest version of themselves. This compelling guide inspires readers to embrace the challenges of life with courage and determination.  

Summary of the novel:

Becoming the Strongest Master Chapter 1 The King in Dormant Konnor Bonilla was awakened by the blaring ringtone. It was from an unknown number. Besides the call, the number also sent several texts. "Where are you?" "I'm pregnant with your baby." "Would you come to see me?" Ignoring the texts, Konnor blocked the number after flagging it as a fraud. "Damn those crooks. They're not going to fool me." Donning his delivery guy uniform, he lit a cigarette. Turning, he noticed his co-workers engaged in a discussion about local news. With the cigarette dangling from his mouth, he inquired, "What are you all talking about?" Barney Stein waved his phone. "The heiress of the Wilkinson family is set to marry the son of Larry Dorsey, the wealthiest man in Lakebell." Konnor tied his shoelaces. "Why bother about those rich folks? It's none of our business." Barney held his phone high. "Look at how stunning Ms. Wilkinson is. But her future husband is a scoundrel and a playboy. The newspapers even claim he has syphilis. I feel sorry for Ms. Wilkinson. Good girls always end up with the bad boys." Konnor glanced at the screen and froze when he saw the woman on the news. "Damn." Worried he might be seeing things, Konnor grabbed the phone and examined it more closely. Barney laughed, "Feeling the same way I do?" Konnor looked at the woman, a strange expression on his face. "I was with her before." Barney took his phone back, looking at him disdainfully. "Come on. Don't be so jealous and quit boasting. Yesterday, you claimed you were with an international movie star. Now, you're saying you were with this wealthy girl." Wyatt Riggs shot Konnor a scornful look. "All he does is brag. The other day, he told me he was a famous international arms dealer." Barney grinned. "That's not the craziest thing I've heard. He once told me he was best friends with the most powerful men in Bayfort. According to him, the wealthy there would bow to him."  

Critical reception:

In your overall assessment, you find “Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )” to be an enjoyable read for fans of paranormal romance novels. You appreciate its well-written narrative, unique premise, and developed characters. However, you do caution potential readers about the slow pacing and the absence of world-building. If someone is interested in reading this novel, you suggest they can find it online at a specific website. It would be helpful if you could provide the website’s name or URL to make it easier for readers to access the book.

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Title: Becoming the Strongest Master ( Konnor Bonilla )
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English  

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