Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 239

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 239

Chapter 239 

Once Olivia returned to the Hushe Republic, she visited her grandfather at the hospital and then went straight to the research institute to study the lifesaving prescription

Meanwhile, Gillian was experiencing a string of setbacks in Mala

First, she attended a ball with Yvonne, but no one bothered to talk to her

Yvonne made a great effort to introduce Gillian as a renowned acupuncturist from the Hushe Republic, but nobody showed interest

Finally, a doctor was curious about acupuncture and approached her for a discussion. In the end, he realized that she had less knowledge than a foreigner like him. So, he immediately lost interest

Yvonne stared at Gillian. I thought you’re very good at medicine?” 

Gillian got nervous and quickly explained, I’m a pediatrician. I’ve just learned the techniques of the Smith family’s miraculous treatments not long ago. I need time to master it.” 

How long will it take?Yvonne was impatient, fearing that Gillian’s skills might not be improved in time for the upcoming medical association conference

The Smith family’s miraculous treatments are divided into three parts. I’ve learned the first part, and I’m about to start the second part which covers acupuncture techniques. It’s quite simple.Gillian swallowed and stated, In about half a month, I’ll be able to master it.” 

Really?Yvonne was not convinced

Gillian nodded heavily. Yes, I can do it.” 

Very well.” Yvonne nodded. In a few days, I’ll get Jack to introduce you to the vice president of the International Medical Association. He’s very interested in acupuncture. You two can have a chat.” 

After saying that, Yvonne was worried. Don’t repeat what happened today. You need to improve your medical skills greatly.” 

Don’t worry. I will,Gillian promised confidently

After returning home from the ball, Gillian immediately started learning the Smith family’s miraculous 


It was her only hope and she had to master it as soon as possible

Gillian had created a learning plan for herself

She aimed to learn two acupuncture techniques every day which would allow her to cure at least five diseases

However, when she opened the first page of the second part, she was at a loss

If the patient’s body is weak, the needle could only be inserted half. Run through the 40 acupuncture points by following the large intestine meridian. Depending on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, work on LI2, LI3, and so on. Adjust the duration according to the patient’s condition” 

All the acupuncture techniques were unclear and had no fixed rules

The doctor could choose the acupuncture points according to the severity of the patient’s symptoms, or decide how long the needle was inserted based on the patient’s physical condition

Gillian was completely dumbfounded

The techniques were so complicated that even a genius wouldn’t be able to grasp them

If she could assess a patient’s condition effectively, she would have become a famous physician long ago and wouldn’t need to learn the miraculous treatments

Gillian scratched her head in frustration, overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness

How could this be?” 

Unwilling to give up, Gillian picked up the book and was no longer as careful as before, treating it as 


something sacred

Instead, she quickly flipped through the pages, wanting to see what lay ahead

The more she read, the more bewildered and anxious she became. It all looked gibberish to her

The first page was actually the simplest

The further she went, the more complex the content was. It was gobbledygook she could make heads or tails of it

The third part was even worse. There were no acupuncture points and filled with mysterious and incomprehensible terms

Gillian finally could not take it anymore. She raised her arm with all her might and threw the book to the ground

Then, she stomped on it violently

The book, which she had once dreamt of possessing, was now cast aside as if it were worthless

Why did this happen? Why?” 

Gillian buried her head in her hands and cried bitterly

On the other side, Yvonne was speaking highly of Gillian to Jack

Jack seemed to be put on the spot. Yvonne. The vice president is a big shot. I can hardly reach him. I’ve only met him a few times and I’m not on familiar terms with him. How am I going to introduce Ms. Dale to him?” 

Please help me. I know you must have a way.” Yvonne tugged at his sleeve. Gillian has many prescriptions. She’s very important to me. I want to use her to enter the medical industry. Please.Alright.” Jack agreed reluctantly. Tomorrow, I’m going to a family dinner. The vice president might be here. I’ll just mention her to him.” 

Jack emphasized, But I won’t recommend her strongly. I’ll just casually mention her. As for the can’t guarantee if the vice president wants to meet her.” 

That’s enough.” Yvonne nodded


The next day, Jack met Carlos Garcia and casually mentioned Gillian. He said that he knew a doctor from the Hushe Republic who was extremely skilled in acupuncture

Carlos smiled and did not continue the conversation

Ever since news of his interest in acupuncture spread, many people had introduced him to all kinds of socalled experts in acupuncture

In the beginning, he had met them all one by one in person, only to discover that they were all quack doctors without real skills

As time passed, his interest waned

In fact, he was not interested in acupuncture at all. He only wanted to learn more about it because the president, Professor Ross, liked it

When Carlos turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly heard Jack say Isaac’s name

He was stunned for a moment and immediately asked, Could you repeat what you’ve just said.” Jack was shocked when he saw the deputy president’s excited expression. And he took a moment to respond, Ms. Gillian is Issac’s granddaughter. I heard that her medical skills are extraordinary.” 

Carlos didn’t know many people from the Hushe Republic people and who Gillian was. He only knew that Professor Ross was very interested in a girl from the Hushe Republic

That girl was Isaac’s granddaughter

Unable to contain his excitement, Carlos grabbed Jack’s hand and said, Hurry, take me to her now.” 

When Yvonne called, Gillian was sitting at the head of the bed in a daze

She had completely given up


When she saw Yvonne’s number, she subconsciously shivered

She didn’t know how to face Yvonne

What should I do? What should I do? I couldn’t master the techniques of the miraculous treatments at 


“I’ve told a boastful lie. How am I supposed to cover it up?” 

After shivering for a while, Gillian suddenly calmed down

She comforted herself, It’s alright, it’s alright. Without the miraculous treatments, I still have the prescriptions. These magical prescriptions are my last trump card.” 

Gillian crawled over and picked up the phone

Hearing Yvonne excitedly talk about the vice president wanting to see her, Gillian did not show a hint of joy. Instead, she looked a little terrified

She dug her nails into her palms and forced herself to remain calm

I can’t go,” she said flatly. 

Yvonne was puzzled. Why?” 

Gillian said in a low voice, I’ll give you two prescriptions. Give them to the vice president and tell him that I have something on, so I can’t make it.” 

Oh.” Yvonne assumed that Gillian was trying to put on airs to raise her status

Sure,Yvonne agreed. I’ll have my driver go over to collect the prescriptions later.” 

After handing over the prescriptions Gillian took out a secret manual

It was a martial arts manual that she had practiced when she was young. It was divided into two parts. Isaac had only taught her the first part, and only Olivia had learned the second part by herself

Previously, Gillian did not have time to take a look at it.. 

Since she didn’t need to learn the miraculous treatments anymore, she had time to read the manual

When Gillian was young, she had always been envious of Olivia

She envied Olivia for being able to learn the secret manual which had been passed down in the Smith family for more than a thousand years

Not only could it strengthen the body, but it could also eliminate impurities in the body and improve skin health

Olivia had smooth, delicate, and flawless skin. Ever since she was young, she had never had a single pimple

It was all thanks to the martial arts manual

With trembling hands, Gillian flipped to the first page of the second part

There were no pictures, only cryptic text

Gillian’s face became white. She could not believe it and continued to flip through the pages

However, with every page she turned, her face grew paler

The book was like the martial arts manual in television dramas 


all incomprehensible gibberish

In it, there were references to transferring energy through great circulation, channeling Qi into the spine, breathing spiritually… 

Who the fuck could understand this?” 

Gillian had a meltdown

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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