Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 26

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 26

Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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Chapter 26 

Yana’s performance made Ben who was angry start to laugh. She seduced him. He said nothing while Yana started to cry

Overwhelmed by rage, Ben stepped forward and looked quite horrible

He had to ask Yana what did she suffer

Looking at Ben’s movements, the onlookers all sighed in their hearts

Ben was going to be outraged

Unfortunately, nobody dared to stop Ben because he was so powerful. Yana would suffer a lot today

However, before Ben could reach Yana, his arm was gently pulled

Everyone was shocked

At that time, someone dared to stop Ben

How dare she

Someone recognized that this was Ben’s wife. But no one thought that Susan could stop Ben

After all, for so many years, everyone knew clearly that Ben was a vicious tyrant. But nobody had imagined that

With a gentle pull from Susan, Ben actually stopped

Probably because he was afraid that he would scare Susan, his stern eyebrows were stretched out as much as possible

You also think I bully her?Ben lowered his voice

Susan shook her head and said calmly, If you really want to bully her, how can you give others a chance to witness?” 

Somehow her words made sense

Even the guests who were sure that Ben had bullied Yana were stunned

Yes, for so many years, Ben had been said to be ferocious. But most of them just heard the rumors. They had never seen Ben bully others just because he was powerful

Not even once

The guests who discovered that couldn’t help feel a little confused. Why did they all think Ben was so terrifying

After thinking carefully, they could find no clues except the rumors

Ben, I know you have your own way to solve to the problem, but can you let me solve this matter?Susan continued

Ben stared at her for a while. Suddenly, he was in a good mood and laughed

Lietung Marned To The Ice Cold CEO 


Susan took a breath of relief and then calmly walked towards Yana

What do you want to do?Timothy frowned and looked at Susan, his eyes full of disappointment

She had completely changed shortly after she married to Ben

Or he had misjudged Susan from the beginning. Maybe she was always such


Susan ignored Timothy. She looked at Yana and asked, I remember that it was Ben who came out to answer the phone first. You followed him, did you?” 

Unable to deny the fact, Yana looked pale

The corridor is straight, so you should have seen Ben in the beginning.Susan looked at Yana, seemingly knowing everything. You came over to look for him on purpose, didn’t you?” 

This was a very obvious fact

But because of Ben’s bad reputation and Yana’s pitiful performance, no one had thought of that

Now that Susan had pointed it out, Timothy was also stunned

He glanced at her in confusion. Yana, why are you looking for him?” 

IISweat began to run down from Yana’s forehead

She must find a way to answer

Otherwise, her hardearned reputation would be ruined. If even Timothy became suspicious of her, she would be in trouble

As she was thinking, Yana looked at 

know that there was misunderstanding badly with teary eyes. Susan,

us, which made you quite 

dissatisfied with me. But we are sisters after all. I didn’t want the misunderstanding to continue, but I didn’t dare come to you, so I wanted to talk to Ben, hoping I could resolve the misunderstanding between us. But I didn’t expect that when I just started to talk, he suddenly, suddenly” 

While speaking, Yana lowered her head and wiped her tears, looking miserable. Yana didn’t say anything about what did Ben did to her but it seemed that everyone could understand

Timothy felt pity for her. He wiped away Yana’s tears and said, Yana, if you don’t. want to say it, just let it go. But don’t worry, I will definitely ask those who hurt you to pay back in the future.” 

Yana leaned into Timothy’s arms and sobbed in a low voice

At the moment, Yana couldn’t think about anything

She had already offended Ben. So she just continued to do that

But she absolutely had to make Timothy help her

Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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Yana’s performance was excellent. Susan suddenly wanted to laugh

She asked Ben directly,” Ben, since she won’t say it, then tell me, what exactly happened

Ben Landor raised his eyebrows and said, She tried to seduce me, and then I warned her. That’s all.” 


The crowd were silent for a while, and the next moment, they all showed their interesting expressions.. 

Given the power of the Landor family, it was likely that Ben was seduced

But as for the face… 

It sounded unreliable

Yana trembled and then immediately put on an excited look. Ben, for the sake of my sister, I can forget what you did to me. But you can’t slander me like this. It have already had Timothy and we are going to get engaged soon. Why would I seduce you?” 

After saying that, she looked at Timothy with tears in her eyes, Timothy, you must believe me. In my heart, you are the only one I love. How would I seduce others?” 

Don’t worry, of course I believe you.Timothy said pitifully. Then he turned to Ben, I didn’t expect that Mr. Landor was such a shameless villain who distorted. facts.” 

Who do you believe?Ben suddenly looked at Susan

Susan smiled and said with certainty, I believe you.” 

When she was framed, Ben chose to believe her

Of course she chose to believe Ben

Moreover, compared to other people, Susan knew very well that Yana always liked to take her things

Now Ben was her husband, and it was normal for Yana to try to seduce him

Ben stared calmly at Susan

She was very firm

Ben suddenly smiled

Even though he was in a terrible mood before, he cheered up

Mr. Scott, come here.” Ben who was in a good mood, called the boss of Aroma Restaurant directly

Mr. Landor.” Joe Scott walked over nervously

Ben smiled, I remember that there are surveillance cameras in the corridor of 

Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

Aroma Restaurant, right?” 

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