Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 30

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Anisa’s face turned pale with anger. She sneered, “So, this is what a shrew is really like. Lia, look at the kind of life you’ve lived the past three years.”

Lia hadn’t intended to pay any attention to the other two at first, but their presence really affected her appetite.

She stood up with a sneer, Glancing at Quinnie and Amber, she walked over slowly.

“Ms. Ford, you keep looking down on my background. But, when you got together with Mr. Walters when you were his secretary and became pregnant back then, he hadn’t divorced his now ex-wife yet.

“It seems to be the tradition of the Walters family’s daughter-in-law to do this. Unfortunately, I can’t do something like that.”

As Lia spoke, Quinnie’s face turned pale. Quinnie was so angry that her whole body was shaking.

The people around them began to whisper. That piece of gossip was simply shocking and unbelievable.

Before Lia had married Ralph back then, the Adams family had already investigated all the members of the Walters family thoroughly.

Quinnie’s improper rise to power was the biggest reason why Lía’s parents had objected to the marriage.

Hearing that, Anisa sneered unabashedly.

“No wonder Ms. Ford is fond of Ms. Gray. They are both mistresses, so they’ll naturally cherish each other!”

With her shameful past exposed to the public, Quinnie’s eyes widened in anger. Her face was pale, and she felt extremely embarrassed.

Quinnie pointed at Lia fiercely, seemingly wishing to kill her.

“You bitch!”

When Quinnie was about to slap her, Lia grabbed her wrist and flung it back coldly.

Quinnie staggered two steps back, almost falling to the ground because of the carpet.

She stared at Lia in shock, as if she couldn’t recognize her. After all, Lia used to be so submissive.

Lia walked over coldly. A hint of indifference flashed in her eyes.

“Ms. Ford, you’d better save your little tricks and instead pass them on to your daughter-in-law, Ms. Gray. If you want to teach me a lesson, you’ll have to pay the price. But you won’t be able to afford it!”

Lia glanced at Amber. Amber was a little frightened. She took Hugo into her arms and retreated.

Chapter 30

Lia had actually dared to fight back against Quinnie. Who was Amber to even try to intervene?

As soon as Lia and Anisa left, Amber went over to help Quinnie.

“Mrs. Walters, are you alright?”

Remembering Lia’s words, Quinnie gritted her teeth and reached out to slap Amber in the face.

Amber covered her cheek and raised her head in shock.

Quinnie warned her, “If you dare to talk about what you heard today, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Quinnie actually despised Amber. If it weren’t for Hugo, she wouldn’t even bother looking at her.

She had wanted a daughter-in-law with a prominent background.

Amber bit her lower lip and nodded aggrievedly.

She said meekly, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

Quinnie gritted her teeth as she took out her phone. She would make Lia pay for humiliating her.


By night time, the criticisms condemning the entertainment industry’s unspoken rules had subsided slightly.

However, another piece of gossip was slowly becoming a trending topic.

It was a scandal about how the wife of the Walters family’s heir had been caught cheating. It even directly mentioned Lia’s name.

“The wife of Mr. Walters, Lia Adams, was caught having an affair. Lia Adams is the director of Flying Hawk Entertainment. She is also the mastermind behind the incident regarding the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry.”

The photo attached to the post depicted her holding onto Jacob’s arm at the banquet.

Jacob’s face had been blurred out. After all, the Walters family was still wary of Jacob’s identity.

However, Lia’s face was completely revealed.

Lia had previously been accused of having an indecent private life before marriage. Now she was being accused of having an affair after marriage.

It seemed that those people wouldn’t let her off until she was driven into a corner.

While she was thinking about the situation, Jacob called. His voice was angry and solemn.

“Did you see the photo online? I’ll get someone to deal with it and reveal your true identity to stop the rumors.”

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

Mr. Walters, Your Wife’s Gone With Her New Love

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Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love" Before Lia Adams got a divorce, someone had told her. "So what if he cheated on you and fathered a bastard? That is just a mistake that every man in the world would make.

Mr. Walters, Your Wife's Gone With Her New Love

  You should be more forgiving and help him raise his child." After the divorce, Lia became the wealthiest woman in the world. There was no shortage of handsome men lining up to her. With every scandal reported in the news, the first person who stepped forward to clear the air was her ex-husband, Ralph Walters. "I have faith in my ex-wife-those men have


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