Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 31

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 31

Chapter 31 

I’m neither leaving nor getting a divorce,” contradicted Susan with her clenched teeth

Susan, I know you’re afraid of offending the Landor family and afflict our family thereby. Don’t worry. Mr. Landor and Ben are openminded.” 

Yes, Susan. Come home with us. Your bedroom has been furnished.” 

Regardless of Susan’s resistance, they used all their strength to drag her out of the 


Let go of me!Susan’s heart ached

It never occurred to her that she was wrong. The place she used to think as hell was actually the paradise she longed for

The place where she grew up turned out to be the hell to her

It cost too much for her to escape from the abyss of suffering. Now she was forced to go back again

She didn’t want to accept it

But Carl and Jane’s words were equivalent to her scorn on the Landor family

Knowing that she was unwilling to marry Ben, Mr. Landor and Ben was very possible to let her go

Was there no other choice for her to stay here and shun the fate to be a transfusion tool

The light in Susan eyes dimmed little by little

Could this be her destiny

Just as she was about to be dragged out of the living room, Ben faintly voiced, Stop them.” 

The previously motionless servants instantly blocked the way

Carl and Jane had no choice but to stop

Carl turned around and looked at Ben ingratiatingly, Mr. Landor, she didn’t want to marry you. You don’t need to force her, do you?‘ 

Force her?Ben sneered

Step by step, he walked over and ordered indifferently, Let go of her.” 

Carl and Jane subconsciously released their hands

Ben stared at Susan, Do you want to go back?” 

With tears in her eyes, Susan shook her head

Ben’s gaze moved slightly. You said before that you would never cry.” 

She gritted her teeth, I’m not crying.” 


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

She was just… 

So despondent

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What’s the problem with your parents? They are determined to destroy you

You’re not crying?Ben questioned inside

Ben didn’t call her bluff as a soft light flashed across his eyes. If you don’t want to, no one can take you away.” 

His tone was calm, but convincing

Susan almost burst into tears, but this time she held them back

Go back,Ben touched Susan’s head

He knew that Susan was reluctant to marry him

On the day of the wedding, she told the truth

She married him because it was her only option

At that time, he thought she was honest

And thinking about it now, he felt sorry

When Carl stated that she cried for several days at the news of the marriage, he felt even more heartbroken.. 

Ben felt increasingly bitter

Was sheso aggrieved

If she had the alternative, would she still be Mrs. Landor

Although he wanted to deceive himself, Ben knew the answer very well

If there existed other choices, no one would marry him

Susanwas driven to the wall

Her hidden thoughts were revealed by Carl, which made Ben sentimental. That was why he didn’t stop them at the beginning

But she was really about to be taken away

He commanded subconsciously

For that reason, everything went well

Finally, he kept her

Ben told himself

That didn’t mean his reluctance to leave her, or his passion for her

He just couldn’t bear to see Susan being tricked by her parents. That was the thing

After all, he was a kind and warmhearted person

Mr. Landor,Carl was a little anxious, you have your power and fortune, so attractive to women. Susan is unwilling to stay here. It is futile to force her.” 


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Finishing that, he winked at Jane

Please, let Susan golJane understood his implication and was about to kneel down

Penelope, at the sight of the scene, was shocked all of a sudden

She took out her phone in private, planning to make a move

Jane was about to kneel down beside Ben, begging him to let her daughter go

If the subsequent story went public, Ben would definitely become a joke. However, Penelope was disappointed

Jane failed

It was Susan who held Jane tightly at the very beginning

Without any word, Susan knelt down before Jane

SusanYouJane froze

How could Susan be faster than Jane

Jane was going to finish her show but the servants of the Landor family had already come to their senses They were responsive at that moment. There was no way for Jane to gain another chance

What are you doing?Ben frowned and pulled Susan up

Susan was lifted up, and then she said sadly, Ben, you shouldn’t have pulled me. If I don’t so, they won’t let me go.” 

Ben was silent

Indeed, Susan was sad at the beginning… 

But at this time… 

He seemed to know that Susan was about to act

Susan, what are you talking about? We can’t understand.Jane forced a smile. Dad, mom!Susan’s voice was indignant. You’re taking me away and forcing me to divorce. Do you love me?” 

Of course, all the parents love their children,” answered Carl subconsciously. The word parentsis a cloak to cover your intention, no matter how vicious your behavior is

Is it true that all the parents love their children

No, it’s not.Susan thought

At least, since she was a child, Susan had never felt a hint of love from Carl and Jane

You really love me?Susan’s eyes changed

Sadness and desperation arose in her eyes


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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Susan spoke in a whisper, Love me? Over the past twenty years, you have been asking me to donate blood to Yana. Do you remember when it started?” 

Carl’s eyes flashed, Yana is not in good health. You’re sisters. Isn’t it a normal thing to transfuse to her?” 

Right! Susan, Yana is your sister,” added Jane hurriedly

Susan laughed mockingly and continued, It’s my seventh birthday, our birthday! In previous years, you said that Yana needed more attention due to her health condition. She thus received many gifts while I had none. But that day, mom, you gave me a new dress. At the same time, Yana received lots of new dresses stuffed with her room. I was really cheerful. That was my first birthday present after all.” 

Susan, don’t whine at me. For Yana’s health, I need to pay more attention to her,” explained Jane hurriedly

Susan lowered her eyes and added quietly, Then that night, I was sent to the hospital. According to your words, Yana’s illness required regular blood transfusion. When I was seven years old, I was forcibly taken away 200cc.” 

At that juncture, what could Mom and Dad do?Carl argued

Susan posed a cold glance at him

Carl’s heart skipped a beat

Yana told him that Susan had changed

He didn’t believe Yana’s words at first. In his mind, Susan was supported only by Ben. Without Ben, she was still the coward to be controlled easily

However, Susan’s glance gave him made him chill

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