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Kitty Cat Resort APK 1.52.0

Kitty Cat Resort APK 1.52.0
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With the Kitty Cat Resort Mod APK, you will build a stunning environment on an island for cat pets. Perform various activities to earn unlimited money!

Do you want to play a game where you can build an island resort for cats? Download the Kitty Cat Resort game by Father Made now and join over 100,000 gamers enjoying this game across the world. Here, you will be able to create an island where the cats will sail to and enjoy various activities like fishing, basking in the sun, and more. This Simulation game will offer enjoyable gameplay and just the sight of these cats alone will make you smile! If you love cats, you will surely want to download this game now.

The game is action-packed with all the activities that you could do when bringing up a cat pet. You need to feed your cats, make sure they have a roof over their heads, and petting too. With this game, you will become the ultimate cat keeper. Build a special island for cats and construct various facilities including scratching trees, bouncy airplane, docks, beach beds, and more.

Pet All Breeds of Cats on Your Resort

This game presents the player with a chance to create various facilities on an island. Here, you can have as many cats as you can. However, you need to ensure that you are taking care of them by feeding them. Build resort facilities including play areas with floaters, beach beds for cats, fishing spots, and more using the unlimited money & gems you have earned.

Watch the adorable cats enjoy the resort life roaming around every location. You will only start with a single heart-meltingly cat but later unlock and invite more cats. The most interesting thing about this game is that you have a variety of pet cats like the Korean shorthair brown cat, Burmese platinum cat, American Shorthair, Maine Coon Cat. With every game activity carried out successfully, you will earn more gold coins and diamonds that you can use to unlock various game items.

Features of the Kitty Cat Resort

Apart from interesting gameplay where you take care of your pets and dress them in ridiculously cute costumes, this game comes with various interesting features. Download the game now, enjoy the following features, and defy the limits of reality!

Exciting Petting Gameplay – build an island where cats can go and relax and begin sharing happiness with your cats. Notably, you will start with only one cat, but you will be able to invite more cats. Perform various activities such as feeding the cats, dressing them, building a shelter for them, constructing other facilities on the island. You need to construct many things like a fishing spot where you can get fish for the cat, a cathouse so that you can host more cats, and more. You will have unlimited gold coins and diamonds that you can use to upgrade facilities or even build new ones. Build awesome kitty cathouses and increase the number of cats in the gameplay.

On the game interface, various messages pop to give you leads to the next move. This way, you will also be able to understand the needs of the cat. The game offers all the island stats in one area, tracks all your achievements. You can easily know your leisure score, nature scores, play score, food score. Note that you have various locations and facilities to unlock and develop such as the fishing spot, a cathouse, scratching tree, beach beds, bouncy airplane, docks, and more. Download the Kitty Cat Resort.

3D Graphics – the game environment comprises the oceans and a green island with realistic items. With the cool 3D graphics featured in this game, you will witness a genuine movement of the cat characters. On the screen, the game interface displays various items such as quest – where you know your next mission, cats – where you will get all info about your cats, island info – where you will get info about the island and all facilities, inventory – where you can purchase and unlock various items, and more. The accumulated gold coins and diamonds are displayed on the top part of the interface.

Simple to Play – to enable the gamer to play this game with ease, the developer ensured to include very simple controls. You will be getting hints about the next move on the game interface. Besides, you have various locations and facilities to unlock and develop in this easy-to-play game. In this game, petting the cats will be as easy as tapping on the screen. What is surprising is that you can communicate with the cat using the meow messages on the UI such as ‘scratch me harder’ and others.

Earn Unlimited Money & Gems – this game offers the player a chance to earn unlimited gold coins and gems. You can use the money to upgrade various facilities. Moreover, you can also stock up the inventory for the cats using the accumulated money. On the other hand, you can invite more cats to earn more gold bonuses.

Different Breeds of Cats – you will have various breed cats that you can take care of in this game including but not limited to the Korean shorthair brown, Burmese platinum cat, Japanese Bobtail, American Shorthair, Maine Coon Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, and more.

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Kitty Cat Resort APK 1.52.0
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