Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 34

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 34

Getting Mamed To The IceCold CEO 

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Chapter 34 

Ben’s expression changed slightly

What was going on? Could it be that Susan wanted to go back to the Miller family

Did she go bananas!? 

Ben walked straight in, What are you doing?” 

When Susan saw Ben, she was startled first, and then she said honestly, Pack my things.” 

I know you’re packing,” Ben forced himself to endure the uneasiness, That’s not point I asked.” 

Susan pursed her lips, I packed my things. I didn’t touch the ones you bought.After she married into the Landor family, Ben prepared everything for her. In order to make Ben feel fine, she did not reject these things

But she still brought some daily necessities

Luckily, she could use them now

What did she mean by her own stuff

Ben got irritable inexplicably, What do you mean?” 

Ben’s tone was so harsh that Susan was a little sad, but she also understood. What Carl and Jane had done would make him angry

She struggled to compose herself

I’m moving out,Susan said

Ben’s pupils suddenly contracted

Susan continued, It’s troublesome that I live in the Landor residence. I don’t intend to go back to the Miller family, but I don’t have the guts to stay here. I’ll go out and rent a house. Mr. Landor, thank you for taking care of me these days.” 

She bent down and said, I won’t cause you any trouble in the future.” 

Ben seemed to be frozen

What did she mean

She actually wanted to leave

The woes caused by the Miller family are nothing to me.Said Ben coldly. But you’re not obligated to help me, are you?Susan replied softly

She realized that she had done something wrong

She married him to remedy the fault made by Yana and it was also a way to escape from the Miller family

Getting Married To The Ice Cold CEO 

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From the beginning to the end, she did it for herself

But how about Ben

Why did he have to accept such a selfish woman

Ben frowned as he couldn’t find a reason to keep her, but he knew that he must not let Susan go

Subconsciously, he said, You can’t leave.” 

Why?Susan looked at him, You must not want to see me right now.” 

Susan looked at Ben, with an inexplicable expectation in her eyes

Ben compressed his lips tightly

After a long time, he answered, You can’t go, becauseGrandpa said that your horoscope suits me best. It will bring me luck if you stay here.Horoscope… 


Susan lowered her eyes and whispered, You marry me because we match in horoscope?” 

Before Ben could explain more, she went on, Right, that’s the truth. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether it’s my sister or me to marry with you. Because, we are born on the same day.” 

Ben was inexplicably a little flustered at Susan’s light voice

But he didn’t know why he was like that

Therefore, he just nodded coldly, Yes, so you can’t leave.” 

Susan was silent for a while, then she whispered, I got it. I’m not leaving.” 

Then, she picked up her suitcase

Ben was shocked, Don’t you say you won’t leave?” 

Susan nodded, Well, I won’t leave from the Landor residence. But don’t worry, I won’t disturb you. I’ll just stay in the guest room.” 

She looked at Ben, It will not hinder your luck, right?” 

Ben was wordless

Thinking that she had got the answer, Susan took the suitcase and walked out

Ben stood in the bedroom in a daze

He felt that he had said something wrong

But, what was it

He still didn’t fathom it out

Wait! There seemed to be something wrong


a while, Ben figured out what the problem was


Getting Married To The IceCold CEO 

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The script in his mind was that Susan felt guilty, so she tried to be better to him. But now, Susan really felt guilty, but she actually went back to where she started

No, it’s worse than that

When she married him, she said she would be with him for the rest of her life

Mr. Landor had never dealt with such a problem

He hesitated for a moment and decided to wait and see

He waited until the evening came

Ben looked at the empty room uncomfortably

In the end, he couldn’t hold back and went to the guest room. Susan hadn’t slept yet and searched something on her computer. Ben walked over and saw that Susan was applying for a job

Ben raised his eyebrows, You’re going to work?” 

Yeah,” Susan nodded, I can’t just do nothing all day.” 

Susan also found that she had been a bit too decadent this month

Both Mr. Landor and Ben were too kind to her. The exhaustion left by her last job hadn’t completely subsided

She wasn’t in a hurry to find a job then

But now, she felt that she should find a job

She couldn’t stay in the Landor family as an idler all the time

The Landor family had accepted her and looked after her nicely. She couldn’t do anything

Susan felt that she found a niche for herself until now

Without explaining the details, she turned off her computer and looked at Ben, Mr. Landor, what’s the matter?” 

Ben was speechless

She used to call him honey

At least, she should call him Ben

But now she called him Mr. Landor

Ben didn’t say anything, and Susan looked at him quietly

She decided to do her own part well in the future

Looking at Susan, he breathed deeply in his heart, not to mention how 

uncomfortable it was

Ben even regretted it

If he had known that Susan would do that, he shouldn’t have pretended to be cold in the study


Going Married To The IceCold CEO 

But he couldn’t explain. He couldn’t say that he wanted Susan to please him. Ben pursed his lips, Nothing!” 

He turned around and left numbly

Susan looked at Ben’s back, her face blank

So, what exactly was he doing here

The master bedroom

Ben turned on the computer and stared blankly at the screen for a while. Then, unconsciously, his fingers danced quickly on the keyboard

Not long after, a picture of Susan’s computer appeared on his screen

He hacked into Susan’s computer

It had been a long time since he did such a thing. Ben looked around a little guiltily, then he went to lock the door deliberately and continued to browse. Susan submitted a lot of resumes

All applications were associated with computer science

Ben touched his chin

As for this field, Storm Group was the top

If she had to work, why not come to Storm Group

Ben was a little excited

But he also understood that if he spoke it directly, she would refuse it

Ben read Susan’s resume for a long time, then he made a phone call

Acquire Winner Electronics,Ben gave a simple and clear instruction, It must be done in three days.” 

Within three days?The assistant was startled and said hurriedly, Mr. Landor, even if you want to purchase it, take your time. Given to the urgency, the other party will raise the price.” 

It doesn’t matter. Whatever, I have the money.” Ben said

Whatever, he had the money

What a powerful excuse

The assistant immediately arranged the acquisition

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Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

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