Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 33

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 33

Chapter 33 

In the living room, Yana’s pretentious voice broke out once again

Susan took a quick peek at Ben

He remained calm, neither cheerful nor angry

She was observing him

Ben suddenly turned his head towards her

They looked at each other in a daze

Susan panicked and quickly averted her eyes

A light smile appeared on his face

He said after a faint and quick smile, Do you want to watch it with them here?Susan shook her head quickly

It’s not her interest

Ben nodded, turned upstairs, and walked to the stairway. He paused for a moment and said, I’m going to the study.” 

After saying that, he left without looking back

Susan hesitated for a moment and didn’t follow him

In the study

Ben found a book and flipped through it casually. His eyes switched between the book and the watch

One minute for the book, the next for the watch

Time passed slowly

Ben was not happy

What was wrong with Susan

He made it clear that he was in the study

If this woman was sensible, she should follow him and explain to him about Carl’s words

Well, she probably didn’t know what to say. So he could give her five minutes. And he could even give her ten minutes

Now that half an hour had passed, she still hadn’t come

She didn’t even want to explain it to him

Did she just acquiesce to what Carl said that she didn’t like him or the Landor family

Maybe it was true


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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She did explain, but what she explained was that she didn’t slander Yana. The more he thought about it, the worse he felt

He recalled how Susan had defended him. He felt that maybe she liked him a little bit before

But now, he felt that the reason why Susan was good to him was simply because she didn’t want to go back to the Miller family

She was kind to him and his grandpa because she wanted to escape from her family

He tried to be calm.. 

The current situation was a good choice for Susan

He couldn’t offer her socalled love. All he needed was a wife

But what she needed was a man who could protect her

The two of them got what they wanted. It was a perfect match to some degree. Ben knew it. But his heart seemed to be burnt by a fire, not appeasing anyhow. As forty minutes passed, Susan still didn’t appear

Ben took a deep breath, and he gradually became calm

It seemed that he had been flattering himself before

Susan was just trying to please him with no sincerity at all

That was normal

With his appearance, how could anyone really like him

It was okay anyway

From now on, he won’t do anything for her. Even if she took the initiative to cozy him up, he would not give a shred of response

Right at that moment

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door

Ben raised his eyebrows, and his voice was cold, Come in.” 

The door was pushed open

Susan took a box of snacks and stood hesitantly at the door

Ben looked at her coldly, What’s the matter?” 

Ben’s seriousness intensified his deterrence

Susan’s heart quivered slightly

Was he really angry

Susan hesitated for a moment and whispered, I made some desserts for you. Would you like to try them?” 



Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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After being shifted to what was in Susan’s hand, Ben’s eyes moved slightly

It turned out that this woman wanted to explain. But she was afraid that he would. be angry, so she made desserts to please him

Ben didn’t respond to her question

Susan was flustered, If you don’t like it, I’ll go out.” 

She turned around to leave

Come in.Ben repeated quickly

His tone was not gentle. Susan was nervous, but she still walked in bravely

Ben looked at her coldly, What’s the matter?” 

He hadn’t showed his cold look in front of her for a long time. Although he chose to protect her today, he was probably really angry

Susan was a little nervous

Although her parents couldn’t shake off Yana’s bad reputation, they still put a thorn between her and Ben after all

Susan compressed her lips

Although she wasn’t sure if Ben would believe her, she still had to do something. She said slowly, On our wedding day, I remember I had told you that marrying. you is the only way for me.” 

Ben replied nonchalantly

Susan continued seriously, I wanted to stay in the Landor family. At first, it was indeed because only in this way could I escape from my family.” 

Oh?Ben remained composed

But in the world, the sincerity trades the true feelings. You, Grandpa and the Landor family all deserve. At first, it was just a hopeless choice. But now, even without my parents, I don’t want to leave here. Ben, I want to stay here because I really like this family,Susan explained with biting her lower lip lightly

What she said was true

But she was not sure whether Ben believed her or not

Are you finished?Ben’s voice was faint

His reaction struck a chill to her heart, but she still responded softly, Yes.” 

Get out,” spoke Ben

Susan walked out with her lips pursed

When she closed the door, Ben looked at the box of desserts next to him, giving a smile involuntarily

The sincerity traded the true feelings

So, Susan, do you want to trade your sincerity for what?He thought


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

Thinking of that, Ben was inexplicably happy

He picked up a small cake slowly

It was a rose cake

Ben frowned, Women all like this kind of sweet thing.” 

After saying that, he took a bite

Too sweet.He commented disdainfully, and then he took another bite

Soon, he finished eating the cake

The second piece was picked up naturally

Although the cake didn’t taste delicious, he felt hungry

Piece by piece, all the cake was eaten

Ben suddenly felt that the pain in his heart had miraculously disappeared


He was not so pleased. Susan had to do more

He was still a little angry at that moment

It would be best if Susan could send him more desserts and then act coquettishly with him

Only by doing so a few times could he completely forgive her

Ben quickly became pleasant after thinking that

After a few hours, a servant came up to tell him

Mr. Landor, Mr. and Mrs. Carl has watched the video ten times.” 

Ben raised his eyebrows, Let them go.” 

The servant nodded and was about to leave

Wait a moment,said Ben suddenly

The servant stopped quickly and waited for his order

Ben asked unintentionally, What is Mrs. Landor doing now?” 

The servant hesitated for a moment and replied, When I came up just now, I seemed to see Mrs. Landor moving things.” 

Moving things?Ben was a little surprised. He waved his hand and asked the servant to leave, and he decided to go and see

When Ben walked to the room, Susan had packed a suitcase and was about to leave

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