Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 35

Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen Chapter 35

Geng Married To The IerCold CEO 

Chapter 35 

These days

Susan had been shrinking away from Ben

Ben felt that, so did the others

Grandpa, I’m going out for a while,Susan walked to the living room and respectfully said to Mr. Landor

Go ahead,Mr. Landor nodded

Therefore she left

From the beginning to the end, she didn’t give any look at Ben, who was next to Mr. Landor

Susan left

Mr. Landor couldn’t help but glance at Ben, What’s the matter between you two?Mr. Landor didn’t know what to say about the farce caused by Carl

He was really weird

After Mr. Landor retrospected the whole thing sensibly, he didn’t blame Susan, and he even felt that she was not easy

But he was an outsider after all, he couldn’t make any decisions for this couple


Seeing that the two were like strangers these days, Mr. Landor was faintly anxious. Susan was a good girl. Ben should not be fooled by her parents and blame her. Nothing.” Ben answered quite calmly

Really? Susan hardly stays at home now.Mr. Landor blew his beard

She just has something to deal with.Ben replied calmly

In the past few days, he had been in control of Susan’s whereabouts

The reason why she went out so often was to attend various interviews

Of course, all her interviews have failed so far

Ben calmly turned his head. Mr. Landor was a little helpless, Don’t regret it in the future.” 

Regret?Ben didn’t care at all

Mr. Landor glared at him and left directly. Out of sight, out of mind

As soon as Mr. Landor left, Ben quickly dialed someone, How is the acquisition?Mr. Landor, don’t worry. Everything was settled down! In the previous interview, Mrs. Landor failed in the first turn. Then, she would go to an interview in Winner Electronics. At that time, this company will sign Mrs. Landor with handsome 


Letting Mamed To The IceCold CEO 

salary. The assistant said

Great.” Ben was satisfied

Everything was under control

He put down his phone and continued to read the newspaper calmly

She interviewed for three days and went to thirteen companies

But every time, she was rejected for various reasons

So was this time

When Susan left the company, she even began to suffer from selfdoubt

Her competence was really so bad

At first, though, she chose the computer science as a major because of Timothy 


But she still made the effort. In college, several times she surpassed Timothy and got a firstlevel scholarship

There should be no reason to reject her given to her excellent performance, elaborated resume, coupled with ordinary requirements

Susan couldn’t figure it out, and she only ascribed it to more strict recruitment requirements in the market

After experiencing many disappointments, Susan went to Winner Electronics for an interview

Winner Electronics was not a big company without fame in the electronics circle

But now, Susan didn’t want to care that

As long as she could get a job, she would accept it

The interview was the same.. 

Susan sketched her resume mechanically

Then, she sat there without any hope

Based on her recent interview experience, the next step for the interviewer was to say, Ms. Miller, you are excellent, but I’m sorry, you are not suitable for our company.” 

Ms. Miller, You’re excellent.The interviewer of Winner Electronics spoke slowly as expected

Susan showed an understandable expression. Look, it was true

So, we’ve decided to hire you.Continued the interviewer

Okay, then I’llAs she was about to leave, she suddenly reacted with joy, You meanyou hired me?” 

Yes.” The interviewer gave her an offer with a smile

Susan looked at the contract where all the conditions were attractive


etting Married To The IceCold CEO 

  1. D) +5 vouchers 

She had no reason to refuse at all

Ms. Miller, there’s something I need to tell you in advance. Our company will move to a new place. Do you have any problems moving with all the employees, don’t you?” 

Is the new workplace bad?Susan asked somewhat strangely

Otherwise, there was no need to mention such a trivial matter alone

No, it is a favorable environment.She pointed to the contract, It’s written on the contract. The new workplace, in all aspects, reaches to the top international level. If our description is fake, you can get a huge amount of compensation, Ms. Miller.” 

Looking at the description about the new workplace on the contract, she felt that there was no problem and nodded in response, I accept it.” 

Well,the interviewer held out her hand, Then welcome Ms. Miller to our big family.” 

Susan had the feeling that there was something weird

But after many thoughts, she didn’t come up with a reason

She smiled and held the interviewer’s hand, Thank you.” 

She finally got a job with a fat salary

Susan breathed a sigh of relief

In the evening

At The Landor family’s dining table

Seeing that everyone almost finished eating, Susan hesitated for a moment and put down her chopsticks

Grandpa, I’m going to work tomorrow.Said Susan

To work?Mr. Landor was stunned and asked hurriedly, Susan, why not stay at home? Why do you suddenly want to work?” 

Susan replied in a warm voice, If I continue to idle here, I will be fat.” 

Mr. Landor was kind to her all the time

When Carl and Jane came to look for troubles, Mr. Landor was irritated for a while, but afterwards he still treated her as before

She can’t be spoiled and proud because of his kindness

She must work

It was as if she had made up her mind. Mr. Landor glanced at Ben and gestured for him to persuade Susan

Susan had already tried to avoid Ben. If she went out to work, wouldn’t she have more reasons not to go home

Mr. Landor was concerned, but Ben was not

Getting Married To The for Cold CEO 

  1. D) +5 vouchers 

He slowly wiped the corners of his lips and said, It’s really boring to stay at home. There’s nothing wrong with working.” 

Ben actually supported Susan

Mr. Landor glared at him. It was a headache for him

After Ben’s support, Susan’s work was decided

The next day

Ben went to the office first

Susan was about to go out

Mr. Landor hurriedly asked the driver to take her out

Susan refused softly, Grandpa, there’s no need. The car is too highprofile. I’ll just 

take the bus.” 

She looked gentle at times, but she was extremely stubborn sometimes

Mr. Landor had no choice but to watch her walk out the door

Penelope looked at Susan’s back with a disdainful smile


What kind of working ability did she possess

In Penelope’s opinion, all of Susan’s behavior these days was nothing. She just played hardtoget

Unexpectedly, Susan had some tricks

Unfortunately, Ben was moody. What Carl and Jane had done completely offended him. Susan seemed innocent, but who would know if it was true? According to Ben’s personality, he was probably suspicious of Susan

It was not easy for Susan to get back together with him

Penelope couldn’t help but snicker when she thought of that 

For her, the more troubles Ben and Susan had, the more chances she could obtain

Send gift 


Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

Read Getting Married To The Ice-Cold Ceo By Yetta Ellen

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