Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 28

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Lia glanced at Ralph contemptuously. Then, she walked past him and left.

Why had she even fallen in love with Ralph?

She had been so blind!

Yoel stood by the car, waiting for her. When he saw Lia, he quickly opened the back door.

“Ms. Adams…”

Lia glanced at Yoel’s face. There were some bruises and blood at the corner of his mouth.

She ducked her head and got into the car.

In the car, Lia paused before saying, “Yoel, take the day off tomorrow. Go to the hospital for a checkup. I’ll pay for it.”

Yoel smiled and felt warm. “Ms. Adams, you don’t have to worry about me. I know what to do. A cold compress should help reduce the swelling by tomorrow.

“I was careless. Mr. Adams had reminded me not to let Mr. Walters get close to you. I’ll pay more attention to that in the future.”

Lia smiled and felt relieved after hearing Yoel’s words.

When Lia woke up the next day, a public outcry had broken out on the internet again.

“Amber Gray nearly fell victim to the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry and was almost bullied!”

“Having to serve as a club hostess right after joining the company, where’s the dignity of newcomers in the entertainment industry?”

“Flying Hawk Entertainment’s unspoken rules for newcomers have already existed for a long time now!”

The photo posted online showed Amber angrily throwing a glass of wine at David’s face.

The photo made it look as if David was being the obscene one whereas Amber was being righteous and fearless.

The comments about the incident were overwhelming. Everyone condemned the industry’s unspoken rules. They felt sorry for and advocated for Amber, the heroine who dared to stand up against the injustice.

High up on the trending topics, Flying Hawk Entertainment was being heavily criticized.

The company’s stock prices kept falling. Lia’s phone was flooded with calls.

Yoel also gave her a call.

“Ms. Adams, I’m downstairs at your house right now. Reporters have swarmed Mr. Rock’s house, and he couldn’t even get out the door. He had a sudden heart attack and has been hospitalized. The company is now in chaos.”

Lia frowned. “Got it. I’ll be right there.”

She quickly got dressed, grabbed her bag, and headed downstairs.

In the car, Yoel looked frazzled as he said, “Flying Hawk Entertainment had never been targeted like that before. It’s a huge blow to Mr. Rock.

“Everyone in the industry is watching us now. If this situation isn’t handled well, the entire industry may be affected and become the target of public criticism. This will add insult to injury.

“I have contacted the media platform to delete the posts but to little avail. News about the incident has gone viral.”

Lia pursed her lips.

“What about the production team?”

“They are even more anxious and unable to defend themselves against the accusations. They’ve turned off the comments function on all their social media accounts. They hope to clarify the matter through us.”

Yoel paused briefly. “By the way, I’ve found the person who leaked the photo.”

Lia pursed her lips, and her eyes deepened slightly.

“Was it Amber?”

Yoel nodded. “She had hidden a phone in the private room in advance to secretly take the photo yesterday.”

Lia raised her eyes, looking surprised.

“Did someone else take the photo for her?”

After all, there were many people present at the scene.

Yoel smiled. He took out a spare phone from his pocket and handed it over to Lia.

He confessed, “Ms. Adams, it was your first business dinner yesterday, so I had to take some


Lia was surprised. She took the phone and watched the 20-minute video. Then, she immediately


Lia looked at Yoel and smiled, giving him a thumbs up.

“Yoel, you’re a genius!”

Yoel blushed and scratched his head embarrassedly.

“It’s just inconvenient to show it to others. After all, it’s indecent to film a video secretly.”

Lia smiled and said, “I’ll figure something out.”

Yoel suddenly remembered something and spoke immediately, “By the way, the Walters Corporation is also behind the public outcry this time.”

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

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Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love" Before Lia Adams got a divorce, someone had told her. "So what if he cheated on you and fathered a bastard? That is just a mistake that every man in the world would make.

Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love

  You should be more forgiving and help him raise his child." After the divorce, Lia became the wealthiest woman in the world. There was no shortage of handsome men lining up to her. With every scandal reported in the news, the first person who stepped forward to clear the air was her ex-husband, Ralph Walters. "I have faith in my ex-wife-those men have


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