Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 251

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 251

Chapter 251 

Gillian told a story

In the story, there was an old gentleman with the surname Smith. He was a brilliant doctor

He had two granddaughters. The elder granddaughter was gentle and quiet. She had a reserved and considerate personality and loved medicine a lot

The younger granddaughter was lively and mischievous. She liked to join in the fun. She had learned to play the violin, paint, and play chess but could not settle down to study medicine

However, the old gentleman was exceptionally partial towards his younger granddaughter

Whenever a big shot came to the family to seek medical treatment, the old gentleman always brought his younger granddaughter over but never his elder granddaughter

Over time, those big shots had an impression of his younger granddaughter and treated her very well

Later, his elder granddaughter inherited the family business and invited these big shots to participate in the ceremony

Unexpectedly, when these big shots heard that his younger granddaughter was not around, they didn’t want to come as invited

They had already become his younger granddaughter’s connections

Gillian was very emotional, but Olivia was not listening attentively

She was fiddling with her phone

Gillian was unhappy. Why aren’t you saying anything?” 

Olivia looked up. What should I say?” 

Gillian took a deep breath. Don’t you think the old man is partial?” 

Olivia tapped her fingertips on the table and sighed lightly. Gillian, have you ever thought of one thing?” 

What?Gillian tilted her head

Olivia continued. You said those big shots were there to seek medical treatment. Then why did the old gentleman take his younger granddaughter with him? Did he bring her over to make a mess? Or can a doctor bring a child into the operating room?” 

Gillian was stunned by the question

You also said that the old gentleman is a miracle doctor. He won’t do meaningless things. Then why did he take his younger granddaughter with him?Olivia held up one finger. There’s only one reason that makes sense. His granddaughter appeared as his assistant.” 

No way!Gillian exclaimed. His younger granddaughter is very young. She’s only in her teens. How can she be his assistant?” 

Olivia’s tone was calm as she asked, Then why did the miracle doctor bring a teenage girl with him when he was curing his patients? Gillian, you’re a grownup. You should know that one would never try to make connections when others are sick unless he’s lost his mind

For example, when you’re as sick as a dog and in unbearable pain, someone brings a child over and tells you how cute and smart the child is. At such a moment, will you like this child?” 

Gillian’s entire body trembled violently as if she had suffered a big blow. She kept shaking her head and muttering, No, it wasn’t true! No, no.” 

There’s another doubtful point.Olivia continued, You said those people are all big shots and elites in the industry. These people are smart cookies and won’t act recklessly merely based on their personal preferences. There must be a reason why they rejected the elder granddaughter and liked the younger 


At this point, Olivia paused and voiced her thoughts. I don’t think the elder granddaughter should 





her thoughts and attention on the younger granddaughter because she’ll probably have psychological issues this way

She should pay attention to herself and strive to improve her strength. Why bother with those big shots? If her medical skills were good enough to make herself a miracle doctor, she would also become a big 


Why must she play up to others? Isn’t it good to let others come to her?” 

Olivia couldn’t quite understand the sort of people like the elder granddaughter. Her grandfather was a miracle doctor, and she had a great resource already

If she were the elder granddaughter, she would go all out to study medicine and become a miracle. doctor

In that case, those big shots would take the initiative to associate with her

How great it would be

Instead of rushing to befriend others and wishing to be liked, why not work hard to improve herself and let others come and please her

Olivia said honestly in the end. I don’t like to associate with big shots. I like to become a big shot myself.Gillian was already speechless. She was in a daze and lost her soul

She left as if she was escaping without saying a word

When the Taylor family returned at night, their faces were red, and they were joyfully excited

Although it wasn’t true that they would meet a highranking official on this trip, Gillian had also given them practical benefits

The Painting Association organized one small painting competition

The participants were all recommended by the association’s internal members. Gillian got an entry quota 

for Doris

Although it was not a largescale competition, it had extraordinary significance

Through this competition, she could get to know many teachers from the Painting Association

If her work could catch the eye of any teacher and be taken in as a disciple by the teacher, Doris would have great success in her career

She would have a sudden rise in life

After returning home. Doris was in a state of excitement. She had even stomped upstairs to paint without eating dinner

On the other side, Gillian returned to her residence. As soon as she entered the door, she saw another person in the room

Ernesto was back

Emesto smiled at Gillian. I didn’t expect you to have such a wide network. You even know the people from the Painting Association” 

Gillian was slightly stunned. Then, the corners of her mouth curled up into a coverup smile

She did know a teacher from the Painting Association. That teacher was also the president of the Painting 


But that teacher was Olivia’s teacher

To the teacher, she was nothing but Olivia’s sister

Gillian thought of something and smiled sadly. No, I don’t know any teacher, but Olivia does.” 

Ernesto raised his eyebrows

Gillian was down in spirit. Back then, I learned to paint together with Olivia. Grandpa hired Mrs. Rose Liebsig, the president of the Painting Association, to teach us. Unfortunately, Mrs. Liebsig just wanted one disciple


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Grandpa played favorites, so he only recommended Olivia to her.” 

When she said this, Gillian’s shoulders could not help but tremble

She still remembered how disappointed she was at that time. It still stung her whenever she recalled the sadness, helplessness, pain, and despair back then

Oh, he’s so partial to Olivia?Ernesto raised his eyebrows. Your grandfather has indeed gone too far in this matter. You are both his granddaughters. How could he treat you two differently?” 

Saul interrupted, Yeah, that’s unfair. That Mrs. Liebsig is also to blame. Why must she want one disciple only? So what harm could it bring if she took both of you girls?” 

He was angry and spoke up for Gillian

No, that wasn’t cool. I have to look into Mrs. Liebsig now.Saul took out his phone and searched Rose Liebsig on Wikipedia

After staying in the Hushe Republic for almost a month, Saul had already had a grip on Wikipedia 


If he encountered any doubts, he would start searching immediately. 

He clumsily entered Rose’s full name, and soon, her information popped up on Wikipedia

Saul’s Husheni was not bad

The Wilcox family’s lineal branch spoke Husheni

After briefly reading Rose’s introduction, Saul suddenly cried out in surprise as if he had discovered a new land

Oh my god, this Mrs. Liebsig has gone too far. She said she would only want one disciple, but five after she took in Olivia, she has taken in two more disciples

She’s crossed the line. She’s a liar!Saul snorted angrily

Ernesto’s hand holding the pen paused, and he subconsciously looked toward Gillian

Gillian’s face flushed red as if it was on fire

At this moment, she did not know if she was more surprised or embarrassed


What did she mean by only wanting one disciple? It was just Rose’s excuse that she looked down on her

Why would she take in another two disciples five years later if she wanted one disciple

Saul was still crowing at the side, angrily accusing Rose of not keeping her word

However, with every word he said, Gillian looked more ashamed on her face

In the end, Stefan could not stand it anymore and nudged Saul. Enough! Stop it.If he nagged again, Gillian would be furious in shame

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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