Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 249

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 249


Chapter 249 

The food in the restaurant was not bad

Olivia found everything delicious. She only felt full after eating two platefuls of food in a row

Gillian teased, Why? Did your family starve you?” 

The corners of Olivia’s lips curled up slightly. Her smile was faint, but it was just right

It’s not that they starve me. It’s just that I’ve eaten enough of the sandwiches. I eat it every day. I’m tired of it.” 

Gillian smiled and did not reply

She picked up the cup and took a sip of water. After a while, she said, There’s something I have to tell 


Olivia nodded

You built the sandwich shop. You have to watch it carefully. Don’t let anyone pick the fruit.” 

Olivia looked up and thought seriously for a while. She did not say anything and only smiled

After leaving the restaurant

Gillian immediately called Megan and asked her to suggest that the restaurant would be reserved for Doris in the future in front of others

She wouldn’t give Olivia a single cent

After hanging up the phone, Gillian raised her hand and flipped her hair

She thought of what her grandfather had said countless times

He said that Olivia’s medical skills were good. In the future, the Smith family would have to be supported by Olivia. She and Jarron would support Olivia

For what reason

They were both granddaughters of the Smith family. Olivia was the youngest. Why should she take over? Gillian was unwilling

Now, she also wanted Olivia to taste the bias she had once suffered

Let’s see how Olivia can remain calm when Julian and Megan hand the Taylor family over to Doris,she thought

After dinner, Olivia wandered outside for an entire afternoon before returning home

Dinner was already prepared at home

At the sight of Olivia’s return, Megan’s expression was a little unnatural

The others also pursed their lips and pulled a long face. They didn’t look too happy

Olivia raised her eyebrows

She thought to herself, Why did my family change in just one afternoon?” 

They were still very close to her in the morning, but now they were cold

Olivia Megan cleared her throat. I have something to tell you.” 

Stella was easily embarrassed and could not bear to hear what Megan said next. She only said, I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look.” 

Then, she left in a hurry 

Olivia sat on the chair and glanced at Stella’s back indifferently. Then, she lowered her eyes and seemed to be deep in thought

Here’s the thing. Megan sat on a stool, holding her phone in her hand

Her phone was on, and she was having a call with Gillian 

Gillian wanted to know Olivia’s reaction immediately. She wanted to see her shock, pain, and unwillingnessJust like what she had suffered in the past

The sandwich shop at home. Your father and I want to leave it to Doris in the future. We also want to give this building to Doris.” 

When Megan first spoke, her tone was still not very smooth, but as she spoke, she became more and more fluent. Doris is the smartest and most outstanding child in our family. After getting into Capital University, she will have to settle down in a big city in the future. As parents, we can’t help much. We can only leave her more assets.” 

Olivia, what do you think?Megan deliberately asked Olivia

Olivia held an orange in her hand and slowly peeled it. She broke off a piece and stuffed it into her mouth. before looking up at Megan. Mom, isn’t it a little too early to talk about this?” 

On the other side, Gillian was excited when she heard this

It’s coming. It’s coming!” 

Get angry, get angry, be indignant, get angry to your heart’s content!” 

She would be filled with resentment, just like her in the past 

Hearing Olivia’s indifferent words, Megan was a little angry. She questioned, Are you unwilling? Let me tell you, whether you’re willing or not, this family has to be left to Doris

She’s the hope of our Taylor family. She’s a university student and will become a great painter in the future. We have to give all the money and things in the family to Doris!” 

The orange was a little sour. Olivia frowned and swallowed it

She was a little too lazy to speak

It was a very strange feeling. Half a month ago, she was still close to Megan and the others. She wanted to treat them well and work hard for them

But in the past few days, this feeling had suddenly faded a lot

Sometimes, looking at these people, Olivia actually felt that they were unfamiliar

She did not want to argue with Megan about this matter

However, she thought that since she was her biological mother, there were still some things that she had 

to say

She pinched the orange and deliberated over her tone. Mom, don’t you think you’re a little too shortsighted?” 

What the hell?thought Megan

Megan was dumbfounded, wondering, Why did she turn against me?” 

What shortsightedness?Megan asked subconsciously

Olivia licked her lower lip, feeling more and more strange

During this period of time, although she was always busy selling sandwiches, she rarely interacted with 


However, even after such a short interaction, she could sense that Doris was stupid

Be it in terms of IQ, EQ, or the way she conducted herself, she was like a primary school student. She was childish, aloof, and looked down on others

Such a person could get into Capital University

Apart from Donis, Gillian was also very stupid

The instigation was too obvious

However, Olivia could sense that she did not have any bad intentions, so she did not pay much attention 

to IL 

Olivia threw the orange peel into the wastebasket. She looked at Megan and said in a puzzled tone, Why 


are you bringing this up now? Can’t you wait a few years until I make the sandwiches into a big business?God, Olivia really didn’t want to say it so bluntly

It was just a sandwich shop. She had only managed it for half a month and it had already reached such a scale. When she expanded the sandwich business, wouldn’t it be better for Megan to come and snatch it then

Why was she talking about this now

Even Olivia didn’t covet over such a small sandwich shop in town, let alone others

Moreover, Doris sat at the side without saying a word, tacitly agreeing to this matter

If Megan was said to be a simple woman who was not so scheming, Doris was a student at Capital University

Her thoughts were too shallow

Olivia felt that if she played mind games, she could play them to death

It was so strange. In her memory, everyone said that she was stupid and did not know anything, but why did she feel that she was not stupid

MomOlivia took Megan’s hand and suggested sincerely, Give me another two years. At least let me expand sandwich’s business into the city before you want it! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be wary of you if you bring it up now?” 

Megan was dumbfounded

Doris was stunned

On the other end of the line, Gillian was also stunned

Olivia continued, Sigh, your idea is really not great. You see, I’m the one that makes the sandwiches. I run the sandwich shop. I also found a way to accumulate fans. In other words, everything is dependent on me alone

Under such circumstances, shouldn’t you guys please me? Then you can make me support my brothers and sisters. When I expand the sandwich business in the future, I’ll give my brothers and sisters some dividends

How about this? I’ll personally manage the business and bear the burden. Brother and sister can get dividends without doing anything. This is the way a smart person should do things.” 

Olivia was really ignorant

How could anyone be so shortsighted

She actually wanted to chase away the most capable person when the business was rising

She wanted to say something, but some images suddenly flashed through her mind

It seemed that someone had once said that she would inherit the family business and be the pillar of the family. Her brothers and sisters would do nothing but enjoy the dividends

Actually, this was not very fair, but because she liked her brother and sister, she agreed

In the end, her brothers and sisters were unwilling and despised her for snatching away their assets. However, they did not think about it. With their own medical skills, could they support the Smith family? The memory was only a flash, and it quickly disappeared

Olivia did not probe further. She just looked at Megan seriously and sincerely suggested, I think my idea is not bad, but if you insist on leaving this sandwich shop to Doris, I’m also okay with that

I can do something else. It’s just a sandwich shop. If you like it, take it. It’s no big deal.” When she said this, Olivia’s tone was indifferent. She did not take the sandwich shop seriously at all. This kind of indifference and nonchalance instantly shocked the people of the Taylor family. In their opinion, the sandwich shop was a huge golden hen, and it was personally created by Olivia


She actually said that she didn’t want it. She didn’t have any hesitation at all

Even Doris looked at Olivia in surprise

Although she looked down on selling sandwiches, she occasionally heard her mother, Megan, nag about it. She knew how shocking the amount of money made was

Olivia actually abandoned it just like that

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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