Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel Chapter 143

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel Chapter 143

Chapter 143 

Never in my life have I seen a person’s heart melt so fast when it comes to my dog. Most people usually find him annoying as hellthe warm voice makes me whip my head so fast, I almost break it in the 


Holy smokes. The man was hot this close up. Black hair, green eyes, high cheekbones, a chiselled jaw Nine, lips that begged to be kissed and a body that enticed you to do dirty things. He was freaking hot and 

he knew it

I know what you’re thinking. Slow down Ava, you got fooled once by great looks, don’t make the same 

mistake again

I wasn’t. I swore off love and men, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a fine specimen when

see one. I’m not blind

Have we met before?” The words tumble out of my mouth before I can stop them. It’s just that you look 


He stares for a while before answering. Yes, we used to go to the same school, you were two years 

behind me“. 

I try to remember him, but it still doesn’t ring much of a bell. Probably because I was so obsessed with Rowan that I didn’t see anyone else

Calvin Garciahe supplies when I still continue staring at him confused

The moment he mentions his name, it hits me

Oh my goodness, you’re Nerdy Calfor some weird reason, I shriek this.. 

He groans at the name he used to go by when he was in school. He glares at me, but it doesn’t faze me at 

Wow, you had a big fucking glow upI stare at him dumbfounded

The Cal I remember was skinny, with too wide glasses that kept slipping down his nose. He had braces and his face used to be covered in big red pimples

nard, spent most of his time studying in the library while others his age were busy fucking 

look at twice 

He looked good now. Really good. I am glad that everything worked out for him. He changed into someone any woman would die to have. He was now in the same category as Rowan

Yeah, well, thankshe says awkwardly

I also remember you used to have a massive crush on Emma, how did that crush turn out for you?I teased. I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything

When he wasn’t studying, just like all the other boys, he was busy following Emma around like a lost puppy

The only problem was that Emma had eyes for Rowan only. When they started dating, they were the it 


Every boy except Gabe and Travis wanted to be in Rowan’s shows. Every girl wanted to be in Emma’s 


And you loved Rowan, how did that turn out for you?He fired back in irritation

TouchéI murmur

The pain was still there, but I managed to push it away

I didn’t know Cal that way, but I thanked God on his behalf. Thanked him for looking after Cal, happy that he never got a chance with Emma

Emma’s love for Rowan would have destroyed him, just like Rowan’s love for Emma destroyed me

Dad, can I watch TV?The sweet voice pulls me from my bitter memories

I turn to find a cute boy standing behind Cal. He had the same captivating green eyes as his father

Hi, my name is AvaI just couldn’t help myself

Hellohe says shyly, and my heart immediately falls in love with him

What’s your name?I ask him gently


have a son about your age, his name is Noah. How about you come over and meet him when he gets out of school? He’ll be excited to have a new friend. pause before adding. If it’s okay with your dad

I stare at him. My eyes focused on his. I was trying to decode him, and I wasn’t ashamed of that. There was something in his eyes that called out to me

He shifts unmortably

Well I’m sorry that Rex ruined your garden. I’ll get someone to come tomorrow 

and fix it

So the husky was called Rex? It sort of fitted him

RexCal called him, and he immediately went to his owner

After he gives me a nod and Gunner gives me a smile, they leave my backyard through a very wide opening that I have never noticed before

I stare at their backs as they walk to their house. It’s only after they’ve left, and I’ve been standing there like an idiot that I realize what I saw in his eyes

I saw pain. I saw hurt. I saw a wounded soul


In his eyes, I saw the same kind of darkness that I have been trying to run away for years without much 


In him, I saw a kindred spirit

Even as all these revelations flooded my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder what had caused him such pain


Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Ex-Husband’s Regret” by Evelyn M.M is a novel that explores the remorse and reflection of a former spouse, delving into the complexities of past relationships, their impact on one’s life, and the desire for reconciliation or closure.   Ex-Husband’s Regret” is a poignant novel by Evelyn M.M that delves into the emotional turmoil of a divorced man, grappling with the aftermath of a failed marriage. Through intricate storytelling, it explores his regrets, introspection, and longing for a chance to make amends. The narrative navigates the complexities of past relationships, the enduring impact on personal growth, and the profound desire for reconciliation or closure. This heartfelt tale offers readers a deep and relatable insight into the human experience of love, loss, and second chances.   Ex-Husband's Regret by Evelyn M.M Novel Synopsis Ava: Nine years ago I did something terrible. it wasn’t one of my best moments but I saw an opportunity to have the guy I’ve loved since I was a young girl and I took it. Fast forward to years later and I’m tired of living in a loveless marriage. I want to free both of us from a marriage that should never have taken place. They say if you love something…. It was time to let him go. I know he’ll never love me and that I’ll never be his choice. His heart will always belong to Her and despite my sins, I deserve to be loved. Rowan: Nine years ago, I was so in love I could barely see right. I ruined it when I made the worst mistake of my life and in the process I lost the love of my life. I knew I had to step up in my responsibility and so I did, with an unwanted wife. With the wrong woman. Now she has once again flipped my life by divorcing me. To make matters even more complicated, the love of my life is back in town. Now the only question is, who is the right woman? Is it the girl I fell head over heels in love with years ago? or is it my ex wife, the woman I never wanted but had to marry?


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