Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 244

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 244


Chapter 244 

Gillian stood there silently for a while. Then, she returned to her room and sat in her chair in a daze

She suddenly remembered an incident from her youth

At that time. Olivia had just arrived in the Smith family

When Olivia wanted to learn how to play the violin, Grandpa arranged a teacher for her. Gillian was envious and requested to learn how to play the violin too

The two of them learned under the same teacher together, but only Olivia was praised for her efforts

At that time, Gillian thought that Olivia was playing better than her because Olivia had learned the basics before

Therefore, Gillian doubled her efforts and practiced the violin twice, thrice, or four times more than Olivia did a day

Initially, she was very optimistic. She believed that if she worked hard, she would definitely surpass Olivia

However, the reality was harsh

Gillian and Olivia were their teacher’s only two students. Therefore, Gillian naively believed she would soon surpass Olivia because she only compared herself to the latter

However, when they went to participate in competitions, Gillian soon realized how huge the gap between her and Olivia was

Olivia was like the most lustrous pearl, blooming with dazzling light

Olivia got first place every time they competed, with her scores far ahead of those in second place. She would receive praise from all the judges

On the other hand, Gillian could not even get third place

Gillian had always thought that she would soon surpass Olivia. However, as she participated in more competitions and encountered more violinists, she realized that the difference between her and Olivia was like night and day

Gillian had to surpass those in third place first, then second place, and countless other violinists better than her before she could compete with Olivia

Gillian worked even harder. Her violin practice time was ten times that of Olivia’s. She did not even sleep

or rest

After all her hard work, she finally surpassed third place and reached second place. She was ranked just behind Olivia

Unfortunately, that was where she hit a wall

She would never be able to compare to Olivia

During that period, Gillian felt despair. She felt powerless. Why were there geniuses in this world? They were like a vast mountain that she could not conquer before her

This feeling was so terrifying that Gillian had nightmares every night

She wanted Olivia to experience this feeling as well. She wanted the latter to share her past obsession and despair

Therefore, Gillian inserted Doris Taylor, a sister who was outstanding in everything she did, into Olivia’s 


Doris was beautiful, intelligent, and excelled in her studies. She studied at Maple Hills University and played the violin well. She also knew how to draw

As for Olivia, she had only graduated from junior high school. Although she liked the violin, she was not 

as talented as her sister in playing the violin and was not as good at drawing. She was clumsy in 



everything she did and was inferior to her sister in every way

Gillian wanted to see how Olivia would face such inferiority

The Taylor family was having dinner

The entire family was there. Even Olivia’s brother and sisterinlaw in town had returned to welcome their younger sister, Doris

All of them praised Doris and ignored Olivia

Their mother, Megan Taylor, said jokingly, Back then, the two of them went to the teacher in town to 

learn the violin together. Doris played very well, but Olivia’s playing sounded like she was sawing wood. It was so funny to watch.” 

Their father, Julian Taylor, nodded in agreement. Olivia is clumsy and untalented. She can’t hold a candle to Doris.” 

Their older brother, Derek Taylor, chimed in, saying, That’s right. Olivia and Doris are like polar opposites. Doris is good at everything, be it her studies, playing the violin, or drawing. As for Olivia, let alone playing the violin, she can’t even read well. She failed to get into high school. The difference between them is like night and day.” 

Olivia listened as her family chatted while eating her favorite beef stew. She smiled innocently, without any sign of disappointment or jealousy

Over the next few days, regardless of how much Olivia’s family belittled her and claimed that she was inferior to her sister, Olivia wore a bright smile on her face. She showed no trace of anger

She worked diligently. Occasionally, she would study how to cook new dishes in her free time. She stayed in the kitchen all day long. She was covered in dust

Gillian could not stand it anymore and pulled Olivia into her bedroom

Gillian asked in disbelief, What are you doing? Why aren’t you angry?” 

Olivia was holding a sandwich she had freshly made in her hand. The sandwich looked appetizing. Hearing Gillian’s question, Olivia was very puzzled. Her eyes widened as she asked, Why should I be angry?” 

Gillian stomped her feet in frustration. They’re badmouthing about you. They’re belittling you all day long. They’re saying that you’re inferior to your sister and that you’re clumsy.” 

Olivia blinked, her eyes clear and bright. She instructed, Gillian, have a seat.” 

She carefully placed the sandwich on the table and guided Gillian to sit on the bed. In a serious tone, Olivia said, What control do I have over what others say? Their mouths are their own.” 

Her eyes twinkled as she said this. She exuded a confident aura

Even though she was dressed in rags and her face was dirty and covered in dust, she was still as dazzling 

as the sun

Gillian was stunned and subconsciously took two steps back

Then, she heard Olivia continue saying, The only thing I can control is my own emotions.” 

After saying this, Olivia beamed with joy

They can say whatever they want. I don’t care.” 

Gillian shook her head in confusion. She questioned Olivia, saying, Why don’t you study, learn the violin, and learn how to draw? You have to prove to them that you are capable!” 

Olivia picked up the sandwich and showed it to Gillian. She said, I make better sandwiches than them. I want to make the best sandwich in the world.” 

“What’s so good about making sandwiches?Gillian angrily slapped away the sandwich in Olivia’s hand. Furious, she shouted, All you talk about is sandwiches. You’ve already made hundreds of sandwiches. Haven’t you made enough? Doris is a university student. She knows how to play the violin and draw. As for you, you only know how to make sandwiches. Who would think highly of you?” 

Olivia squatted down and picked up up at Gillian

Olivia’s gaze was calm. She explained, Gillian, what’s wrong with making sandwiches? I don’t think it’s a lowly profession. No one will look down on your profession if you do things masterfully. Why must I play the violin? Why must I draw? Those are what Doris likes. It’s what she’s good at, not me

Why should I be like her? I like making sandwiches, and I’ll continue to do so. Other people can say whatever they want. They can look down on me for all I care. I’ll do what I want

My resolve is as firm as boulders and mountains. It won’t waver. Other people just like to gossip. I don’t take what they say seriously at all.” 

With that, Olivia pushed the door open and left

After washing her hands, she continued to make more sandwiches

Gillian was left alone in the room. She sat on the bed with a stunned expression

Olivia’s powerful words echoed in her ears. My resolve is as firm as boulders and mountains. It won’t waver.” 

When Gillian heard Olivia say this, she could not help but tremble

How could this be? Why didn’t Olivia care what others say about her

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