Mr. Ethan Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce Chapter 30

Mr. Ethan Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce Chapter 30


Ethan had been searching for the perfect script to cast Madison/Magnifique in he just couldn’t decide what character was best for her or if she’d agree to be cast in one of his movies. He just couldn’t find the perfect script to cast her in

Luke was also doing the same thing, and this upset Ethan so much that he ran into the bump in front of him. Luke had found the perfect script to cast her in and she was already considering accepting the script. To top up his frustration, Luke had written a script where she was going to be the lead actress. In the movie, she plays a young girl who lost her parents in a tragic car accident causing her to grow up in an orphanage home, where she schooled and soon became a lawyer. Whilst working at a law firm she meets a man and they soon begin a relationship but are met with a tragic faith when the lead finds out his parents caused her parents accident killing them many years ago. She decided to end the relationship but had to take back her decision when he got into an accident and needed intense love and care, she stood by his side all through but when he recovered his longtime exgirlfriend showed up and threatened the security of their relationship. The lead actress feeling downtrodden runs away to the orphanage where she had grown up but he chases after her and professes his love to her they kiss just when they think things are fine, his exgirlfriend shows up again and threatens suicide. She slits her wrist but ended up surviving and that’s where the movie ends

Thinking about the script he had read when she dropped, he got angry all over again and this time hit 

the curb

“Can I do this? I meant; don’t I need to audition for the role first?In Luke’s office, Madison questioned his decision to give her the lead role without an audition

You don’t need to audition for the role you’re a natural!Luke was so excited to see how happy she had become in a few minutes. Her glowup was beautiful and her smile revealed a very clean set of 


“But I’ve left the film industry for so long, I don’t think I still know how to act.She said her face. beginning to fall into a deep solemn smile

Are you kidding? You had the best project in your graduating set, of course, you still know how to act

Luke had noticed Madison wiping away tears from her eyes when she was reading the script. To be quite frank he had extracted from her personal story to make that script and couldn’t help but feel bad for her. She had been gravely mistreated these few years, and Luke was determined to help her regain herself

Okay, I accept the role, but I’ll need someone to give me some training so I can get up to date with my acting skills.”

That shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll help you out.” 

Luke, no, you’re a director! I know you have better things to do with your time than train me..” 


My decision to train you as a director makes a lot of sense. I have a lot of experience, and I car what I want in the lead actress so I should train you. Besides, I know you’re a good actress and I’m relying on you to make a name for myself in this industry.

Madison looked around his office, it was equipped with the best furniture and electronics sitting on the top floor of one of the biggest buildings in LA. That alone was a testament to how well be was doing for himself. He was only flattering her so she didn’t feel discouraged

Just as she made to reply to him, his secretary knocked on the door announcing the arrival of a guest

“Sorry to interrupt you but someone is at the desk and he wants to see you.” 

Who’s it?”

Mr. Ethan Dawson from” 

“I know who he is, what does he want?”

He refused to say, he just kept on repeating that he wanted to have a word with you.He could tell she didn’t ask him why he was at the door, and she just made that up in a jiffy

Madison began feeling uneasy at the mention of his presence and turned to Isabella who had been so busy with her phone, she didn’t know what was happening 

Isa, Ethan’s here.” She said in a calm voice as though to prevent him from recognizing her presence

What? Is he stalking you!” Isabella screamed at the top of her lungs

Luke, is there another exit leading outside?” She began packing up her bag and placed the script gently in it

Yes there’s another door in that corner but you do t have to keep running from him, if you want I can help you get experienced lawyers to sue him.”

No, I’m not running from him, I just don’t want to see him now and my divorce is my personal life I’ll deal with it.She and Isabella got up and stepped out through the other door, narrowly missing 


Ethan could still smell Madison’s lavender perfume in the room and the clanking of the second doors in addition to the three coffee mugs on the table made him sure, she was indeed there

How might I be of help to you today Mr. Dawson?Luke said settling into his executive chair and rolling around in circles

Nice to meet you again, I believe we’ve had a formal introduction before. I’m Madison’s husband, Ethan.He said beaming with pride

Luke raised his eyebrow and sat up in his chair Husband? From the little I know you’re in the middle of a divorce so how are you still her husband?” 

Ethan felt a cold pain in his heart, like a stab wound to his chest. He tried to speak at first but his voice failed him, he gasped for breath and finally responded I see you know a lot about my relationship,



want you to also know that I never wanted a divorce. I love Madison much.” 

Luke scowled and burst into laughter Love? Is that what you call love? Running after your girlfriend and treating your wife badly is love to you? Do you even know if she loves you back?” 

You know too well that what I had going with Maya was just an act.” 

An act? If you want to put on an act, you have to be ready for the consequences. I guess the consequence of your little act is Madison divorcing you. You even allowed her to beat 



I promise I’m going to ensure nothing happens to Madison ever again, I’m making this promise.Ethan felt he was trying to reason with Luke but wasn’t ready for the shock about to hit him.

Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

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Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce" When Madison decides to divorce her husband Ethan, she finds herself navigating a new life without him.

Mr. Ethan, Your Wife Is Getting A Divorce

But as she struggles to move on, Ethan's past comes back to haunt her in ways she could never have imagined. In this gripping story of love, betrayal, and redemption, Madison must face her fears and find the strength to create a future for herself.


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