Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 29

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 29

Chapter 29

As soon as Yoel finished speaking, Lia’s phone rang.

The number was familiar. It was Ralph’s.

Lia declined the call directly, but the phone kept ringing.

She then blocked his nuinber.

Not long after, Bernard called.

Lia paused. Bernard was one of Ralph’s friends who she got along well with.

She answered the call, only to hear Ralph’s hoarse voice.

“Lia, don’t rush to give a response on the incident just yet. I’ll settle this.”

Lia’s face darkened. She sneered, “Why are you pretending to be innocent?”

Ralph was silent for a short moment. “It’s my mother’s doing. It has nothing to do with me.”

He wanted to make it clear to Lia that he wasn’t involved in his mother’s plans.

Lia chuckled and hung up the phone.

Was there any difference whether it was him or his mother who did it?

Looking at Ralph’s dark and grim face, Bernard couldn’t help complaining, “Ralph, you’re going to drag me down with you. What if Lia doesn’t answer my calls in the future?”

Ralph glanced at Bernard coldly and threw the phone back.

The fact that Lia had answered Bernard’s call but not his made him very angry!

Public criticism flooded the comments section of Flying Hawk Entertainment’s social media page.

However, Lia still didn’t release the video.

She wanted to wait until the opposing side believed that they were standing on the moral high ground with victory in sight. That would be the best time to fight back.

So, even though the company was swamped with calls, Flying Hawk Entertainment’s headquarters remained indifferent, as if nothing had happened.

At noon, Anisa and Lia went out for lunch together.

The two of them arrived at the restaurant they usually frequented.

“I went to look for you at your parents’ place, but they said that you had moved out. So, I just came. straight to your company.”

“Were they worried?”

Anisa smiled. “They believe in you. They didn’t say much. They just asked me to take you to get something good to eat.”

Lia breathed a sigh of relief.

The two of them entered the restaurant with their arms linked together. There were only a few people inside, so they chose a table by the window.

Anisa ordered the food without hesitation. While waiting for their food, they heard the sound of a child babbling at the door.

Turning around, they saw Amber and Ralph’s mother, Quinnle, walking in. They were pushing a stroller. Hugo, who looked just like Ralph, was sitting in it.

The two appeared like a perfect pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Anisa recognized them immediately and cursed under her breath, “Damn, how unlucky! I’ve lost my appetite now.”

Lia looked away and raised her eyebrows nonchalantly.

“Let’s just pretend we didn’t see them.”

As her words fell, Amber’s sharp eyes spotted Lia.

She held Quinnie’s arm and said pitifully, “Mrs. Walters, isn’t that Ms. Adams? What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to see her eating here!

“Ms. Adams is now the director of Flying Hawk Entertainment. She was the one who had arranged for me to serve as a hostess at the club.”

Seeing Lia, Quinnie’s face darkened, as if she had seen some trash.

“After slandering the Walters family online, she’s using my son’s money to dine at such a high-end

restaurant. How shameless!”

Lia paused. Across from her, Anisa couldn’t help but retaliate.

“You old shrew! Who took your son’s money? It was your son who cheated on Lia and had a mistress and an illegitimate child. He was the one who ruined your family’s reputation. How dare you have the nerve to blame Lia?”

The silence in the restaurant was broken by their argument.

Quinnie’s face blanched. She was used to being a high-and-mighty noble lady, so she naturally wouldn’t give up easily.

“That’s because Lia is useless and couldn’t win her husband’s heart. It’s disgraceful of her to threaten us just to get the upper hand. She was married to Ralph for three years but didn’t even give birth to a child. How dare she appear in front of us again?

“No matter how bad Amber is, at least she has given birth to the Walters family’s first grandson!”

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

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Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love" Before Lia Adams got a divorce, someone had told her. "So what if he cheated on you and fathered a bastard? That is just a mistake that every man in the world would make.

Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love

  You should be more forgiving and help him raise his child." After the divorce, Lia became the wealthiest woman in the world. There was no shortage of handsome men lining up to her. With every scandal reported in the news, the first person who stepped forward to clear the air was her ex-husband, Ralph Walters. "I have faith in my ex-wife-those men have


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