Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 28

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 28

Chapter 28 

Susan and Ben left directly

Thinking of Susan’s words before, the crowd changed their view towards Ben gradually

Wasn’t Ben misunderstood because of the rumors

It was said that Ben was ferocious, but no one had seen what Ben had done except the rumors

The rumors were not trustworthy

At the same time, the crowd looked at Yana meaningfully

Without this video, they would have believed what Yana said

Moreover, Yana even wanted to seduce his sister’s husband. Nobody knew how many people had actually been seduced by her in private

Then, everyone looked at Timothy, full of sympathy

Mr. Leen was young and achieved great results. How could he bear that

No one said it explicitly, but Timothy could sense the atmosphere

He had always thought that he was capable of everything and he was arrogant. Now his face suddenly turned pale

Timothy, let me explain.” Yana said softly

Giving her a glance, Timothy suddenly shook off her hand viciously and left without hesitation


There was nothing to explain

He was embarrassed enough today

Timothy.Yana chased after him in a panic

She tried all her efforts to win Timothy’s love, so she would never let him go

But this time, it was obvious that Timothy was furious. When Yana chased out, he had already disappeared

All of a sudden, Yana was so resentful that she clenched her fists

Timothy said he loved her, but was that true

She just had a short talk with Ben. Why was he so angry

And Ben

He was never touched by her kindness. And he behaved so cruelly

Did the man have the ability to find out what beauty was

Of course, the most despicable person was Susan


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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A trace of resentment flashed across Yana’s eyes. What did Susan do to capture Ben’s mind so that he was so loyal to her

Yana thought about it and complained about everything. She felt that the whole world was bad

I haven’t lost yet. There must be another idea. I will definitely come up with one!Yana muttered

Inside the car

Susan pursed her lips, looking unhappy

On the contrary, Ben couldn’t hold back his joy any more

Finding Susan’s anger, Ben raised his eyebrows, Are you angry?” 

Everything would be found if Ben didn’t ask

As soon as he asked, tears welled up in Susan’s eyes

Ben was stunned, his body stiffening

What did he say

Why was she crying again

It was not the first time he saw Susan cry, but Ben was still at a loss

He hurriedly wiped Susan’s tears and said gently, What’s wrong?” 

Susan sniffled. I just feel that you suffered so much.” 

Ben was speechless


He suffered so much

Why didn’t he remember that he had suffered a loss

Obviously, the person who suffered was Yana

Susan looked at Ben with tears shining. I’m just thinking that if there is no video, you must take the blame as a scapegoat. In the past, many of those bad rumors about you were also spread like that.” 

Susan felt really uncomfortable

She thought she didn’t love Ben. When she married Ben, she was even filled with fear

But what was the truth

Ben was not what it was said at all. He had helped her many times this period

He was just a little ugly and a little harsh, and thus he was inexplicably accused of many false crimes

Ben was a little confused

Susan, was she crying because of him

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Cetung Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

Ben hesitated for a moment and whispered, These things are not important to 


He really didn’t care about these rumors

He also knew in his heart who was spreading the rumors

But he didn’t care at all

These rumors, even if they were spread all over the world, would never do harm. to him

Moreover, with such bad reputation, he sometimes could do many things without much scruples

How could it not be important.Susan cried even harder

For some reason, she felt sorry for him

So kind a person as he was, Ben was slandered to such extents

Yana won a lot of times over Susan thanks to her weak body and her 

performance. But since Yana was her sister, Susan chose to put up with it

Well, Susan stole Yana’s healthy body, so she owed her, and she had no choice but to be tolerant

Ben Landor never owed her anything

Susan knew clearly that Yana seduced Ben because of her. She was angry and selfaccused, so she couldn’t stop crying

Tears trickled down on the back of Ben’s hand

Ben regretted

If he had known that Susan would cry, he would have dealt with those rumors

Mr. never knew how to coax a woman

He could only slap Susan’s back again and again, telling her not to cry

It had been a long time before Susan stopped crying

She wiped her tears and suddenly said firmly, I won’t cry anymore.” 

That couldn’t be better. Ben breathed in relief

He didn’t want to experience the feeling of being 

at a loss anymore

Crying won’t solve the problem. In the future, I will protect you. I won’t let anyone misunderstand you. I want the whole world to know how kind and wonderful you are.” Susan said solemnly


Ahem.The sound of cough came

Ben couldn’t help but glance at the driver, Why are you coughing?” 

The driver hurriedly put away his thoughts. Mr. Landor, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” 

He was just a little skeptical


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

Protect Mr. Landor

Did Mrs. Landor really know what she was talking about

However, Susan did not feel that what she said was wrong

She said decisively, This is only the first step. Sooner or later, I’ll have everyone take back those words that slandered you.” 

Susan said it seriously, as if it was an extremely important thing for her

Looking at her serious cheek, Ben suddenly chuckled

What are you laughing at?Susan looked puzzled.. 

Ben didn’t reply. He just stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair heavily

My hairstyle.” Susan exclaimed

Ben was much more delighted

He really didn’t care about his reputation

However, there was someone who would get angry and stand up for him

He was really happy

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