Mr. Ethan Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce Chapter 28

Mr. Ethan Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce Chapter 28


The four of them were then brought to the police station. Maya had already been to the hospital for a superficial wound dressing.

*At this moment, she sat across from Madison and Isabella, staring daggers at them.

The police officer sat at the head of the table and demanded, “Who threw the first punch?”

From how they dressed, he lonew that all four women, especially Maya, were somehow involved in the entertainment industry. A part from her nose being busted, she had an aura that demanded attention without even trying.

However, that was the least of his concerns now.

Maya’s assistant immediately stood up and pointed at Isabella. “Sir, it was her. She deliberately stuck her foot out so that Maya would fall. Do you have any idea how much her face is worth?”

“I was in front of you!” Isabella retaliated, “Besides, I was so far away that surely you all saw my foot, yet you barreled right into me anyway. Were you out of your mind or something? I don’t know how much Maya’s face is worth, but I can tell that nose job was probably pretty heavy on the wallet. Didn’t you say once on TV that you haven’t done any surgery?”

The color had drained from Mayasyfave, but she managed to say. “Wow, I didn’t know you were that obsessed with me.”

Isabella rolled her eyes and scoffed, “Nothing but coincidences.”

“Of course, it is,” Maya replied mockingly.

“You frickin husband thief. You should have just snapped your neck instead.”

“See what I’m saying, officer. Did you hear her?

“Madam,” the police officer said to Isabella, “I’d advise you to refrain from saying things like that, especially since I’m a police station. You’ll be the first suspect if anything happens to the young lady.”

“I’m sorry about that, officer,” Madison said.

“My lawyer is on his way, and we’re going to sue you for assault and defamation,” Maya said.

“Defamation?” Madison said when she couldn’t take it any longer, “You did steal my husband.’

Maya stood up angrily, trying very hard to stifle the excruciating pain in her nose, and snapped, Watch your mouth! Madison, you’re the mistress in this relationship! Ethan and I would’ve been married by now if not for her!”


“You and I know what happened all those years ago, Maya. You chose your career over Ethan’s, which ultimately led to his company becoming on the verge of bankruptcy, all because of your father. Now that the tables have turned, how can you expect Ethan to change his mind?”

“Now look here, Madison…”

She got interrupted by the two men who stormed into the station. One of them was Ethan, and the other was Luke.

Maya leaped to her feet when she saw Ethan. “Are you here to bail me out, Ethan?”

Ethan’s expression was dark. He had heard the entire exchange from outside the door. He had known since the start that Maya was only using him for his money, but he never thought Madison knew, too. “No, I’m here to bail out my wife.”

With that, he strode toward Madison, but Madison wasn’t paying him attention; she focused on Lake. “What are you doing here, Luke?”

Luke stepped forward and stroked her hair gently. “I heard you were being held at the police station, so I came over to see if I could help with anything.”

Ethan was boiling at the sight before him. He hated how Luke touched Madison so casually in front of


He immediately pulled her into his arms and snapped, “I don’t need your help bailing my wife out. Don’t worry. I can take care of this.”

Luke chuckled. “That would be great, Mr. Dawson, but unfortunately, it would appear that your mistress hurt Madison.”

Ironically, Madison had come out of this unscathed, whereas Maya had a broken nose and Isabella had a few scratches.

“This is just a misunderstanding. I can assure you that no one will dare lay a finger on Madison in the future.”

“Is that so? Forgive me for saying this, Mr. Dawson, but I don’t believe you. Besides, how can you control what other people do? Can you even guarantee that Madison will be safe from now on?”

Tired of their banter, Madison pulled her hand away from Ethan’s and took Isabella’s hand before walking to Luke’s side. “Thank you for coming, Luke.”

“The car is just outside. Wait for me in the car, and I’ll be right now. I’ll take care of this.” Luke said

Luke approached the police officer and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, officer. I’m Moray. I had called the chief of police just now about this. Please investigate this matter urgently. If there’s anything we can help with, I will gladly bring Madison back to the police station anytime you need assistance.”

Just a few moments before Stephen and Moray barged in, the police officer received a call from his superior saying that someone would be bailing Madison and Isabella out. “Don’t worry, Mr. Luke. This entire fight had nothing to do with Ms. Marjorie so that you can bail her out, no worries.” With that, he gave him a form to sign. After scribbling his signature,

Luke turned to smile at Ethan and said, “We will meet again, Mr. Dawson. Please do clean up your


mess. 1 do not wish to see Madison getting hurt a second time.”

As soon as Luke left, Ethan turned to stare at Maya. At this moment, her face was twisted in a grotesque grimace.

She had always thought Ethan was one of the most powerful men in the city, but it seemed she was


“Do you see that, Ethan? Your innocent little wife is a slut. How can you tolerate that?”

Ethan’s expression darkened at this, and he said coldly, “Shut up.”

Then, he turned to leave, but Maya chased after him and tried to wrap her arms around his waist, but to her surprise, Ethan pushed her away.

In doing so, he accidentally smacked his hand against her nose. An excruciating pain shot through Maya’s nose as blood spilled from underneath her bandage.

She immediately burst into tears, clutching her nose in agony. Her assistant quickly ran over to her to help her; if anything happened to her, her career would be over.

Maya watched helplessly as Ethan strode out without another word.

“Amanda!” Maya cried to her assistant, “It hurts!. Am I going to become ugly? I can’t let anything happen to my face!” she wailed.

Amanda did not know how to reassure her of this, but she had to get Maya to a hospital as soon as possible, but the police officer stopped them from leaving. “You can’t leave. You haven’t been bailed


“Officer, surely you can see what’s happening? She is hurt and bleeding so much! If she doesn’t go to the hospital immediately, she might die!” Amanda pleaded.

“Fine, I’ll have my subordinate drive you both there and bring you back once she’s stitched.” The police officer said. “But you both better call someone to bail you out.


Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

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Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce" When Madison decides to divorce her husband Ethan, she finds herself navigating a new life without him.

Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

But as she struggles to move on, Ethan's past comes back to haunt her in ways she could never have imagined. In this gripping story of love, betrayal, and redemption, Madison must face her fears and find the strength to create a future for herself.


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