Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 116

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 116

Chapter 116 

Naomi smiled when she noticed Amelia’s name on the caller ID.

She must have seen the message in the chat group and realized that Naomi had been added to the group. She probably called to ask her about it.

At that thought, Naomi answered. “Hello, Amelia.”

“What’s going on? Why are you in the group? I thought you didn’t like being in groups.”

Naomi indeed did not like being in groups. Even if she was added to one, she would not chat at all. This was why Amelia did not add Naomi to the class chat group; she knew Naomi well.

Naomi smiled and recounted the entire incident to Amelia.

Amelia instantly understood. “Ah, I see! What a coincidence. Who would’ve thought that Caleb and Charles are teaching at the same college.”

Naomi got a little curious upon hearing what Amelia said.

Amelia had been in the group for such a long time. She was a talkative one, and she should have long known about it. Hearing from her tone, she clearly did not know about it.

Naomi thought for a while and asked, “You didn’t know about this?”

“No! When Caleb formed this group, he had long set some rules: no gossiping, networking, or mocking each other. We can talk about our daily lives and tease each other but appropriately. Go and read the rules of the group.”

Amelia knew that Naomi did not see the rules of the group. Naomi indeed had not seen them. She chuckled and said, “I’ll go and have a look right now.”

Right at this moment, Amelia overheard the background sounds of the airport. She furrowed her brow and asked, “Are you at the airport?”

Naomi was just about to take her phone down to have a look at the group rules when she heard Amelia’s question.

She paused for a while and thought of something. She looked to her right at the airport


She wondered if Scott had arrived.

The moment she looked over, she saw him and Olivia facing each other. Olivia was smiling, while Scott looked like his usual mysterious self.

They were tall, extremely good–looking, and were both dressed sharply to boot. They looked like a good match.

“You there? Why are you not talking?” Amelia asked when she did not receive a response from Naomi.

Naomi looked away and said to the phone, “I’m at the airport.”

“Why are you at the airport? Are you picking someone up? Sending someone off? Or are you going somewhere yourself?”

Chapter 116

She had asked every single possibility. One of them was bound to be right.

Naomi smiled. “I’m going to Herland.”

That night at Fansville, Charles called Amelia and asked her about Naomi and Scott’s relationship.

Amelia was an acute observer. She had worked her way up to become a bigshot lawyer, even trying to make partner.

The moment Charles asked her about it, she realized something was up, so she asked Charles what had happened.

Charles told her about how Naomi and Scott were together, as well as how Naomi told him about going to Herland for an event.

That was how Amelia knew that Naomi was going to Herland and also how this matter might have to do with Scott, but she did not know exactly when Naomi was going.

“That soon? Are you going alone?”

This question might seem casual, but Naomi was instantly on guard. “Mh. I’m going alone.”

She could not tell Amelia the truth. Amelia would no doubt give her an earful if she did.

“You’re going alone? Didn’t you say a senior or something is coming along?”

“I’ll be heading there first.”


Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/11/2024 Native Language: English
"Pursuing My Ex-Wife in Full Bloom Spring" is likely a fictional novel that explores the theme of romantic rekindling during the vibrant and blossoming season of spring. The story likely follows a character's journey in pursuing and reconnecting with their ex-wife against the backdrop of renewal and growth.

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

  Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring/ Book Summery That rainy night, Naomi Goodwin called off her marriage. Scott Lawson agreed. Thus, ended a three-year sexless marriage. It was spring. Everything was back to the beginning. After the divorce, Naomi had a new life. She went on dates, worked, and lived the best she could. However, the man she thought that she would never see again after the divorce kept appearing. One day, Charles Ward confessed his feelings to her. She was about to say yes when Scott appeared again. He looked at her seriously. Naomi, Charles isn’t good for you. It was spring once more, where flowers bloom.   Title: Pursuing My Ex-Wife in a Blooming Spring Publisher: Trends302 Genre: Romance Language: English

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring


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