My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 9

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 

After completing these tasks, Violet saw Patrick come out of the shower. He was wearing a towel around his waist, his upper body bare, 

showcasing his strong physique and well-defined eight-pack abs. He had the kind of body that looked good in clothes and even better without them. 

Violet noticed the water droplets on his abs sliding down his stomach and disappearing into the towel. Blushing, she quickly averted her gaze, unable to look at him any longer. 

Patrick approached and stood beside her. “Is everything done?” he asked. Violet kept her head down, feeling extremely nervous. “Yes, it’s done,” she replied softly. 

Patrick continued, “Are you satisfied with the gift I gave you?” 

Violet nodded quickly. “Yes, I’m so satisfied with it. It’s very useful.” Patrick acknowledged her response with a grunt. “Then let’s go to sleep.” Violet’s face turned red as she looked up, feeling flustered and unsure, not believing what she had just heard. “What?” 

Patrick could see through her thoughts with just one glance. He gently caressed her cheek and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. I won’t touch you until you’ve had your revenge. We’ll just sleep in bed, nothing more.” Violet immediately lowered her head again, her face burning. She didn’t dare to look at him at all. 

Patrick found her reaction particularly amusing. He suddenly bent down, his body exuding a strong hormone-filled aura, enveloping Violet tightly. “What’s with that look of yours? Are you looking forward to it?” he teased. 

Violet’s head shot up, her face red. She stuttered, “I-I’m not!” 

Patrick chuckled lightly, turned around, and walked toward the bed. “Take a shower and go to sleep,” he said. 

He had realized yesterday that he slept well when he held this woman in his arms. In the past, he could only sleep for five hours a night with the help of sleeping pills. 

After taking a shower, Violet slid into bed and wrapped herself in the blanket. A moment later, however, Patrick held her in his arms. 


The next morning, when Violet left the house, she saw Patrick, just like yesterday, watching the financial news. She walked over to him and awkwardly asked, “Did you… Um, sleep well last night?” 

Patrick glanced at her and smirked. “Better than you think.” 

Violet blushed and fell silent. 

After breakfast, Patrick suggested driving Violet to the company, but she refused, saying, “I won’t go to the company today.” 

Patrick raised an eyebrow but didn’t inquire further. Instead, he left 

without saying a word. 

Not long after Patrick left, Violet received a screenshot message from her best friend, accompanied by the words “The thing you wanted!” 

The screenshot displayed a scene from last night at 7:30 p.m., in which Veronica was using Violet’s scanned design draft for the Century Jewelry Competition. 

At 8:30 a.m., before most companies’ working hours, a piece of mind-blowing news suddenly surfaced online. 

The headline read, “Shocking Revelation-Two Identical Entries Found in Foreverie Jewelry’s Century Jewelry Competition and Starlight Jewelry Competition.” 

The judges were furious, condemning the act as shameful plagiarism. They called for the expulsion of such a designer from the jewelry industry, stating that it tarnished the purity of their career. 

This news spread rapidly, reaching unprecedented levels of popularity within ten minutes. The comments section was filled with harsh criticism, scolding the plagiarist and demanding their removal from the jewelry industry, claiming they were unworthy of being called a designer. Some people even went as far as insulting the plagiarist’s family. As the news continued to gain momentum, even the designers responsible for the copied work was exposed. 

They were Veronica and Violet of Oceanen Jewelry. 

Veronica had won numerous awards in the past two years, and her talent was widely recognized. As a result, the online backlash was mostly 

directed at Violet, accusing her of plagiarism. 

Some of the most trending hashtags included “Violet Webb Is The Plagiarist”, “The Plagiarist Should Go To Hell”, and “Violet Webb Should Apologize To Veronica”. 

Violet sat on the hotel sofa, expressionless. As she read the comments directed at her online, her face showed no emotion, as if those comments were not about her. She silently waited for the situation to escalate. 

At nine o’clock, another trending topic reading “Veronica Sues Violet Webb” emerged. 

In the legal letter, Veronica claimed that Violet was her half-sister. While Veronica felt deeply hurt by Violet’s actions, Veronica acknowledged their familial bond. Veronica stated that if Violet apologized to the public, admitted to the plagiarism, apologized to the Century Jewelry Competition and Starlight Jewelry Competition officials, and withdrew from the competition, she would forgive Violet and drop the lawsuit. The comments section beneath the trending topic was filled with hundreds of opinions. Some praised Veronica’s kind-heartedness and her emphasis on family ties, while others believed Violet was undeserving of being called a designer. 

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My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/14/2023 Native Language: English
The novel "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe follows the protagonist's humorous journey navigating the challenges of marriage with his versatile and skilled wife. The story unfolds with wit and charm, exploring the dynamics of relationships in an entertaining and relatable manner.

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

  "My Wife Is An All-Around Expert" by Elton Joe is a captivating novel that revolves around the multifaceted life of the protagonist's wife. The story unfolds as the protagonist discovers the various talents and skills possessed by his wife, making her an all-encompassing expert. From mastering professional endeavors to excelling in personal pursuits, she navigates through life with exceptional grace and capability. The narrative weaves through moments of humor, challenges, and triumphs, offering a heartfelt exploration of the complexities of modern relationships and the strengths individuals bring to them. Elton Joe skillfully delves into the dynamics of marriage, celebrating the uniqueness of each partner and the surprises that unfold in the journey of shared lives. With its relatable characters and engaging plot, the novel resonates with readers, reminding them of the richness that comes from embracing the diverse talents within a marriage.  

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert by Elton Joe Novel

My Wife Is An All-Around Expert

Chapter 1 Betrayal

Summerwood City, ten o'clock at night. As the night deepened, the moon became enchanting. Violet Webb woke up from a hangover, with a terrible headache. She glanced at the furnishings in the room and realized she was in the double suite of the hotel where she usually stayed. Today was her step-sister Veronica's celebration banquet for winning the city-level jewelry competition. Violet didn't expect that after just two drinks, she would pass out. She sat up and heard faint voices coming from the next room. She got out of bed and walked toward the door. The door of the adjacent suite was not completely closed, leaving a crack. Violet was about to reach out and push the door when she saw what was happening inside, and she froze on the spot. A woman's back was facing Violet; the blonde, wavy hair cascaded down her fair shoulders and she was embracing Violet's boyfriend Russell Fraley..


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