Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 245

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 245

Chapter 245 

Gillian returned to her room next door in a daze

Ernesto was on the phone. When he turned around and saw Gillian, he hung up and said, Something happened in Fesmuowana. I have to go over and will only return in about two weeks. Do you want to stay here?” 

Gillian pondered for a moment and shook her head. I’m going back to Mala.” 

Ernesto raised his eyebrows quizzically

Gillian explained, Olivia has only been here for a short while. She has yet to experience the power of favoritism. Let her stay with her biased parents for a while first. Gradually, she will crumble under the weight of the bias she faces.” 

Olivia was almost done making sandwiches

She had suggested to her parents that she wanted to start a business in town

Megan rejected her suggestion immediately. Don’t you need capital to start a business? You don’t have any capital. We have used all our money to support Dorisstudies. Doris will take her graduate entry test next year. We have to set aside money for that.” 

After being rejected by her mother, Olivia was not angry. Instead, she explained gently, Mom, I don’t need a lot of capital. Isn’t Derek running a barbecue business in the town? I can stay at Derek’s place and use his kitchen. After making sandwiches, I can sell them on a food truck.” 

As Olivia said this, she held Megan’s hand

Megan felt a little uncomfortable when her hand was suddenly held. She subconsciously wanted to pull her hand back

Olivia’s hands were warm and slightly calloused. Her grip on Megan’s hand was gentle and delicate, as if she was caressing some precious treasure

Megan could even sense that Olivia relied on her and respected her

Megan’s heart softened

She looked away but did not pull back her hand

Olivia tilted her head and carefully sized up Megan’s slightly white sideburns. Her eyes glistened as she said, Mom, I did some calculations. Dorisfee for graduate studies is affordable, but she’s playing the violin and taking drawing lessons. These are not insignificant expenses. It is too heavy a financial burden for you and Dad. I can run a small business to supplement our income.” 

Megan still refused. I don’t need your money. What if your business fails?” 

Mom.Olivia’s gaze was gentle. Her fingertips caressed Megan’s thick and red knuckles. She said sadly, I don’t want you to burden yourself anymore. Yesterday, when you returned from the fields, you couldn’t straighten your back. Also, you can’t straighten your fingers.” 

Megan was stunned. She subconsciously lowered her head and looked at her own hands

Although Ernesto hired her to play the role of Olivia’s mother, she was a real farmer. Derek and Doris were indeed her children. It was just that she had to pretend that Olivia was also her child now

Every day, Megan still had to work in the fields

To her surprise, something that even her children had overlooked was noticed by this pretend daughter of hers

Megan was touched. She did not know how to reject Olivia’s kindness

In the end, Julian ended their conversation by saying, I’ll discuss it with your mother and tell you our decision tomorrow.” 

After Olivia left, Julian immediately contacted Stefan next door to report this



Stefan said, It’s alright. Let her do as she wants.” 

Julian bowed and acknowledged. Understood.” 

After Julian hung up the phone, Megan frowned and asked, What are the true intentions of these people? Will they hurt Olivia?” 

Julian glanced at her. What’s wrong? Have you actually accepted Olivia as our own daughter?” 

Megan sighed. Haven’t you noticed how adorable Olivia is and how nice she is to the two of us? She wakes up early daily to make breakfast and drinks for us to take to the fields. She makes sure to keep our meals fresh.” 

Honestly, even her real daughter did not dote on her so much

Julian and Megan had to go to the fields early before the sun rose. Usually, they went to the fields at three in the morning. They didn’t have time to make breakfast at all. They ate whatever they had from the previous night to keep themselves full

Julian puffed his cigarette and said helplessly, We can’t get too involved with Olivia. We can only try our best to protect her from a distance.” 

I know.Megan felt terrible

After getting Julian’s and Megan’s approval, Olivia brought the recipes she had developed and headed into town

In the morning, the business in the barbecue restaurant was slow. Derek and his wife, Stella, were preparing the day’s ingredients together

Stella was unhappy. “What are your parents thinking? Why did they send Olivia over to us?” 

Derek muttered as he diced the vegetables, Olivia wanted to come on her own accord.” 

Stella slammed the onion in her hand onto the chopping board, complaining, It’s weird enough to bring Olivia to the farm. Now, you guys even brought her to town. Other people might suspect us of human trafficking. In my opinion, your parents have gone too far. How could they do such a thing? They’re conspiring with others to deceive Olivia. They do not have a conscience!” 

Derek frowned. Stop talking. If we didn’t take this job, others would have done so. At least they’re paying us well. Doris is taking drawing lessons. She needs a lot of money to buy art supplies.” 

Stella was curious. I wonder what those people are scheming.” 

Stop speculating.” Derek placed the chopped ingredients in a box. Olivia will be here soon.” 

What nonsense is this girl getting herself into?Stella pouted. She actually plans to sell sandwiches. Are 

you kidding me? When Olivia first came to us, she couldn’t even make toast. It’s only been a few days, but she plans to sell sandwiches. Let’s pray that she doesn’t lose money from this.” 

Why do you care?Derek frowned. We’re not the ones paying for this anyway.” 

When Olivia arrived, it was almost noon. Many customers were eating in the restaurant

Olivia put down her things and began to help around the restaurant

Stella looked at her while handling the cashier

She thought to herself, This girl is quite capable. She’s not a bad person.” 

After lunch, Olivia went to buy ingredients for making sandwiches. She also took a walk around town. After getting everything she needed, she returned to the restaurant and organized them nicely. Stella pursed her lips and muttered to Derek, She got all the equipment she needs, but I doubt she’ll be able to sell her sandwiches. It’s summer now, and schools are on break. Let’s see who she sells the sandwiches to.” 

Olivia’s cutting skills were not bad. After deciding on what to sell, she streamlined her workflow to make sandwiches efficiently

She was at the stage where she could make sandwiches nice and fast without much difficulty

Olivia woke up at three in the morning and finished her preparations by six

By the time she was preparing to leave, Stella and Derek had just woken up

When Stella saw Olivia moving things onto her food truck, she pretended to ask, Do you need any help?” 

Olivia shook her head. Thank you, Stella. I’ve already loaded everything. There’s a plate of sandwiches in the kitchen. You and Derek can have them for breakfast.” 

Oh, you didn’t have to do so. Although Stella said that, she headed straight into the kitchen

She picked up a meat sandwich

She took a bite and swallowed it. It was so delicious that she almost devoured her tongue

She thought, Oh my god! What kind of godly sandwich is this? It is so delicious.” 

The bread was soft and tender. The texture was just right

The filling was even better. The juices from the meat seeped into the bread. There was not much meat, but it was incredibly fresh, tender, and tasty

Stella ate five bitesized sandwiches in one go and burped

She would have eaten the remaining three sandwiches if not for her tiny stomach

When Derek woke up, he saw his wife sitting on a stool, staring at the sandwiches in a daze

What are you looking at?he asked

Stella slowly raised her head. Could it be that Olivia used to be the King of Sandwiches?Derek was speechless

What nonsense was Stella spouting so early in the morning


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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