Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 29

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 29


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Chapter 29 

The driver sent Susan home with mixed feelings

He suddenly perceived that Mrs. Landor seemed to be made for Mr. Landor. At the very least, no other one dared to declare his or her protection to Mr. Landor… 

Ben said, I have to go to the office and I will come back for dinner tonight.” 

Susan did a double- take

Despite his frequency of being home for dinner recently, this was the first time he had told her in advance. It made her feel like they were really a married couple

Got it,” Susan responded obediently

Ben resisted the urge to fondle her hair again, and let the driver drive away

At Storm Group

Ben asked his assistant to come in

The video, received from Joe, was played before the assistant and then copied for him to keep

I will prosecute Yana Miller for reputation infringement,ordered Ben calmly. Make some arrangements.” 

The assistant froze for a moment and couldn’t believe his ears

Reputation infringement

When did his boss have a reputation

No, no, no. His boss took nothing of his reputation at all

You don’t understand?Ben frowned

The assistant was startled and hurriedly replied, No problem. I’ll be quick. Miller Yana’s intention to slander Mr. Landor is in evidence. There are many other people on the spot. There are various elements to make sense. If sued, Ms. Miller is doomed to failure. But it’s justa trivial matter, after all. Even if we win the trial, Miss. Yana won’t be punished too much.” 

Ben sneered, It doesn’t matter. Just do it and sue her.” 

In fact, it was impossible to punish Yana too harshly according to the law

However, once the matter spread, the reputation that she cared about most would be ruined. It was the biggest punishment for her

The assistant nodded at Ben’s order and immediately made some arrangements. With regard to what happened at Aroma Restaurant, Yana was keen to explain it clearly to Timothy Leen

But her effort was only rewarded with his indifference

Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Yana had no choice but to revolve herself more around Timothy

Fortunately, despite his coldness and attitude, Timothy had never mentioned breaking the engagement

That relieved Yana a bit

Carl Miller and Jane felt that there seemed to be something wrong between Timothy and Yana. They inquired Yana, but she dared not to tell the truth. She just dodged the question with minor contradictions between them as the explanation

Carl and Jane thought that there were just some quarrels between the couple, so they didn’t ask anymore

They flung themselves into the preparation for her engagement party

A few days later, the Butler suddenly sent in a subpoena

From the court? Really?Carl was puzzled

Probably,Jane wore a scowl on her face, Such a thing shouldn’t be sent wrong. I have to complain about the deliveryman.” 

At this time, Yana, while going downstairs, saw her parents holding an unknown document in their hands

Dad, Mom, what are you looking at?Yana blurted

A subpoena from the court.Carl replied. In the meantime, he opened it

A subpoena

Suddenly, a premonition aroused in Yana’s heart

Wait!she rushed over and tried to take the envelope away

But Carl had opened it and read it quickly

Carl asked suspiciously, Yana? How come your name is on it?” 

The ominous feeling came true. She grabbed the subpoena and skimmed it. quickly. Then, she couldn’t help but quiver

Wasn’t that thing in the past

Ben sued her

For such a trivial matter

What the hell is going on?Carl’s expression became stern

Dad, you have to help me, please.Yana sketched the whole story but omitted the essential part, and then she continued to sob, II just talked with Ben, reminding him that we are relatives and he is my brotherinlaw. He ruined my reputation. on the spot, and now he still wants to sue me! Dad! If I really go to the court, my life will be devastated.” 

Stop crying! You have no right to cry,Carl was annoyed, Such a serious thing, why didn’t you tell me? Now that the subpoena arrived, what can I do?” 


Gening Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Dad, you must have a way,Yana continued to bawl, I can’t go to court. Timothy is already angry with me. What if he dumps me for my notoriety?” 

Now you are afraid? Why did you provoke Ben, the psycho?Carl snapped sharply

Jane’s eyes flashed, and she softly comforted, Carl, relax. Don’t put all the blame on Yana. There is numerous gossip about Ben, some of which causes more serious consequences. Why doesn’t Ben sue those people but Yana?” 

What do you mean?Carl frowned

Jane lowered her voice, I think it is Susan’s abetment. She has no conscience. We arranged her a good marriage, but she blamed us instead. Such a dull bitch, after marrying Ben, not only controls Ben, but also takes advantage of the opportunity to revenge on us.” 

Revenge on us? How dare she!Carl was furious

There’s nothing she wouldn’t dare to do. Behind her stands Ben now,said Jane. Right. Dad, Susan is not as docile as she used to be. She has targeted me several times since she became Mrs. Landor. Do you remember that I went to the hospital because of her?Yana went on hurriedly

Carl remembered what happened last time and then his face darkened

If he had known Susan’s true colors, he shouldn’t have accepted the marriage. Now he had made an enemy for his family

Dad, what should we do now?Yana asked cautiously

Carl sneered, Susan thought her marriage with Ben would make her invincible? Just wait and see. She’s my daughter after all.” 

Carl narrowed his gloomy eyes

Humph, if he had known that Susan was an ungrateful soul, in that year he shouldn’t have…. 

Well, it is not too late now

He could make Susan successful and defeated overnight

It was a sunny day

Ben had developed the habit of feeding Susan

Mr. Landor wore a smile when he looked at Susan’s bowl stacked with food. Penelope only considered the picture as a real eyesore

After receiving the warning of Mr. Landor, she restrained for a while, but at this time, she couldn’t bear it

go too far

She said to herself, Susan, Ben might spoil you, but you shouldn’t g There’s no need to bother Ben to put the food on your plate.” 


Getting Married To The IceCold GEO 

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