My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 8

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8 

Russell and Veronica were chatting happily when they suddenly felt a strong pressure approaching them. 

Russell looked up, surprised, and saw a man standing by the table. “Mr. Hersey, why are you here?” he exclaimed. He had only met Patrick twice before and never expected Patrick to recognize him. 

Russell quickly stood up, unsure of where to put his hands properly. “Mr. Hersey, are you here for dinner too?” 

Violet was still a bit dazed. “Why is Patrick here too?” she asked herself inwardly. 

Patrick glanced at Russell and then shifted his gaze to Veronica’s face. He smirked slightly and said, “I’m here to see this young lady!” 

Veronica blushed and stood up, her voice slightly trembling with awkwardness as she asked, “Mr. Hersey, do we know each other?” 

Patrick replied playfully, “We have an instant connection! It’s fate, I guess.” 

Veronica shyly lowered her head, her face turning red. She couldn’t help stealing glances at Patrick and nervously said, “I… I also feel a strong connection with you, Mr. Hersey!” 

Patrick pondered for a moment and then told his assistant behind him, “Since this lady and I have such a connection, please get her a cup of coffee. It’s on me!” 

After saying that, Patrick gave a meaningful look to Violet and then to Veronica. “We will meet again!” 

With that, he turned around and walked away smoothly. 

Violet was taken aback, suddenly understanding the meaning behind the cup of coffee. 

If it weren’t for the fact that she was in a restaurant, she would have burst into laughter. 

Unfortunately, the other two at the table seemed oblivious to the meaning of the cup of coffee Patrick ordered for Veronica. 

Russell sat down and excitedly looked at Veronica. “Veronica, you really don’t know Mr. Hersey? I can tell he has some special feelings for you! If we can make friends with him, we’ll definitely soar to success in the 



Veronica blushed and shook her head, saying, “I really don’t know him. It’s our first meeting, but… he seems to treat me differently. Maybe he finds me attractive! Who knows?” 

Seeing Veronica’s shy expression, Violet couldn’t bear to look directly at her. 

Just after finishing dinner, Violet received a message from Patrick, saying, [Come to yesterday’s hotel.] 

After waving goodbye to Russell and Veronica, Violet left the restaurant. She got into the car and took out her phone, which was connected to a hidden camera on her office desk. 

It showed that at half past six, someone sneaked into the Design. Department and stole the backup design draft she had locked in her drawer. 

Violet smirked sarcastically. She knew well what ill intentions Russell and Veronica were harboring. 

But then again, if Violet hadn’t known what type of persons Russell and Veronica were, her plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly! 

Soon, Violet arrived at the hotel. As soon as she walked in, she was embraced by Patrick. 

Patrick pressed his forehead against her shoulder, his voice low as he said, “You smell amazing, you know?” 

Violet blushed again, unable to complete her sentence. “Pa-Patrick, wait a moment! I’ve got some work to do!” 

Patrick lifted his head and silently looked at her. “What do you call me?” 

Violet’s face turned red, and she felt a bit awkward. “Ho-Honey?” 

Patrick chuckled lightly. “Ho-Honey, huh?” 

Violet closed her eyes, blushing, and soon mustered up her courage to call out, “Honey!” 

Patrick’s lips curled into a smile. Then, he said with a satisfied look on his face, “Well done. I have a gift for you!” 

After saying that, Patrick handed Violet a USB drive and went to take a shower. 

Violet stared at his back, her eyes flickering. She opened her bag, which she had been carrying with her all day, took out her laptop, and inserted 



the USB drive. 

Then, she saw the restaurant where she had dinner with Veronica and Russell tonight. 

The camera captured a scene of the three of them chatting, with Veronica’s and Russell’s legs intertwined under the table. 

Violet burst into laughter. She suddenly felt that Patrick’s ordering a cup of coffee for Veronica was a bold move! 

After having a good laugh, Violet quickly opened the registration page for the Starlight Jewelry Competition and uploaded the design draft she had scanned earlier. 

Both the Starlight Jewelry Competition and the Century Jewelry 

Competition, hosted by Foreverie Jewelry, would begin the judging process tomorrow. While the former might not be as prestigious as the latter, both competitions had a fair and public judging process. And that was exactly why Violet decided to participate in it. 

Send gift 


My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
The novel "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe follows the protagonist's humorous journey navigating the challenges of marriage with his versatile and skilled wife. The story unfolds with wit and charm, exploring the dynamics of relationships in an entertaining and relatable manner.

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

  "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe is a captivating novel that revolves around the multifaceted life of the protagonist's wife. The story unfolds as the protagonist discovers the various talents and skills possessed by his wife, making her an all-encompassing expert. From mastering professional endeavors to excelling in personal pursuits, she navigates through life with exceptional grace and capability. The narrative weaves through moments of humor, challenges, and triumphs, offering a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of modern relationships and the strengths individuals bring to them. Elton Joe skillfully delves into the dynamics of marriage, celebrating the uniqueness of each partner and the surprises that unfold in the journey of shared lives. With its relatable characters and engaging plot, the novel resonates with readers, reminding them of the richness that comes from embracing the diverse talents within a marriage.  

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert

Chapter 1 Betrayal

Summerwood City, ten o'clock at night. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Violet Webb woke up from a hangover, with a terrible headache. She glanced at the furnishings in the room and realized she was in the double suite of the hotel where she usually stayed. Today was her step-sister Veronica's celebration banquet for winning the city-level jewelry competition. Violet didn't expect that after just two drinks, she would pass out. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the next room. She got out of bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjacent suite was not completely closed, leaving a crack. Violet was about to reach out and push the door when she saw what was happening inside, and she froze on the spot. A woman's back was facing Violet; the blonde, wavy hair cascaded down her fair shoulders and she was embracing Violet's boyfriend Russell Fraley..


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