Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 247

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 247


Chapter 247 

Gillian changed into simple clothes, carried her backpack, and took the bus to town

There were many people on the bus, and it was almost full. Gillian walked to the last row before finding


She threw her backpack aside and sat down

It took 20 minutes to get from the village to the town. Gillian closed her eyes and took a short nap. There were people chatting in the front row

Hey, aren’t you from Maple Town? Why did you come to Peace Town?A middleaged woman shouted loudly as if she had discovered something revolutionary

Gillian frowned and turned her face to the window. At the same time, she pulled down the brim of her cap to cover her face

A rough man chuckled. I’m going to the Taylor family to buy sandwiches.” 

You’re also going to the Taylor family to buy sandwiches?The old lady was shocked. I’m also going to the Taylor family to buy sandwiches.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, almost half of the people on the bus turned around and said in unison, I’m also going to the Taylor family to buy sandwiches.” 

This time, Gillian could not sleep anymore

She raised the brim of her hat and looked at everyone

The old lady was originally quite happy to see someone she knew. She found it quite interesting that he was going to the Taylor family to buy sandwiches as well. However, when she realized that everyone in the car was going to buy sandwiches, her face instantly turned cold

She slapped her thigh and complained, Oh my god, the queue is already so long with people from our town. Now, both people from the village and other towns are here, how long will the queue be!Taylor Family Sandwiches

Gillian frowned. This name sounded very familiar

Recalling that the Taylor family had all gone to town to sell sandwiches, she sent a few texts to Julian to confirm. Is your shop called Taylor Family Sandwiches?” 

There was no reply for a long time

Gillian pinched the space between her eyebrows, feeling frustrated

She could only talk to the person beside her. Is that sandwich from the Taylor family really delicious?Hearing this, the person beside her widened her eyes in shock. Oh my god, you haven’t even eaten sandwiches from the Taylor family?” 

The others also turned around and surrounded Gillian as if they were looking at a monkey. It was extremely strange

Oh my god, there was actually someone who had not eaten sandwiches from the Taylor Family


gaze was as if they were looking at a country bumpkin

A little girl in front of her even recited a rhyme

After that, a little boy behind her also recited a doggerel poem about the sandwiches

Back and forth, one after another, there were actually seven to eight rhymes about the sandwiches

There were also two doggerel poems that included the Taylor family and the location of the shop

It was catchy and easy to memorize

It was as if the Taylor family’s sandwich had become popular throughout the entire town overnight and was now spreading to the surrounding villages



For a moment, Gillian felt that time was in chaos

Wasn’t she only gone for half a month? Why did it seem like she had been gone for half a year

It felt like Olivia had changed the entire village by herself

After the little girl finished reciting the poem, she pouted her pink and moist little mouth and said, The sandwich is delicious. It smells good.” 

The mother sitting next to her was laughing uncontrollably. She raised her hand to touch her daughter’s little face and agreed. Let’s go eat the sandwich. A lot of it” 

Everyone’s life was good now. They didn’t lack this mouthful of food

Moreover, the sandwiches were not expensive. It was one dollar for the veggie one, and the ones with meat were only one dollar and fifty cents. Not only was it delicious, but it was also filling. The shop looked clean as well

Many people bought dozens or hundreds of them at once. When they went home, they put them in the fridge to freeze. When they wanted to eat them, they would reheat it them themselves

However, the reheated sandwiches did not taste as good. The fresh and hot sandwiches in the shop tasted the best

Therefore, there were often people who would buy a bunch of freshly made sandwiches from the shop. Everyone was praising the sandwich

Gillian said, Is it really that delicious?” 

She was surrounded by everyone as if she didn’t know what was good for her

The old lady added, I’ve eaten too many delicious things in my life. I’ve never eaten anything better than the sandwiches from the Taylor family.” 

