Love’s Dangerous Dance ( Heloise Beaumont ) Chapter 34

Love’s Dangerous Dance ( Heloise Beaumont ) Chapter 34

Chapter 34 

This moming, Rederic drew some blood from Heloise and ever since then, his head’s been buzzing with questions. By the afternoon, he couldn’t hold it in any longer and zoomed off in his car to Benedict’s private pad

The second he walked in, he spotted Benedict chilling on the couch with a cigarette, looking like he was wrapped up in a frosty vibe

What’s up?” 

Got bit by a snake, Benedict said, flicking ash, not even bothering to look up

A snake? You have snakes here now?Roderic was totally thrown for a loop

Why is it that every now and then, it’s either an injury from a cat or a snakebite

For like three whole seconds, Roderic had his lightbulb moment and took a wild guess, You’re talking about Heloise?” 

Benedict clammed up

Roderic’s gossip engine was revving, going full throttle. Quad’s been ghosting him, not even picking up his calls, just sent a text saying he’s majorly let down, calling him a traitor

If he doesn’t get some dirt today, he’s not gonna make it through the night, he’ll literally die of curiosity

When did you and Heloise start this thing? It wasn’t last night, was it? Does your grandpa know? She’s your cousin, for crying out loud. He cool with that? Hold up, you’re about to get hitched. You planning to stash Heloise away as your secret flame

But from what I see, she seems to have a beef with you. There’s no way she’d play mistress with that attitude, right?” 

Benedict frowned, imitation flashing across his face for a moment, Pick one question.” 

Roderic took a deep breath this was too good to be true. In his head, he’s trying to figure out which question is the jackpot, Do you like Heloise?” 

“I refuse to answer” 

Roderic gaped, You going back on your word?” 

Benedict stood up, fixing his rolledup sleeves, I let you ask. Never said I’d answer.” 

Roderic was speechless

Watching the guy head upstairs, Roderic was so mad he nearly choked on his own breath

Benedict paused on the stairs

Sunlight streamed through the frosted window, casting a bright halo, softening the sharp lines of his face. Benedict muttered something in a low voice

What?Roderic didn’t catch it

Benedict flicked the ash from his fingertips, his expression as indifferent as ever, Nothing.” 

Heloise hung up on Greer and immediately rang Lindsay, only to get a not in service areamessage

It was only today at noon that Greer noticed Lindsay hadn’t come home. She waited until the afternoon, no sign of Lindsay, and the same not in service areamessage popped up when she called

Lindsay was out last night at a ladiesgathering

She’s always about making an entrance, never drives herself. The Harrington Mansion hooked her up with a driver, but he called in sick yesterday, so she drove herself. Otherwise, they would’ve realized she didn’t come home last night

Rand, could you give me a lift to where my mother went last night.” 

That’s a superexclusive private club. The ladiesgathering was there last night, quite a trek from Benedict’s place. It took them an hour and a half to get there

The club was membersonly, but the manager recognized Rand or at least he thought it was Quad; hard to tell the twins apart

He ushered Heloise in with the utmost respect, The staff mentioned Ms. Beaumont is looking for someone?” 

When did the Harrington family’s fifth lady leave last night?Heloise got straight to the point

The manager gasped, I’ve got no clue, the ladies partied on the east side. Mrs. Miller organized it and didn’t want to be disturbed, so she told us to stay clear.” 

Mrs. Miller.. 

Was it Josip Miller’s wife?” 

He nodded, Yeah, that’s her. Oh, and she mentioned coming back tonight, told us not to mess with the setup.” 



A bad feeling hit Heloise. The Mrs. Miller the manager mentioned was Beverly’s mom

Can I take a look at the exit surveillance footage?” 

