Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 252

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 252


Chapter 252 

Gillian locked herself in the room and trembled as she held her phone

She read the introduction of Rose on Wikipedia again and again

The introduction was very detailed

It was written that Rose took in her fourth disciple that year, whose surname was Taylor. Five years later, she took in the fifth and sixth disciples

There was also an exclusive interview with Rose below

She had personally admitted that when she took in her first disciple, she had already thought of taking in seven disciples

It was because she liked the number seven

Gillian squatted on the ground and dialed Rose’s number

Gillian said immediately after the phone went through, Mrs. Liebsig, you said you would only accept one disciple. Was that an excuse?” 

Rose was painting when she received the call from Gillian. She then took off her glasses

She walked to the sofa and sat down, drinking water and listening to Gillian

Then, the more she listened, the more confused she became

In the end, she could not help but interrupt Gillian. Wait, you said that your grandfather invited me to Layfield?” 

Wasn’t that true?Gillian frowned

She didn’t think there was any doubt about this point

Rose was the president of the Painting Association and a current oil painting master. If her grandfather hadn’t invited her, Rose wouldn’t have come to a small city like Layfield for no reason

You’ve misunderstood.Rose smiled. I don’t know your grandfather too well. He didn’t invite me over.” 

He didn’t? It wasn’t Grandpa who’d invited you?Gillian didn’t believe it. Then why did you come to Layfield?” 

In Gillian’s eyes, her grandfather was a miracle doctor. He had a lot of connections, and people from all walks of life would do him a favor. No one would turn down his invitation

Hearing Gillian’s words, Rose was slightly surprised. I think you’ve thought too highly of Doctor Smith. I must say 

his medical skills are superb, but he’s just a doctor, after all. Why would everyone humor him? Moreover, we didn’t know each other before.” 

Then why did you come to Layfield?” 

Because of Olivia,Rose told the truth. I happened to see Olivia’s painting at an art exhibition then. I spent a lot of effort to get her contact information.” 

Let me tell you this.Rose didn’t bother to waste her breath with Gillian. I went to Layfield to take in Olivia as my disciple.” 

Gillian looked like she was about to break down. She clenched her fists tightly and barely managed to calm herself down. So, you’ve never considered taking me in as your disciple?” 

Rose had almost forgotten about what happened back then. It had been so many years, so how could she remember everything

After thinking for some time, she said, Ms. Gillian, I’m very strict about choosing disciples. I don’t just go around taking in mediocre disciples. I wouldn’t lower my bar even if your grandfather were the 

president, not to mention he’s only a doctor!” 

Gillian’s heart began to ache, and her scalp went numb. It took her quite a while to chill out

She shivered. But you’ve praised me and said I had a gift.” 



Rose said helplessly, Ms. Gillian, I was just being polite. Do you understand what that meant?” 

What about the paintings? Are you also being polite by grading them for me every year?Gillian was indignant

Rose rubbed between her eyebrows. After a while, she said, To be honest, I’ve lived for so long, but I’ve never seen someone as insensible as you. Don’t you know how to read faces? Can’t you tell the expressions on people’s faces

How could you be so shameless as to have told Olivia to bring your mediocre paintings to me for grading again and again? How dare you!” 

Speaking of this, Rose got angry

She did feel that Gillian was too thickskinned for having ordered Olivia without any gratitude and took it for granted

Rose sighed. You know what? Olivia spent a lot of effort to get me to check your paintings back then. She begged me again and again. Ms. Gillian, you owe it to Olivia. Because of Olivia, you had the chance to come into contact with the top master in painting.” 

Without Olivia, Gillian would be an ordinary person among the millions. She would have no chance or be in no place to come into contact with those top masters from all walks of life

However, the funny thing was that instead of being grateful for Olivia, she even blamed her

Could it be more ridiculous

Rose didn’t want to say anything more. For the sake of Olivia, I’ll give you a recommended entry to participate in the painting competition. Don’t call me again.” 

After saying that, she hung up the phone mercilessly

At the Taylor family’s sandwich shop, in order not to disturb Doris with her painting, everyone from the Taylor family dared not to speak loudly. They walked on tiptoes and even stopped selling sandwiches

This was because making sandwiches in the morning would distract Doris

Since she had nothing much to do, Olivia went upstairs to watch Doris paint

Doris was painting the countryside at sunset. It was distant and peaceful, and it had characteristics

But Doris was not happy with it. She felt the color of the sky could be better. She had mixed several colors but still couldn’t get the most satisfactory one

Olivia stood behind her and casually pointed. Add a little black and turn it into a grayish orange.” 

Doris looked up and glanced at Olivia with a frown

Mixing colors is a complicated job. It’s not as simple as you think. Olivia, can you please go to study the sandwich ingredients if you are busy with nothing? Stop acting like a knowitall here.” 

Olivia did not feel attached to this younger sister

The reason why she came up to watch her paint was only out of responsibility

Olivia had always been a responsible person. Even if she had lost her memory, she would still 

subconsciously take on the heavy burden and think for her parents, brother, and sister

However, since Doris didn’t care, Olivia had no intention of sucking up to her

She turned around and left

Seeing Olivia leave without saying a word, Doris’s expression looked more terrible. She snorted coldly in her heart, How rude.” 

Olivia came down from upstairs and heard a noise from outside

She looked over. What’s wrong?” 

Stella was sitting on a chair, eating almonds while watching the scene. When she saw Olivia, she pushed the bag of almonds to her side and replied, Something happened at the fast food restaurant across the 



Megan also came over and frowned. It’s Bettany’s restaurant, right?” 

Yes, right. It’s her restaurant.Stella spat out a mouthful of almonds and started to gossip about the Fulham family

Bettany was the same age as Doris. They were classmates, but compared to Doris, she lived a much more pathetic life

She dropped out of junior high school and went home to look after her sick mother

The mother and daughter finally had a better life and opened a fast food restaurant on the street

Bettany’s father, Tucker Fulham, who had been missing for many years, suddenly came home

Back then, before Bettany was born, Tucker left home to earn a living. But he had been away from home for twenty years without any news

It would be a good thing for the family of three to be united after he returned

Unexpectedly, Tucker had started another family outside

He was up to no good when he returned this time. He wanted Bettany to marry a paralyzed fiance for her halfsister

What a terrible father he is!Megan frowned. He’s a total scumbag.” 

Stella nodded. Fortunately, Bettany is tough. She made a scene at the engagement ceremony, broke away from Tucker, and ran home.” 

However, not long after she were back, Tucker chased after her to her home

They were making a scene at the moment

For some reason, Tucker had convinced Bettany’s mother, Talia, who had also urged her daughter to agree to the marriage

No one knew if Talia was really stupid or just pretending to be

Indeed, the fiance was from a wealthy family, but so what? It still couldn’t change the fact that he was paralyzed. Bettany’s life would be ruined

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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