Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 51

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 51

Chapter 51 

Chapter 51 

The man in the car, dressed in a dark suit, was an embodiment of profound restraint. He was flipping through documents as if it were a routine before heading to a destination together, just like they used to do in the past

It was Scott

Naomi visibly paused, not expecting him to be in the car. Moreover, judging by his demeanor, it seemed he intended to accompany her to the hospital

Naomi? What’s wrong?Donna voiced her concern as Naomi stood motionless

Unable to discuss the matters in the hospital room due to the presence of others, she could not. convey the depth of her heartache. Her daughter, whom she always cherished, had suffered so much injustice in the past three years, and it weighed heavily on her heart

Naomi regained her composure, glancing at the person who remained focused on the documents without a hint of change. She then shook her head. It’s nothing.” 

She got into the car

She could not let her parentsinlaw know that Scott was in the car. Otherwise, it could lead to trouble

The person in charge closed the car door and said to Donna and Dean, Both of you, take the back seat in this car.” 

Donna instinctively wanted to suggest riding with Naomi in this car, but after considering something, she nodded. The elderly couple went to the other car and settled in

Meanwhile, Charles had gone to his own car after leaving the hospital. Soon, the vehicle began to move, merging into the flow of traffic

Charles watched the car, signaled with the turn indicator, adjusted the steering wheel, and followed the car toward the front

The scenery swiftly passed by outside the window. It was a new day, with various sounds converging into a lively atmosphere. Despite this, there was complete silence inside the car- an unusual serenity

Naomi watched the man silently perusing the documents, studying his deepset eyes and brow. He was just as he was before their divorce, displaying no trace of alteration

He was still deeply in love with his work

Naomi’s face lit up with a smile as he gazed at the scenery outside the window

She had thought that after their divorce, their paths would never cross again. Little did she anticipate that the person she unexpectedly rescued would be his cousin’s daughter

What was even more surprising was the presence of the one in his heart accompanying him. In a way, it was not entirely unexpected. They had been married for three years, during which he had never shown any intimate gestures toward her. The realm of marital relations was an untouched territory for them


Before discovering Olivia’s existence, she could convince herself that he was a workaholic who cherished his job above all else. Besides work, nothing else seemed to matter to him. However, upon learning about Olivia, she gained clarity. It was not that he lacked emotions. Rather, she was not the person he truly desired

Everything had come to an end upon their divorce. Naturally, he should go in search of the one he truly wanted. There was nothing unusual about it. It was all part of human nature

She continued to live each day happily, undeterred by the divorce. She displayed no signs of despondency or frustration, and certainly no resentment toward him for harboring feelings for someone else

The car smoothly moved forward, and the occasional sound of flipping documents was heard in the car. Subsequently, his voice would fill the car as he answered phone calls

Naomi remained quietly composed, refraining from disturbing him or questioning why he 

was with her in the car

Of course, Naomi did not indulge in the selfcentered belief that he was specifically chauffeuring her to the hospital. She knew he had his reasons

Therefore, during this journey, she had nothing to say to him. It felt like every interaction from the time they first met until this moment had always been about business. In the absence of matters to discuss, there were no words exchanged

Alright. In a couple of daysScott said as another call concluded, and he closed the file

By this point, it seemed like his work was finally done. Glancing at the scenery ahead and then checking his watch, he turned his gaze to the woman sitting beside him

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Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/11/2024 Native Language: English
"Pursuing My Ex-Wife in Full Bloom Spring" is likely a fictional novel that explores the theme of romantic rekindling during the vibrant and blossoming season of spring. The story likely follows a character's journey in pursuing and reconnecting with their ex-wife against the backdrop of renewal and growth.

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

  Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring/ Book Summery That rainy night, Naomi Goodwin called off her marriage. Scott Lawson agreed. Thus, ended a three-year sexless marriage. It was spring. Everything was back to the beginning. After the divorce, Naomi had a new life. She went on dates, worked, and lived the best she could. However, the man she thought that she would never see again after the divorce kept appearing. One day, Charles Ward confessed his feelings to her. She was about to say yes when Scott appeared again. He looked at her seriously. Naomi, Charles isn’t good for you. It was spring once more, where flowers bloom.   Title: Pursuing My Ex-Wife in a Blooming Spring Publisher: Trends302 Genre: Romance Language: English

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring


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