My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 7

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 7

Chapter 7 

Violet’s expression turned cold as she activated the recording and screen recording functions on her phone. 

She entered Russell’s office, and instead of wasting time beating around the bush, he went straight to the point. “Violet, I heard you’ve created a new design draft that’s even more impressive than the one you gave Veronica yesterday.” 

Violet nodded and replied, “Yes, I came up with a great design, so I sketched it quickly.” 

“Well, then give this new design draft to Veronica. After all, you don’t need it!” Russell barely concealed his intentions, his tone almost commanding. 

Violet tried her best to suppress her anger and discomfort. How did she not see that Russell was such a scumbag before? If she had figured it out earlier, she wouldn’t have suffered so much. 

Instead of agreeing as usual, she outright refused, “No, I want to keep this design draft for myself! Besides, I gave her a design draft yesterday, didn’t 


Russell’s face turned unpleasant as he complained, “That one wasn’t as good as today’s. Do you think I don’t know? Besides, what is the point of keeping it for yourself? Is this design draft equally important to you and Veronica? If she can win the favor of the judges in tomorrow’s jewelry competition, she might have a chance to participate in the World Jewelry Competition. But what do you have? Have you produced any works in the past two years? Do people know who you are?” 

Violet’s face turned twisted with anger. Those casual words from Russell made her feel disgusted. “I don’t have any works because you took all my design drafts and gave them to Veronica. How can you say such things, Russell? Anyway, I won’t give her this design draft!” 

When Russell realized his tough approach wasn’t working, he switched to a softer tone as he pleaded, “Violet, I know you’ve always been soft-hearted. Veronica is now the flagship of Oceanen Jewelry. Even if you don’t want to pity her, you should pity me. We’re getting married, and Oceanen Jewelry will be ours.” 

He softened his tone and continued, “Besides, you’ve given her all your design drafts for the past two years. It’s too late to say these things now. 


Veronica is participating in the Century Jewelry Competition held by Foreverie Jewelry tomorrow, and it’s really important for her. At this stage, it’s better to give her another push. When she steps onto the world stage, Oceanen Jewelry will reap the benefit.” 

Violet stubbornly replied, “I won’t give her this design draft! I want to keep it for myself!” 

Russell’s face became extremely unpleasant, and in the end, he 

impatiently waved his hand, huffing. “Fine, forget it if you won’t give it! You can leave now!” 

Violet looked at Russell with a cold expression on her face and then left Russell’s office. Then, she simultaneously ended the recording on her phone. 

Having saved the audio and screen recording, a sarcastic smile played on her lips. 

Before leaving work, Violet put the original design draft from today into her bag and made a backup in the usual place where she kept her design drafts. Then, she took out a miniature pinhole camera from her pocket and discreetly placed it on the table vase. 

Not long after, Veronica came over and whispered to Violet, “Violet, did you have a quarrel with Russell?” 

Violet’s eyes flickered as she asked, “Yeah, why do you ask?” 

Veronica said with a helpless look on her face, “You had a quarrel with him, but he wants to take you out for dinner. He even asked me to be the messenger!” 

Violet sarcastically said, her expression calm, “Is that so?” 

Veronica nodded. “Yes, he said we should go out for dinner. From his tone, I knew you two must have fought!” 

In the end, Violet fulfilled the wishes of these two scumbags and went with them to a famous restaurant in Summerwood City. 

They sat by the window, with Veronica and Russell sitting face to face, while Violet sat next to Russell. 

After ordering their food, Russell and Veronica chatted as usual, while Violet quietly listened. 

Not far away, the asstant followed Patrick into the restaurant. The assistant immediately noticed the group of people sitting by the window, and when he caught sight of that familiar figure, his expression 


suddenly became awkward. “Mr. Hersey, Mrs. Hersey is over there!” 

Patrick glanced over, and his gaze fixed on Russell’s and Veronica’s legs. entwined under the table. 

A mocking smile played on Patrick’s lips as he walked over there with determined steps. 


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My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
The novel "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe follows the protagonist's humorous journey navigating the challenges of marriage with his versatile and skilled wife. The story unfolds with wit and charm, exploring the dynamics of relationships in an entertaining and relatable manner.

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

  "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe is a captivating novel that revolves around the multifaceted life of the protagonist's wife. The story unfolds as the protagonist discovers the various talents and skills possessed by his wife, making her an all-encompassing expert. From mastering professional endeavors to excelling in personal pursuits, she navigates through life with exceptional grace and capability. The narrative weaves through moments of humor, challenges, and triumphs, offering a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of modern relationships and the strengths individuals bring to them. Elton Joe skillfully delves into the dynamics of marriage, celebrating the uniqueness of each partner and the surprises that unfold in the journey of shared lives. With its relatable characters and engaging plot, the novel resonates with readers, reminding them of the richness that comes from embracing the diverse talents within a marriage.  

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert

Chapter 1 Betrayal

Summerwood City, ten o'clock at night. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Violet Webb woke up from a hangover, with a terrible headache. She glanced at the furnishings in the room and realized she was in the double suite of the hotel where she usually stayed. Today was her step-sister Veronica's celebration banquet for winning the city-level jewelry competition. Violet didn't expect that after just two drinks, she would pass out. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the next room. She got out of bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjacent suite was not completely closed, leaving a crack. Violet was about to reach out and push the door when she saw what was happening inside, and she froze on the spot. A woman's back was facing Violet; the blonde, wavy hair cascaded down her fair shoulders and she was embracing Violet's boyfriend Russell Fraley..


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