Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 246

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 246

Chapter 246 

Today was the first day of selling sandwiches

Therefore, Olivia did not make much. She only made 300 of them with two types of fillings, one ham and one vegetable

She drove the food truck to the nearby factory according to the location she scouted yesterday

This area was filled with factories and there were more workers

Olivia had already thought it through. She would start selling here at 6 a.m. If it didn’t sell well, she would wait until around 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. before going to government offices

After parking the food truck, she hung up the sign that she had prepared in advance

Olivia’s sandwich stall opened just like that

After 6, the workers began to show up for work

There was no place that sold food nearby. There was only Olivia herself

To the workers, the sudden appearance of a person selling sandwiches was very strange. They kept looking back at her, but very few people bought from her

As there was a canteen in the factory, the workers were used to eating in the canteen. They would be paid at the end of the month and the money for the food would be deducted from their salaries

Simple and convenient

It was almost seven o’clock and it was almost time for work, but there wasn’t a single person who bought sandwiches

Olivia was a little anxious. She wondered if she had chosen a bad location

It was better not to come here tomorrow

Just as she was about to close the stall, a group of young men suddenly came from not far away. When they saw Olivia, they were stunned and their faces turned red

A bold young man ran over and asked, Are you selling sandwiches?” 

Olivia nodded. Yes, one dollar for the veggie and one dollar and fifty cents for the ham. Do you want to try some?” 

The young man turned around and looked at his companions behind him. His companions all rushed over and took their phones. Can I use contactless payment? I want two hams and three veggies.” In just a short while, she had sold 20 sandwiches

The bold young man even said to Olivia, You have to come tomorrow. I’ll still buy your sandwiches.Olivia smiled and did not say anything

A few young men carried the sandwiches into the factory area and bumped into a group of girls in front

A woman in yellow looked at the sandwich in the young man’s hand and snorted. Shameless. You went to buy sandwiches just because she’s pretty. Can you get full from sandwiches?” 

That’s right,the girl in black agreed. The sandwiches must taste bad.” 

The tall young man replied with a smile, I don’t know if it’s tasty or not, but this sandwich is for Zoey.” 

As he spoke, he handed the sandwiches to the prettiest girl in the crowd

Zoey didn’t want to take it, so the girls beside her egged her on. Take it. Why don’t you take it? You can try this sandwich and see if it’s gone bad.” 

The woman in yellow helped Zoey take the sandwiches. She took one out and took a bite. I’ll help you try it.” 

After taking a bite, the yellowclothed woman’s eyes immediately widened

The woman in black was shocked and quickly asked, What’s wrong? Is it bad?” 


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

The woman in yellow ignored the woman in black. She grabbed the sandwich and finished the rest in no time. When she swallowed it, she burped and said, It’s too delicious. This sandwich is too delicious.Olivia didn’t sell much of the sandwiches. Olivia was already prepared to close the stall and change places

As soon as she was done, a group of young girls and boys rushed out of the factory and raised their phones. They all wanted to buy sandwiches

Olivia was stunned at first. When she came to her senses, she immediately packed the sandwiches up for everyone

In just a short while, she had actually sold more than 100 sandwiches

A girl in yellow even approached her and asked her to sell it tomorrow

Miss, your sandwiches are too delicious. I’ve never eaten such a delicious sandwich in my life. It’s so delicious.” 

That’s right, that’s right,” the woman in black agreed. It’s simply amazing. When you take a bite, the fragrance explodes between your lips and teeth. It’s so delicious that I want to swallow my tongue.” Zoey also came over and said gently, Miss, your sandwich is really delicious. I want to buy more for my parents to try.” 

Everyone was curious. When they saw a group of people surrounding her and saying that the sandwiches were delicious, they couldn’t help but want to try it

People came in waves. Olivia didn’t even need to go to the government offices to sell sandwiches. Olivia rode her food truck back to the barbecue restaurant. Before she reached the door, Derek rushed over and asked, “Are there any more sandwiches?” 

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but lick his lower lip

He was not full at all from eating the three sandwiches in the morning. It was all that lazy woman’s fault. She clearly could not eat, but she forced herself to eat and ate five sandwiches. She was still hiccuping. Derek was filled with regret. He hated himself for waking up half an hour late

Olivia blinked and spread out her hands. It’s sold out.” 

Noooo!Derek pounded his chest and stomped his feet. How could it be gone

At this moment, Stella came out of the shop and said, Make more tomorrow. Your brother and I will help you.” 

Olivia smiled sweetly. Alright.” 

Her sandwiches sold out on the first day. It was a good start. Olivia was very confident. The next day, she made three different types of sandwiches

Before she could even assemble it, just the smell of the ingredients alone was appetizing enough

Stella leaned over and took a few deep breaths. It smells so good.” 

With the help of two people, Olivia made 600 sandwiches

After assembling them, Stella looked at the room full of sandwiches and felt a little regretful. Is it too much? What if we can’t finish selling it?” 