The manager sneaked a look at the stem and cold Rand standing aside, and dared not refuse. He led them to the surveillance room and pulled up the footage of the main entrance

The club was booked for the night, entertaining only the ladies attending the gathering, so no random foot traffic

Heloise saw Lindsay arrive on her own, then she dragged the progress bar forward. The ladies left one by one, Beverly showed up at the door, Mrs. Miller followed, and then nobody else

She watched the footage right up until before she arrived, and Lindsay never reappeared

My mom must still be in the club!Heloise felt a wave of panic. Lindsay was missing, yet never left the club something was wrong

The manager pointed in a direction, They were over in” 

Before he could finish, Heloise bolted in that direction, Rand catching up quickly

Mom!Heloise called out. But no one responded

She whipped out her phone, hands slick with cold sweat making it almost impossible to hold steady. How could someone just vanish out of the blue

She tried dialing Lindsay’s number again, but there was no signal. She turned to borrow Rand’s phone, but his had no signal either

The manager pulled out his phone, Its so weird, I’ve got nothing either.” 

The signal’s being jammed,Heloise scanned around, no wonder Lindsay’s phone was out of the service area

Rand’s eyes narrowed as he strode towards a rockery, and sure enough, he found a signal jammer and switched it off

The manager’s face turned pale, How did this get here? Ms. Beaumont, I swear I didn’t know a thing.” 

Heloise dialed Lindsay’s number immediately, and a piano tune she loved started ringing out

Her heart tightened, pounding against her chest, her mind went blank with worry about what she might find

The ring’s coming from inside,” Rand pinpointed the direction of the restroom

Heloise raced over and twisted the doorknob, but it was locked. She tried harder until Rand kicked the door open with one swift move

Lindsay was tied up tight and dumped on the floor, hair all over the place and eyes wide with shock and exhaustion. She had a lemon jammed in her mouth, so she couldn’t make a peep, just some hoarse, muffled whimpers

Mom!Heloise bolted over, hands shaking as she scrambled to untie Lindsay, tears streaming down her face from how heartbroken she felt. Lindsay collapsed into her arms, sobbing her heart out until she passed out from sheer exhaustion

At the hospital

Heloise was camped out by the bedside, a nurse had just hooked Lindsay up with some glucose. The doc had checked her out and, aside from a swollen, tender mouth thanks to the lemon gag, there were no other injuries

After a bit, Lindsay started to come around

It was Mrs. Millershe had people tie me up…” 

She was terrified, crying a river, emotions all over the place. Heloise quickly patted her chest, trying to comfort her

Mom, you just rest and get some rest for now, I swear I’ll make them pay!” 

She said she was teaching me a lesson, I have no clue what went down, they’re just so mean” 

Heloise felt like she’d been hit by a truck, anger bubbling up inside her, teeth clenched so tight to stop herself from shaking with rage

Mrs. Miller was Beverly’s mom, and it must’ve been something Beverly said. Mrs. Miller was just backing up her daughter, playing the heavy. It wasn’t about teaching Lindsay a lesson; it was a straightup warning to her to back off from Benedict

Love’s Dangerous Dance ( Heloise Beaumont )

Love’s Dangerous Dance ( Heloise Beaumont )

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"Love's Dangerous Dance" by Heloise Beaumont is a captivating novel that explores the intricate and perilous facets of love. Through its compelling narrative, the book delves into the complexities of relationships, weaving a tale of passion, risk, and the unpredictable nature of the human heart.

Love's Dangerous Dance

Love's Dangerous Dance ( Heloise Beaumont ) / Summery

Heloise Beaumont, the single hiccup in Benedict Harrington's otherwise flawless twenty-nine years of life. Her magnetic pull, surrounded by a swarm of zealous admirers, drove him to the edges of sanity. In his desperation to make her his own, Benedict was determined to bind Heloise to his side, far from anyone's reach. To escape his possessive clutches, Heloise dared the unthinkable - forsaking her child, putting her own life on the line. But when Benedict reached the end of his tether, he uttered the unfathomable, "Let her go!" Yet, the moment Heloise made to leave, he seized her back. With eyes aflame with emotions, he implored, "Heloise, won't you take me along with you?" The spotlight now falls on Heloise - what course will she steer?


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