Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 241

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 241


Chapter 241 

Gillian did not want to give the acupuncture manual to Ernesto

She hated Olivia, not the Smith family. Even though she complained that her grandfather was biased, he did treat her well

She couldn’t bring herself to turn her back on the Smith family

Ernesto raised his eyebrows slightly and asked in a stern voice, You’re not willing to?” 

Gillian was not stupid. Why would I give you the acupuncture manual for no reason?” 

What if I help you deal with Olivia?Ernesto crossed his long legs and tapped his fingers on the armrest

No, thanks. I appreciate it.” Gillian refused. I think you’ve misunderstood. I don’t want to deal with Olivia. I just want to surpass her.” 

All along, Gillian had been unwilling to accept that she was inferior to Olivia. That’s easy.Ernesto flicked his finger. I can help you take back the Smith family.” 

Gillian’s heart skipped a beat. She was a little tempted

But she mastered her emotions and said softly, I’m not interested.” 

Ernesto laughed. You should know I’m the top hypnotist in the world, right?” 

Gillian looked at him with a puzzled expression, not understanding why he mentioned this

Ernesto licked his gums with the tip of his tongue, and traces of blood appeared in his eyes

He suddenly leaned forward and looked at Gillian seriously. I’ll hypnotize Olivia and let her go through the hardships you’ve suffered before. How about that?” 

Gillian’s heart raced

It was undeniable that she was tempted

Ernesto laughed more happily, then he said slowly, You can decide who you want me to hypnotize her into and let her suffer the pain of parental bias.” 

Ernesto’s words moved Gillian completely

Deal!Gillian looked up and stared at Ernesto with a burning gaze. If it succeeds, I’ll give the acupuncture manual to you.” 

Ernesto turned the phone in his hand and smiled like an evil demon

No one could outdo him when it came to manipulating people’s emotions

Hypnotizing a person to such an extent was not as easy as hypnotizing the actress

Freya only needed a subtle hint. So Ernesto could easily hypnotize her as long as she looked into his eyes. But for someone like Olivia, as Gillian said, hypnotizing her into becoming another person required deep hypnosis and Olivia’s cooperation

Even if she didn’t cooperate, it could only be carried out when she was unconscious or in an extremely relaxed state

In other words, they need to abduct Olivia and knock her out

This task wasn’t easy. But Ernesto was confident and wasted no time to head to the Hushe Republic to capture Olivia

He brought a lot of people and lingered around the Smith family’s hospital. Once Olivia appeared, they would immediately take her away

Ernesto gave his assistant Saul three days for the mission

However, even three days seemed too long for Ernesto

If he wasn’t in an unfamiliar place, half a day would have been more than enough



It was just abducting a woman

Ernesto waited confidently in the hotel for three days. Unexpectedly, the person who came knocking on the door was the police

What are you doing?Stefan Thornton, the bodyguard, quickly intervened and stood in front of Ernesto, saying loudly, We are foreigners

We’re not Hushenian. You have no jurisdiction over us.” 

The police officer in the lead sneered. We don’t care whether you’re foreigners or aliens.” 

With that, he waved his hand and ordered, Take them away!” 

And so, Ernesto was taken into custody

The lawyer rushed over and explained the situation, only then was Ernesto released on bail

Saul was set free with him as well

After asking the assistant, Ernesto learned that when they were staking out near the hospital, they 

immediately drew people’s attention because of their appearance

It was as if putting a couple of red beans in a bowl of green beans

Their actions were as obvious as a fly on a bald man’s head

On the very first day, concerned locals had reported them, saying that there was a group of suspicious foreigners lurking around the hospital

It was something big

So, it alarmed the police and they immediately dispatched officers to arrest them for interrogation

In the beginning, Saul was tightlipped and refused to say anything, assuming an unyielding look on his face

The police suspected that something serious was going on

Hence, they paid closer attention to it and brought in several experts in psychology and criminal investigation

Soon, Saul could not hold on anymore and disclosed Ernesto’s plan. However, he did not mention that they were there to abduct someone. He only said that they wanted to see Olivia

After listening to Saul’s explanation, Ernesto pointed at him and rebuked furiously, Idiots, you’re so stupid! Can’t you hire the locals to do that?” 

Saul felt wronged. There’s not enough time.” 

Ernesto was worldless with rage and decided to leave immediately

It wasn’t that he wanted to, but he had no choice. The Hushe Republic police were onto him

Ernesto did not return to Fesmuowana but went to Mala instead

When he arrived at his manor in Mala, Gillian, who had moved there, came out to welcome him and asked anxiously, Where is she? Have you got her?” 

Ernesto shook his head and glanced at Gillian. The police of the Hushe Republic are too nosy.” 

So, you didn’t manage to catch her.” 

Gillian looked concerned. Then what should we do?” 

There’s no hurry.” Ernesto waved his hand, Even though we failed to capture her, I’ve received an important piece of information.” 

What information?Gillian was curious

Ernesto smiled. After a few days, Olivia will come to Mala to attend the International Medical Association conference

He chuckled and continued, This is Mala, not the Hushe Republic. No police will stand in my way

It’ll be a piece of cake to abduct Olivia here.” 



Ernesto reassured Gillian with confidence, Don’t worry. I’ve worked out an ingenious plan. Once she arrives in Mala, I’ll immediately lure her into my trap.” 

Gillian could not help but ask, What plan?” 

Ernesto gestured to Saul

The assistant stepped forward and said, Our people will be at the airport. after Olivia arrives in Mala, we’ll contact you right away.” 

Me?Gillian pointed at herself

Yes.Saul nodded. You’ll call her and invite her to come here. If she agrees, that’s perfect. If she doesn’t, you can scream and pretend to be kidnapped. It will lure her over.” 

The plan was impeccable and it was Ernesto’s idea

He was very good at manipulating people’s emotions and had heard a lot about Olivia from Gillian. He could tell that Olivia was a loyal and softhearted person

Although she had fallen out with Gillian, she would never stand idly if Gillian was in danger

Ernesto was very satisfied with the plan and even came up with a name for it end with force

Start with courtesy and 

Back to the research institute in the Hushe Republic, with Olivia joining the team, they made tremendous progress on the lifesaving medicine and it was completed in just a few days. Major newspapers in the country had reported the news

The Smith family was shot to fame

Olivia handed over the lifesaving prescription to the research institute while she set off for Mala to attend the International Medical Association’s meeting

Initially, she did not want to go, but after the news of the Smith family’s lifesaving medicine came out, Professor Ross called her several times

After careful consideration, Olivia decided to make a trip over as it would be a good opportunity to exchange views

Daniel would join her a few days later because he needed to deal with something at the company

Olivia thus embarked on the journey alone

As soon as she got off the plane and was still feeling a little uncomfortable, she received a call from Gillian


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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