Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 69

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring Chapter 69

Chapter 69 

As Jasper approached Scott, he spoke, I just went to inquire with the onduty doctor tonight. Naomi’s hand injury has opened, and her spine was also impacted. The situation isn’t too severe, but she’s suffering a lot and needs a good rest for some time.” 

After leaving the operating room, Jasper received a message from Scott. He instructed him to finish his tasks and find the nightduty doctor on the same floor as Naomi to understand her situation

He was not entirely clear on the meaning of this message, considering Naomi’s condition was already stable with no apparent issues. However, Scott would not have sent him on a trip without reason. Thus, after reading the message, he searched for the onduty doctor on Naomi’s floor and learned about the fall and injuries

Not knowing what happened and why it occurred, he immediately sought information from the onduty doctor and quickly approached Scott to share the news

In the message, Scott informed him that he was waiting outside

Jasper relayed all the information he gathered, then stared at the man’s expression once he was finished. For some reason, he felt that the typically detached Scott seemed a bit different

It seemed like he finally knew to care about someone

I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. Take good care of Naomi during this time,Scott said

Jasper nodded. Don’t worry, Scott. I’ll pay special attention, as you requested.” 

Thank you.” 

No problem. You focus on your work. If anything comes up, I’ll call you.” 

Scott’s expression shifted slightly. If there’s nothing important here, return to Willowstown 


Jasper hesitated, caught offguard by the sudden change in instructions. One moment, he was told to pay special attention to Naomi, and the next second, he was asked to leave. It took him a moment to process

The situation here can be understood through phone communication,Scott clarified

Jasper understood. It seemed that Scott was concerned about his work

After a brief consideration, he nodded and said, I’ll return to Willowstown tomorrow.” 

Indeed, his presence here was solely for Naomi, with no other significant reasons. Since Scott wanted him to return to Willowstown, he naturally would not delay any longer

Scott added, I’ll have Ray arrange your flight.” 

Jasper was stunned again

Without waiting for his questions, Scott continued, Go get busy.” 

With that, he walked to the car parked on the opposite side and got 

got inside


In an instant, the car vanished from his sight

Jasper stood still as he recounted Scott’s words. It somehow felt like Scott wanted him to leave Willowstown, to stop staying in Horizon City

Why did this happen

Donna returned to find Naomi comfortably leaning against the head of the bed. Also, there was a caregiver in the ward

Naomi, it’s a bit late tonight. I’ve searched many places but couldn’t find local cherries. Only this type of cherry was available. I brought you some

Have these for tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the market to buy more for you” 

Donna walked through the door, speaking as she entered. However, she quickly stopped as she looked at the caregiver emerging from the bathroom

This is” 

Naomi gently replied, It’s a caregiver, arranged by Charles.” 

A caregiver?Donna was surprised. I’m here to take care of you, right? Why do we need a caregiver?” 

Donna walked in, placed the cherries on the bedside table, and observed the middleaged woman. Well, she seemed proper and honest

Naomi’s expression softened, and there was no hint of strangeness in her voice. You’re getting older, and the senior is worried that you might not be able to handle it. He thought it would be better to hire a caregiver

Hey, isn’t this just spending money again?” 

Naomi helplessly replied, Charles insisted, and I couldn’t persuade him.” 

Seeing Naomi’s resigned look, Donna smiled, sat beside the bed, and hinted meaningfully, Charles is really kind, you know? He’s more considerate and attentive than most boys.” 

Naomi understood the implication behind Donna’s words and replied warmly, Charles has always been kind.” 

Donna observed her expression, unsure whether Naomi understood Charlesfeelings. However, she noticed a change in Naomi’s complexion

It seemed paler than before

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/11/2024 Native Language: English
"Pursuing My Ex-Wife in Full Bloom Spring" is likely a fictional novel that explores the theme of romantic rekindling during the vibrant and blossoming season of spring. The story likely follows a character's journey in pursuing and reconnecting with their ex-wife against the backdrop of renewal and growth.

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring

  Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring/ Book Summery That rainy night, Naomi Goodwin called off her marriage. Scott Lawson agreed. Thus, ended a three-year sexless marriage. It was spring. Everything was back to the beginning. After the divorce, Naomi had a new life. She went on dates, worked, and lived the best she could. However, the man she thought that she would never see again after the divorce kept appearing. One day, Charles Ward confessed his feelings to her. She was about to say yes when Scott appeared again. He looked at her seriously. Naomi, Charles isn’t good for you. It was spring once more, where flowers bloom.   Title: Pursuing My Ex-Wife in a Blooming Spring Publisher: Trends302 Genre: Romance Language: English

Pursuing My Ex Wife In Full Bloom Spring


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