In the beginning, she had the same thoughts as Gillian. She scoffed at other people’s praise

How delicious could a sandwich be

In the end, after taking a bite, she realized that it was really delicious

It was too fragrant! It was fragrant and overpowering. After eating one, she still wanted to eat another. She would eat it every day and never get tired of it

The reason why she went to town this time was because she saw the notification posted by the Taylor Family Sandwich social media account

Today’s sandwiches are updated, there are two new fillings

She wanted to try it

Gillian was dumbfounded and in disbelief. A sandwich shop has a social media account?” 

Updates? That’s too classy

That’s right, that’s right.” Everyone agreed. The person beside her even took out his phone and gestured for her to take a look

Gillian leaned over and saw that it said [Taylor Family Sandwiches, three posts, 178 mutuals]

Gillian was dumbfounded

She thought to herself, Madam, don’t tell me all your friends are following this account?” 

Gillian swiped her fingertip and saw the number of friends this lady had

178 friends

All her friends did follow it

She was a hardcore fan

At the Taylor family sandwich shop

After the busy morning, there were not many people left

Olivia had not eaten or rested since morning. She was very tired


Her mother, Megan, pushed her upstairs to rest

The shops in the town usually had two or three floors above

The first floor was a shop, the second floor was for their own stay, and the third floor was filled with miscellaneous items

In the past, only Derek and Stella lived here. The entire second floor belonged to the both of them, it was very spacious

Now an entire family lived there, it seemed very cramped

Especially for Doris. She had to draw and study. She needed a separate space

Therefore, she was given the master bedroom on the second floor. Derek and Stella stayed in the 

common room

Julian and Megan were squeezed into a small room on the first floor

Olivia could only stay in the storeroom on the third floor

Initially, Stella suggested letting Olivia and Doris live together

After all, they were both girls and sisters. It was normal for them to live together

However, Doris only said lightly, I don’t have a place to put my drawing board and paint.” 

Stella gave up and did not dare to make a sound

She had always been a little afraid of this genius

Megan didn’t say anything. After Olivia left, she whispered to her youngest daughter, Doris, Miss Dale’s request is that the rest of us are biased, but you’re not. You even treat Olivia very nicely and often help her.” 

Mom.Doris put down her brush and looked up indifferently

Do you know Olivia? Do you know who she is? What’s her personality like?” 

The three consecutive questions made Megan completely dumbfounded. She was completely at a loss

Doris went forward and held her mother’s hand. She pointed at the exquisite and beautiful paintings in the room. Mom, look, these are so beautiful” 

Megan nodded

Doris’s tone was indifferent and cold. It’s so beautiful. Just by looking at it, she can’t help but feel jealous. Moreover, you deliberately praised me and belittled Olivia in front of her face

As time passes, who knows if she will have any thoughts that she shouldn’t have. It’s fine if she destroys these paintings, but if she destroys me” 

Megan was shocked and subconsciously shook her head. I don’t think so.” 

Julian also frowned. Olivia doesn’t look like a petty person. If your Stella wants to learn how to make sandwiches from her, she has already taught her. She doesn’t hide anything at all.” 

Dad.” Doris reminded him coldly, Don’t forget that Olivia isn’t our family at all. Think about it, she must have offended someone. That’s why she went through so much trouble to set up such a trap.” 

Megan didn’t understand. That’s right. Why do you think she would lie? If there’s really a grudge, wouldn’t it be better to beat her up to vent your anger?” 

Stella also muttered, How did Olivia offend them?” 

What else could it be?Doris’s tone was disdainful. Just look at how she looks. She must have been a mistress and was discovered by the original wife.” 

Doris despised women like this the most

She herself was a genius. She had gone from a small town to one of the top universities in the capital. She knew how to play the violin and drew well

She was outstanding, so she looked down on those who sold their bodies


Doris reminded them coldly. “Be careful. Don’t let her get close to me 

After saying that, she turned around and continued drawing Just as she picked up her painthe her right hand, she suddenly remembered something 

Her tone was cold. In the future, lower your volume when you make the sandwiches in the morning” 

It was so notsy 

She only knew how to make sandwiches all day long. She was happy every day. However, she was so happy because of such small profits

She thought of her roommate’s parents, who were professors at Capital University, and then looked at Megan and Julian

Doris’s heart was filled with frustration

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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