Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 27

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 27

Chapter 27 

Surveillance cameras

Joe was stunned for a moment before he quickly caught the drift. Yes, we don’t have any surveillance cameras in private rooms because we need to protect our customersprivacy. But our kitchen, ingredients storage, and corridors are under full coverage monitoring to guarantee service transparency,he explained. Ben replied flatly, Show us the surveillance video of this corridor, and let’s see. what happened just now.” 

With the surveillance video, they would soon know what happened

People would lie, but the surveillance system wouldn’t

The people present were eager to watch the surveillance video

It’s great that we have surveillance video here,Timothy said with a sneer. With 

so many of us watching, you can’t twist the facts no matter how powerful you are, Ben.” 


Timothy truly wanted the watch the surveillance video

Yana went pale upon hearing what Timothy said

She suddenly tightened her grip on Timothy’s hands

Timothy looked at her, confused

Yana forced a smile and said, Timothy, I think we’d better not check the video. If the word about it gets out, it will harm Ben’s reputation.” 

Yana, you are such a kind girl that you are still thinking about his reputation,Timothy replied, pitying Yana. Don’t worry. I believe it’s a just world, and Ben couldn’t get away with what he did.” 

ButbutYana got anxious

I know you are worried that he would take revenge on me after this, but don’t worry. I will do you justice at all costs,Timothy said with a fearless look

Yana felt embarrassed

She should be moved by Timothy’s words

But the fact was that she felt helpless about it

Clap! Clap! Clap

Ben clapped his hands and said, What a loving couple you are.” 

It’s too late to try to flatter us. I will check the surveillance video no matter what,Timothy said expressionlessly

Ben glanced at Timothy as if the latter was a fool

Is he an idiot



Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Isn’t he the one who proposed to check the surveillance video?he wondered. But since he was in a good mood today, he decided not to take it seriously. Ben gave Joe a look, and the latter immediately led the way to the surveillance. None of the guests left because they didn’t want to miss the fun

Joe felt a little uneasy

Ben and Yana accused each other on the matter

The surveillance video would prove whose fault it was. In that way, Joe would either offend Ben or Timothy

He didn’t care about Yana

Compared with Timothy, Ben meant much more to Joe

Thus, Joe silently prayed that the surveillance video would prove that Ben was innocent

Yana herself knew very well what happened

She wished she could leave the place at once, but she couldn’t as Timothy held her closely. With a pale face, she was taken into the surveillance room

How to proceed with the matter was simple

The security staff found the surveillance video of the corridor and played it back by several minutes

A clear video started to play on the screen

The security staff raised the video volume considerately

Thus, everyone in the room could hear the voices in the video clearly

What a small world, Ben.” 

Sure enough, it was Yana who started the conversation

She had a shy look on her face as she spoke in a very soft and sweet voice

Timothy’s expression changed slightly at the voice

He could still bear it at that point. Yana was here to make peace, so it was natural she would act so flatteringly to him,” he thought

However, what he heard the next second shocked him

In the video, Yana continued in a sweet voice saying that Ben deserved a better woman, suggesting that Susan was not tender and attentive enough to him

The people present were rendered speechless

They recalled how Yana lied about her purpose of looking for Ben there. When Yana claimed that she loved Susan and came to see Ben hoping that he could help her reconcile with Susan, the people present took pity on her

Now that they had seen the video, they realized how ironic the whole thing was


ing Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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Timothy couldn’t help glancing at Yana

But she lowered her head, avoiding his eyes

Timothy let out a sigh and found another excuse for Yana’s behavior

In his eyes, it was very rude of Susan to have pushed Yana before, so it was natural that Yana would speak ill of Susan behind her back

Yes, it was natural Yana would do that,he thought

With this in mind, Timothy began to feel that the facts didn’t matter; what mattered was that Yana was bullied, and he should avenge her

Thinking that the part about how Ben bullied Yana was yet to play on the screen, Timothy pulled himself together and continued watching the video

In the video, Ben looked indifferent when Yana tried hard to please him

He kept his usual poker face even when she offered to cook for him

Everyone present could tell that Yana was indeed trying to seduce Ben, who, however, ignored her

Ben made no response and tried to leave with a poker face

However, the video wasn’t over; it recorded what the people saw back then

As the video continued to play, the people in the room saw that Yana caught up with Ben, who had taken a few steps away, and tugged at his clothes while calling out his name softly

It was obvious that she was trying to seduce him, given the flirtatious look on her face

But Ben pushed her away and warned her to stay away

After that, Joe walked over with some guests

The surveillance video brought everything to light

Ben hadn’t crossed the line from the very beginning to the end

What he did was merely stop Yana from pestering him and warn her to stay away. In no way could that be regarded as bullying her

Instead, it showed that he was a good man

At that moment, a female guest cut in, Without this surveillance video, I would never know that some girl who appeared to be pure and kind actually tried to seduce her brotherinlaw. Mr. Landor, I have to say that you’re a firm man that can’t be swayed.” 

You should learn from Mr. Landor as to how to deal with a bitchy girl,another woman spoke to her mate

Mrs. Landor is so lucky,someone said with jealousy

Well, how could she try to seduce her brotherinlaw? What kind of sister is she?someone mocked Yana.. 


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Timothy kept silent with an icy look

He didn’t know what to say

He had made a fool of himself by trying 

o defend Yana before

With compressed lips, he let go of Yana’s hands.. Panicstricken, Yana said with tearful eyes, It’s not like what you thought. I didn’t mean anything else. I was just trying” 

Yana, Susan interrupted her in a calm voice, Everyone knows what you did after watching the video, so I won’t make any comment on that. But I think you should explain why you accused Ben of bullying you. Certainly, he did none of what you accused him of doing. He could never clear his name without the video.” 

Inever said that he bullied me,” Yana replied, avoiding Susan’s eyes. It was true that she didn’t say those words, but she was suggesting the same thing. Susan couldn’t be bothered to argue with her. In a composed tone, she continued, Guys, you all saw what happened and knew that Ben was innocent. So I believe you can tell if these rumors about him are true or not. I won’t urge you to change. your opinions about him; I just want to ask you to do some research before your spread any news about him.” 

After saying those words, Susan took Ben’s hand and said, Let’s go.” 

Ben, who was known as a brutal man, left with her, smiling

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Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

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