Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 30

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

Aunt Penelope, you are right,” Susan nodded repeatedly and looked at Ben expectandy, Ben, don’t do this later.” 

She felt obliged to finish what Ben gave her

If this continued, however, she would become fat

Seeing through her thought, Ben said faintly, You just added 2.5 kg. Not enough.” Susan was helpless

In less than à month, she had already gained 2.5 kg weight

Although her weight base was low, the rate of weight gain was amazing

Have a taste of the soup,” Ben took a bowl of porridge. You are skinny. If you go outside, others may assume you are abused by the Landor family. Then they would pin this on me in private.” 

Susan had wanted to argue for a while, but when she heard Ben’s words, she had 

to follow his instructions

Well, she must try her best to gain more weight, leaving no one misunderstand 


Looking at Susan who was eating obediently, Ben had a mocking smile for a split second

The Miller family had tortured her for so many years. Now he wanted to spoil her

She had been underweight for a long time because of blood drawing. Now he would make up for her

Staring at the harmonious couple, Penelope gritted her teeth and continued, Ben, I know you and Susan are newlyweds. It is inevitable that you are more clingy, but you are the one to do great things. Don’t always keep an eye on women for such a small matter like eating. Dad, you should also teach Ben a lesson. A man should put most of his mind on work.” 

Before Mr. Landor could say anything, Ben said blankly with a squint at 

Penelope, In your mind, it’s a trivial matter, but I don’t think so. Aunt Penelope, I know you and my dad have a mediocre relationship, but this is your fate, so don’t envy others.” 

Penelope had no idea what to say

What did that mean

In Ben’s mind, she envied Susan

How could it be possible

Penelope’s face instantly darkened, Dad, look at Ben” 



Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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I think he is right,” Mr. Landor glared at her and said disgustedly, Don’t ruin the mealtime anymore.” 

Penelope gritted her teeth with her pale face

Now she even lost the right to say something

Did she have her influence in the Landor family

Penelope was full of resentment, but she didn’t dare to show it, not to mention her grievance

At that time, the Butler came in and said respectfully, Mr. Landor, Mr. Miller and his wife come to visit.” 

The Miller family?Mr. Landor was stunned for a moment, Is it Susan’s family?Yes,” the Butler nodded

Please let them in. Be a sensible butler! There’s no reason for the inlaws to wait,complained Mr. Landor

Previously, due to the change of the marriage, he was unsatisfied with the vile. action of the Miller family

But now, being impressed by Susan, Mr. Landor would show more respect to the Miller family

When they changed the bride, the Miller family announced that Susan fitted Ben more. He thought it was an excuse at that time. Now it seemed that they were considerate

Take out my treasured coffee.” 

In addition, tell them to prepare some exquisite desserts ladies might adore.You can also pick some of my favorite collections. I’ll appreciate them with my inlaws.” 

Mr. Landor made thoughtful arrangements because he knew nothing about the evils of the Miller family. Now, he really wanted to treat his inlaws well

Susan couldn’t help but throw a glimpse at Ben

Mr. Landor had no idea what happened, but she and Ben knew it clearly. There’s absolutely nothing good about the Miller family’s visit this time. Ben glanced at Susan calmly and gave her a soothing look

Susan’s tense mood suddenly appeased

Yes, it was not the Miller residence. She lived in the Landor residence

She was no longer that poor girl of the Miller family

Soon, the Butler personally led the Miller family in

Carl prepared a lot of gifts for the visit and servants helped bring them in

Mr. Miller, it’s so nice of you.Mr. Landor hurriedly asked servants to collect the 



Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

gifts. He had already decided to repay them with more presents

For Susan’s sake, he planned to maintain connections with her family. Then, Mr. Landor enthusiastically welcomed the Miller family. He ordered the servants to serve coffee and snacks, treating them as honored guests

It was the world class coffee, but today Carl was obviously not in the mood to taste it

He took a sip and then said with a bitter face, Mr. Landor, to be honest, I came here today for your help.” 

What’s wrong? Just tell me,Mr. Landor answered. I will do my best to help you. Also, there is still Ben.” 

I’m relieved to hear that from you,Carl gently put down his cup and then glanced at Susan amiably, Susan, forcing you to marry Ben was my mistake. Come on. Let’s go home.” 

What the hell

Susan frowned, not sure what Carl meant

Mr. Landor was also confused, Mr. Miller, what are you talking about?Carl let out a sigh, Mr. Landor, honestly, Susan was initially unwilling to marry Ben. She cried for several days of that. I was thinking that the Landor family would provide her with a dream life after the marriage and she would understand my intention. But I didn’t expectShe went to extremes, and even regarded us as enemies.” 

Jane then added, A few days ago, Yana encountered them at Aroma Restaurant. The rumor spread that Ben had a bad temper. Yana was afraid that Susan lived a hard life, so she took the initiative to say nice things about Ben, hoping that her efforts would be helpful to their relationship. Unexpectedly, Susan accused her of seduction due to the conversation. Today, Yana received a subpoena from the court. Mr. Landor, they just had a talk. What kind of seduction is it?” 

Carl sighed out a long breath, Well, just drop this. Susan didn’t want to marry, but we forced her. She’s now leading a tough life while Yana has her Mr. Right. Susan isof course envious. I fully understand why she’s targeting Yana.” Susan, I can understand your choice.Jane wore a motherly look. Although your slandered and framed your sister, I believe it was a spur of moment. If you don’t like Ben, just get a divorce. The Miller family will always be your home.” 

Right. Don’t be afraid. As long as you can be happier, we are not afraid to offend the Landor family. We will take you home.How righteous Carl’s remarks sounded

They sang a duet and attributed that matter of Yana to Susan’s jealousy, suggesting that Susan was living a tough life

Mr. Landor’s face had turned ugly



Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Mr. Landor didn’t know the details about what happened to Yana, but Carl and Jane both expressed and implied how reluctantly Susan married Ben, and how terribly she lived in the Landor family. What did this mean? Could it be Susan’s complaint to them

Mr. I andor thought that he treated Susan nicely

In the Landor family, she looked rather delightful

But if she whined to her family behind his back, then he might have to reexamine his granddaughterinlaw

Penelope’s eyes flickered as she mocked, Ah, it turns out that marrying into the Landor family is a grievance. Dad, it is no use treating Susan so well. She’s not struck on Ben. Our family will not force anyone to do anything. Since Susan is reluctant, let her go. She’s not good enough for Ben.” 

Mr. Landor was heavyminded without speaking

A hint of complacent flashed across Carl’s eyes


Wasn’t there a rumor that Ben doted on Susan

Carl wanted to see if Ben could continue to do so after knowing that she disliked him

Susan, let’s go.In spite of that thought in mind, Carl pretended to be more affectionate on the surface, and then he began to drag Susan

Come with us. We’ll help you divorce Ben.Jane also reached over

The two of them, on each side, were trying to take her away by force

These two people… 

Susan’s body quivered with anger

She didn’t want to marry into the Landor family before, but they forced her

Now that she strived to make her life better, they coerced her to divorce

If she really got divorced and went back to the Miller family, wouldn’t she continue to serve as a blood transfusion tool

She knew it very well

Carl and Jane weren’t so much amiable at all

They came here to justify Yana and disgrace Susan

Regardless of the divorce, they claimed that Susan didn’t want to marry Ben in the beginning and that she framed Yana out of jealousy and dissatisfaction

What would Mr. Landor think of it

What about Ben

Their remarks had wiped away all the efforts she had made in the past few days

Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

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