It’s fine. Let’s go to a few more places today. We’ll all go and help her sell it.Derek’s thoughts were simple. How could no one buy such delicious sandwiches? There would definitely be people fighting to buy it

The sandwiches were done and they filled two food trucks

Olivia was in the front, while Taylor and Stella were behind

Where are we going? Are we still going to the industrial area?Stella felt that it was not good for them to go to the industrial area. Although there were many factories there, there were only about 3,000 people. Moreover, many people ate in the canteen. It was impossible for them to all buy sandwiches. It was best to change places


Billionaires Missing Darling 

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Olivia nodded. Let’s go over and sell it first. If we can’t sell it, we’ll go somewhere else.” 

The town was not big. They arrived in less than half an hour after driving the food truck

In the past, Stella was still worried that no one would buy the sandwiches

When they arrived, they were stunned

There was actually a circle of people at the entrance of the factory. There were more than a hundred men, women, old, and young

When they saw Olivia, they all surrounded her and shouted, Miss, why are you only here now? I’ve been waiting for half a day.” 

Miss, what flavors are there today?The person beside him interrupted

Who cares about the flavors?The person behind pushed the people in front away and raised his phone. Boss, give me ten of each flavor. Please hurry up. My family is still waiting

Stella’s eyes widened. Oh my god, can you finish 30 sandwiches?” 

The person behind laughed. My family has a lot of people. There are seven or eight of them.” Olivia quickly stopped the car trucked quickly packed up the sandwiches for everyone

The three of them were too busy to speak. They lowered their heads and busied themselves. They weren’t busy for long. In less than half an hour, the sandwiches were sold out

That’s it?Stella looked at the empty thermos box and was a little stunned. That’s fast.” 

There were still many people who had yet to buy it

Olivia packed her things and raised her voice. Tm sorry, the sandwiches are sold out. Everyone, come back tomorrow.” 

Sold out.” An old lady was unhappy. I haven’t bought it yet.” 

She had a little grandson who was very picky

She fell in love with the sandwich he ate with his mother at the factory yesterday. This morning, he insisted on eating it

Olivia’s smile was very warm. Madam, don’t be anxious. There’ll be more tomorrow. I’ll make more and make a few more flavors

Alright.” The old lady sounded reluctant. Then you must make more tomorrow.” 

After saying that, she felt that it was not enough and added, No, you can’t buy it today. What if it’s not available tomorrow? I’ll reserve two first. You must save them for me tomorrow.” 

As soon as the old lady finished speaking, the surrounding people who did not manage to buy it looked at Olivia with burning eyes

Olivia was stunned

At this moment, Stella said, No, you can’t reserve it. There are so many of you. If you reserve it, how can I remember?” 

Hearing this, the old lady was unhappy

She thought, Who would do business like this? It was just a sandwich. How delicious could it be? Who cares?” 

Hmph, she was going to fry fried cakes for her grandson and she wasn’t going to eat the sandwich. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she was stopped by Olivia

Olivia’s lips curved into a smile. Madam, we’re a small business. A sandwich costs less than two dollars. It’s not good to reserve it.” 

Speaking of this, her tone changed. However, you can come to our shop. I’ll reserve some in the shop every day. If you can’t buy it here, you can go there.” 

The old lady was surprised. You have a shop?” 


Yes.” Olivia nodded. It’s over at the food street. The Taylor family barbecue. That’s my brother and sisterinlaw’s shop.” 

Her attitude was not bad

Satisfied, the old lady nodded. Alright, I’ll go over later.” 

The others also chimed in. The Taylor family barbecue. I’ve eaten at that restaurant before.” 

I’ve tried it before. It tastes pretty good, but it’s not as good as the sandwiches. Miss, this sandwich is too delicious. I’ve never eaten such a delicious sandwich.” 

On the way back, Stella asked Olivia, How do we get them to go to the shop?” 

Olivia smiled brightly. Stella, we don’t have time now. After a while, we can get them to follow our socials. They can make largescale reservations and get it delivered to their door.” 

Before Stella could react

Olivia had already said in a low voice, I want to open the largest and best sandwich shop in town

On the Taylor family’s side, Julian and Megan had been missing Olivia. After more than a week, they called

He asked his son how Olivia’s business was doing

Derek was too busy. He held the phone with his shoulder. Here, 30 in total. Just scan the QR code on the wall.” 

Julian was stunned. What was this

He looked up at the clock on the wall. Wasn’t it only eight in the morning

Wasn’t the barbecue restaurant not busy

Megan also found it strange and asked, Derek, what are you doing?” 

Mom, I’m busy here.” Derek said in a loud voice, There’s a long queue outside.” 

Stella snatched the phone and said in a hoarse voice, Dad, Mom, come to town and help sell the sandwiches. We’re too busy.” 

What about the barbecues?Julian asked

Stella’s tone was straightforward. We’re quitting. We’re all selling for sandwiches now.” 

Julian and Megan were speechless

Half a month later, Gillian returned from Mala. She put down her luggage and went next door

In the end, the room next door was empty

Where did she go

Gillian’s face was as still as water, but her heart was pounding with excitement

Could it be that Olivia couldn’t stand the Taylor family’s favoritism and her sister’s excellence, so she broke down and fled

She quickly contacted Stefan to ask

Oh, you should ask Olivia. Their entire family went to town to sell sandwiches.” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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