Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 32

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 32

Chapter 32 

What could you do?Susan felt desperate. After that, I was weak and had a fever. Do you remember how you reacted when I got sick that time, Mom?” 

Jane frowned, It’s been a long time. How could I remember it?” 

She had already forgotten

Susan looked at Jane and went on, You said, Don’t expect to eschew the blood donation, no matter you get sick or not. As long as you’re alive, you have to do it.At that time, she was really desperate

She didn’t understand

She was also given birth by Carl and Jane, like Yana, wasn’t she

She could understand that they showed more

She could understand that they showed more care and love to Yana for her poor health

Susan had been trying to be nice to Yana since the childhood


Who took care of her

What about her life

Being in good health, was she sure to be ignored

What are you talking about? How could you be so naive?Mr. Landor was a little angry with Susan before, but when he heard the argument, he slapped the table and got angry with the Miller family

Mr. Landor knew that the Miller family might be partial to their young daughter. However, he had no idea they treated their elder daughter as an enemy

Parents in general wouldn’t do that

Mr. Landor couldn’t stand it anymore, so he spoke directly

Ben narrowed his sharp eyes

Since the age of seven, Susan had been living a miserable life

No wonder she said that marrying him was the last option

For some reason, Ben’s heart ached a little

Carl panicked, Susan, you’re talking nonsense! We love you too. For all these years, we have given you medicine to replenish your body every day. The total value is probably over two hundred thousand dollars. Your sister doesn’t have that kind of treatment.” 

Susan couldn’t help but laugh, To replenish my body? It’s blood tonic, right? To- make sure the blood supply, you regulated my recipes sternly when I was seven. Before I came to the Landor family, I didn’t even know there was a soup without 


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medicine in the world. Mom and Dad, how dare you say that you love me?WellCarl was speechless. He simply showed his parentage, You’re my daughter. Why are you questioning your parents? We did all this for you two. Are you reluctant to donate your blood to your sister?” 

Looking at her parents, Susan was numb

She felt so sad

Well, Susan. It doesn’t matter now. Now that we have found the alternative, we will definitely not ask you to donate blood in the future.” Jane tried to ease her tone, Don’t be capricious. Go home with us. Let’s talk about it in private, okay?She reached out to pull Susan

But Susan stood motionless

What the hell…” Carl was a little annoyed

Susan closed her eyes, and then bit by bit broke open Jane’s fingers

She said softly, I have had a question in my heart for a long time. In the past, I didn’t dare to ask. But today, I’m determined.” 

Sure, go ahead.” Carl barely held back his anger

Susan lowered her eyes and asked lightly, Am I really your biological daughter?If the answer was positive, why did they refuse to give her some warmth when she was young

If positive, why did they treat her more ruthlessly than an enemy over and over again

She blurted out

Carl and Jane glanced at each other, stunned at the same time. Did Susan know something

No, it was impossible

She couldn’t possibly know what happened so many years ago

Carl quickly calmed down. He tried to be kind, Susan, what are you thinking about? Of course, you are my daughter. Are you embarrassed to go home because you’ve slandered Yana? It doesn’t matter. We don’t blame you.” 

Yes, we know it’s not easy for you these years. We will make it up to you in the future,said gently Jane

Susan disdained them at the sight of their fake smiles

At this time, they still spoke highly of Yana


Dis she slander Yana

It was a joke

Susan’s eyes turned cold, Do you really want me to tell you in detail what Yana 



Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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has done?” 

Carl was guilty, Susan, no. We don’t blame you

However, she did not relent but looked at Ben, You still have the video, right?“Yes,” Ben said faintly

What video?Carl was stunned for a moment

He didn’t even know it was filmed

Didn’t Yana tell you? Probably she felt too ashamed.Susan added calmly, If you are not afraid of losing face, you can enjoy her exquisite performance together.” 

Carl and Jane traded their looks and had a sense of foreboding

I thinkCarl was about to refuse

Copy the video and play it on the big screen,ordered Ben

He was going to play it on the screen

Carl provided a pretext, I have something to do” 

Anyway, you should watch the video above all,rejected Ben indifferently

The servants surrounded them sternly

Carl and Jane were forced onto the sofa

It is the best position to watch the video. You will definitely enjoy it,said Ben faintly

Carl and Jane were full of uneasiness, but they had no choice

The video started soon

The video copied by Ben recorded the whole story

Yana’s behavior made Carl and Jane fidgety and uneasy

Carl tried to leave several times

However, he was pushed back by Ben

After watching the video, Carl thought he would feel free, but Ben commanded instantly, Play it again.” 

Carl’s face turned pale immediately

The video was replayed again

Carl couldn’t stand it anymore, throwing a glance at Susan, Are you indifferent to this?” 

Susan ignored his eyes, Dad, didn’t you say I slandered Yana? I’m also very. uneasy. I’m trying to figure out whether I slandered her. ” 

YouCarl was annoyed and wanted to say something else

Ben said tonelessly, This is for my fatherinlaw. Why doesn’t he look at it?” 

The servants turned Carl’s head around forcibly to keep watching



Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

A servant still wanted to turn Jane’s head. The latter was scared and hurriedly said, I’ll do it myself.” 

The couple continued to watch

This video was nothing for others, but for the two of them, it was shame

In his life, Carl had never felt so humiliated that his face turned ugly

“Oh, what a big show.Mr. Landor saw through everything. He sneered and stood up. Ben, take care of your inlaws.” 

Ben nodded indifferently

Mr. Landor turned around and headed upstairs, while Penelope still wanted to stay and see the show

Mr. Landor cast her a cold look

Penelope had no choice but to follow him

Ben glanced at the two on the sofa and commanded, Don’t let them go before they watch it ten times.” 

Ten times

Carl and Jane shivered together

Yes,responded the servants loudly

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Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

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