My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 13

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

Russell was frozen in place, not believing what he had seen. 

Violet turned around abruptly and saw Patrick’s handsome face magnified in front of her. She was so shocked that she couldn’t utter a word, and all she could hear was Patrick’s voice, which was so pleasing to the ears that it could make any woman in this world fall in love with him. Patrick raised an eyebrow and glanced at her indifferently. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” 

Violet immediately snapped out of her daze, her voice dropping an octave as she stuttered, “Um… I… I’m… Wh-Why did you come here?” 

She completely lost the arrogant and domineering demeanor she had in front of Russell a moment ago, and in an instant, she turned into a timid little bunny. 

Patrick found her facial expression amusing. He asked in a casual tone of voice, “Why can’t I come here?” 

Violet pouted her cheeks, realizing she couldn’t argue with him. 

Russell looked at Patrick, completely dumbfounded. His facial expression changed multiple times before he managed to squeeze out a sentence. “Mr. Hersey, why did you come here?” 

Patrick lifted his gaze and coldly replied, “I heard you were planning to sue the jewelry designer of our Foreverie Jewelry. I think it’s quite necessary for me to come here. What do you think?” 

Russell forced a smile, his face stiff as he replied, “How… How could that be? Violet… Um… She works for Oceanen Jewelry…” 

Before Russell could finish his sentence, Patrick ruthlessly interrupted him, “From this moment on, she works for Foreverie Jewelry!” 

Russell wanted to argue, “But she…” 

Patrick’s expression turned cold in an instant, showing impatience. “I said! She works for Foreverie Jewelry!” 

Russell’s expression became extremely dark. He glanced at Violet standing next to Patrick and clearly saw a gloating look in her eyes. 

In an instant, Russell realized the reason why yesterday afternoon when he and Veronica tricked Violet into going out to eat, they encountered Patrick. At this moment, he understood everything. His current situation 

was all designed by Violet. She and Patrick had known each other for a long time! 

Patrick had no intention of wasting time here. He was only here to pick Violet up, afraid that when Violet’s act was over, Russell would cause trouble. 

After all, Patrick wouldn’t let anyone mess with his woman! 

Patrick glanced at Violet and asked, “When do you plan to go to Foreverie Jewelry?” 

Violet’s eyes flickered as she replied, “Tomorrow, I guess.” 

Patrick nodded. “Can we leave now?” 

Violet quickly nodded and hurriedly followed Patrick. 

As they were about to leave, Russell couldn’t help but call out, “Violet…” 

Violet paused her steps, her back facing Russell, and slowly turned around to face him. 

Patrick’s eyes flickered. He stood still with no intention of turning around. 

Russell stared at Violet, his expression dark. “Everything that happened today is part of your plan, right?” 

Violet pressed her tongue against her upper palate and replied slowly with a smile on her face, “Yeah, you have already known the answer in your heart, haven’t you? Why bother asking me?” 

Although Russell had speculated countless times in his mind, he truly didn’t expect that Violet, who had always been loyal to him, could do such a thing. At this moment, he couldn’t describe his feelings clearly-there was anger, unwillingness, and frustration, various emotions intertwined. 

His voice was hoarse as if something hard and bitter had blocked his throat, and he angrily shouted at Violet, “Don’t you love me? Why would you do this, then?” 

Violet seemed to have heard the biggest joke. She burst into laughter, saying, “What? Ha! Russell! How dare you say those words? In the past two years, every time you used my design drafts to promote Veronica, did you ever say you loved me? Every time you were intimate with Veronica, did you ever say you loved me? When you and Veronica went to the city hall to get married, why the hell didn’t you say you loved me?” Violet’s eyes turned red. She had wasted two years of her youth on a 



If it was just a simple breakup, she could endure it, but Russell and Veronica not only made her sad and miserable but also disgusted her to the point where she wanted to vomit out all the meals she had eaten in the past two years! 

“I… Um…” Russell knew he was in the wrong. Moreover, with Patrick supporting Violet, he didn’t dare to do anything to her. 

Russell had no other choice but to soften his tone. “Violet, it’s my fault. I apologize to you, okay? Let’s keep our family matters between us. There’s no need to let others know. You don’t want them to laugh at us, do you?” 

After Russell finished speaking, Patrick sneered and chuckled meaningfully before Violet could even respond. “Family matters? Humph…” 

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My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
The novel "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe follows the protagonist's humorous journey navigating the challenges of marriage with his versatile and skilled wife. The story unfolds with wit and charm, exploring the dynamics of relationships in an entertaining and relatable manner.

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

  "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe is a captivating novel that revolves around the multifaceted life of the protagonist's wife. The story unfolds as the protagonist discovers the various talents and skills possessed by his wife, making her an all-encompassing expert. From mastering professional endeavors to excelling in personal pursuits, she navigates through life with exceptional grace and capability. The narrative weaves through moments of humor, challenges, and triumphs, offering a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of modern relationships and the strengths individuals bring to them. Elton Joe skillfully delves into the dynamics of marriage, celebrating the uniqueness of each partner and the surprises that unfold in the journey of shared lives. With its relatable characters and engaging plot, the novel resonates with readers, reminding them of the richness that comes from embracing the diverse talents within a marriage.  

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert

Chapter 1 Betrayal

Summerwood City, ten o'clock at night. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Violet Webb woke up from a hangover, with a terrible headache. She glanced at the furnishings in the room and realized she was in the double suite of the hotel where she usually stayed. Today was her step-sister Veronica's celebration banquet for winning the city-level jewelry competition. Violet didn't expect that after just two drinks, she would pass out. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the next room. She got out of bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjacent suite was not completely closed, leaving a crack. Violet was about to reach out and push the door when she saw what was happening inside, and she froze on the spot. A woman's back was facing Violet; the blonde, wavy hair cascaded down her fair shoulders and she was embracing Violet's boyfriend Russell Fraley..


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