Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 240

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 240

Chapter 240 

These days, Gillian was too afraid to go out. She had been locking herself in her room and spending her days and nights in a daze

Occasionally, when the phone rang, it would startle her

Jarron asked her what was wrong, but she did not say anything. She just looked at the sky with a blank expression

After a while, the phone rang again

Gillian glanced at the caller ID. It was Yvonne

Due to her inner turmoil, she was hesitant to answer the call

After the phone rang for a long time, she carefully reached out and picked it up. Hello” 

She had only said one word when Yvonne streamed angrily at her from the other end. Gillian, you’re fucking messing with me! You gave me some incomplete prescriptions and made a fool out of me in front of the vice president. You even implicated Jack.” 

Yvonne was so angry that her body kept trembling

Well, Gillian Dale, you’re quite something

You handed me a bunch of incomplete prescriptions, and this garbage was posted on the Internet more than ten years ago

It could be found with a simple search online

Online?Gillian was perplexed

Cut your pretense!Yvonne’s jaw tightened. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen Olivia’s blog. Even if you haven’t, many people have reposted it online. The prescriptions you gave me were published by her on the Internet over ten years ago.” 

Impossible!Gillian exclaimed and hurriedly hung up the phone to search for Olivia’s blog

As expected, it had been posted more than a decade ago

Gillian was dumbfounded

She called Olivia’s number in a hurry, but no one answered the phone

Gillian refused to give up. From morning until evening, she had been persistently calling Olivia hundreds of times

Finally, the call was picked up

Olivia had just come out of the laboratory when she saw that there were numerous missed calls on her phone from Gillian

She knitted her brows and picked it up

Olivia, did youdid you publish the prescriptions?Gillian looked as if she had gone insane. Those are the Smith family’s secret prescriptions. How could you publish them just like that? Does Grandpa know?” 

Not this again.” 

Olivia sighed and said. Who told you the Smith family has secret prescriptions

What’s wrong with you guys? You all think the same. When has Grandpa ever said that the Smith family had a secret prescription?” 

After a busy day with no time for lunch, Olivia was too tired to keep her emotions in check. Can you think about what a normal person will think? What era are you from? Do you think we’re living in ancient times, passing down knowledge from father to son, teacher to disciples

We’re living in the 21st century, Gillian. Please use your brain. If the Smith family has a secret 

prescription, why didn’t they apply for a patent and make it available to the public? Why keep it? For a rainy day?” 


Olivia was furious and frustrated when talking about that

In the past, Gillian had asked her multiple times about the secret prescriptions. She had explained over and over again that the Smith family did not have any secret prescriptions

However, Gillian just wouldn’t believe it

Why do you think the Smith family has a secret prescription?Olivia sat on the chair with a cold expression. What exactly is going on in your brain? You keep fantasizing about all sorts of weird things, -like secret prescriptions and the strategy book that can develop wisdom?” 

Gillian mumbled, Grandpa told me that.” 

She remembered that in the past, her illness would be cured very quickly after eating something. Her grandfather told her that it was the Smith family’s secret prescription and asked her to keep it confidential 

There was also the strategy book. Her grandfather had said that Olivia studied the book, which was why she was so smart

After hearing Gillian’s words, Olivia fell silent for a long time

Then, she finally spoke, Grandpa also said that if you don’t sleep, the baboons will eat you. He also said that Cinderella has glass slippers and that Tooth Fairy will visit you while you’re sleeping if you place your baby tooth under the pillow. Why don’t you believe in all of these?” 

Those words were meant to coax children. Gillian was almost 30 years old, so how could she not differentiate between reality and fantasy

The truth was she was paranoid and blinded by jealousy, only choosing to believe what benefited her. Gillian pinched the tassel charm on the phone and asked Then what about seared salmon with herbed couscous? If there’s no secret recipe, where did this dish come from?” 

Ah.Olivia leaned back in her chair and curled her lips into a selfmocking smile. You’d rather believe that there’s a fictitious formula than accept that I specially made that dish for you?” 

There were some things that Olivia did not want to emphasize because she didn’t want Gillian to think that she was seeking gratitude

Hence, instead of saying more about the dish, Olivia only asked calmly, If there was a secret recipe, wouldn’t Grandpa give it to you?” 

Without any more words, Olivia simply said, Take care of yourself,and decisively hung up the phone

In this world, no amount of family affection can withstand this kind of testing

After hanging up the phone, Olivia went to the cafeteria to grab some food and forgot about Gillian

Over in Mala

Gillian held the phone in a daze and slumped on the bed dejectedly

It turned out that everything was fake and all her effort was in vain

There’s no secret recipe? And I can’t understand and learn the complicated miraculous treatments. Even the secret manual is hard to comprehend

Then, why did I come to Mala

What do I have to do to prove myself?” 

For the first time, Gillian felt regret. If she hadn’t been so stubborn and paranoid, she would still be in the Smith family

Putting aside the Smith family’s assets, just being a pediatrician was good enough

Many people in Layfield held her in high regard and specially requested her to treat their children

However, she did not dare to regret it

She had done too much to turn back

Gillian lowered her head and covered her face as she sobbed



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

She didn’t know how long she had been crying

Suddenly, the ringtone startled her

She looked over and saw that it was an unknown number

+5 vouchers 

Pressing the answer button, she cleared her throat and asked in fluent Gorshish, Who is it?” 

There was a moment of hesitation on the other side, and then the person said in pure Husheni, Ms. Gillian, I’m Saul Thornton, Mr. Wilcox’s assistant. Mr. Wilcox would like to meet you.” 

Mr. Wilcox?Gillian furrowed her brows. It took her a while to remember who it was. You’re from the Wilcox family? Where are you? How do I get there?” 

Don’t worry, Ms. Gillian. I’ll send someone to pick you up.” 

After hanging up, Gillian sat by the bed and frowned

Why does someone from the Wilcox family suddenly want to meet me

I thought they didn’t believe me?Gillian had always thought that they had lost contact with her. Unexpectedly, they called her all of a sudden

But it was useless. She no longer had the prescription and couldn’t master the miraculous treatments. Gillian was making wild guesses about the Wilcox family’s intention of meeting her

After meeting the man, she realized that he wanted the Smith family’s miraculous acupuncture techniques

What do you want this for?Gillian examined Ernesto

Although the man was from the Smith family’s lineal branch a few hundred years ago, he had been overseas for too long and didn’t preserve his Hushenian heritage well, so he did not look like a Hushenian 

at all

Ernesto leaned against the sofa, his fingertips moving up and down as he looked at Gillian intently. Gillian’s heart lurched when she saw his eyes which seemed like a black vortex. She quickly closed her eyes. Don’t look at me. I know you’re a hypnotist.” 

You know that too?Ernesto was truly surprised

The Smith family had put him in an unfavorable situation twice in a row

Last time, it was Olivia. And this time, it was Gillian

Though Gillian was reluctant, she replied, I have a younger sister who once told me not to work with people I don’t know. So, I checked information about the Wilcox family in advance.” Then, she paused, It’s not very a detailed investigation, but you are quite famous

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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