Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 254

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 254

Chapter 254 

The officer, Marco, was here to get some sandwiches, but unfortunately, the Taylor family’s sandwich shop was closed these few days

He was rather upset. He was out of sandwiches back home and could not eat the Taylor family’s sandwiches for a while

He was down

Hearing Olivia’s cry, the first thought that crossed Marco’s mind was that Olivia must still have some sandwiches

Thank god

After that, he realized that Olivia was calling him for help

He was so ashamed and thought he was a lousy police officer. How could his mind be filled with food: This was not good

Hence, the ashamed Officer Wood rushed over in high spirits

What’s going on?he asked Olivia

Olivia stretched out and pointed. Bettany’s parents have knocked her out and wanted to sell her.” 

Oh my god! Marco was shocked

This was a big case. Even the biological parents could not sell their children

He quickly made a call to report to his superior

Tucker hurriedly stepped forward to stop him. Misunderstanding! It’s just a misunderstanding. Officer. please listen to me. We’re Bettany’s parents. Why would we sell our daughter?” 

Marco was swayed and looked toward Olivia

Olivia pointed to the small room. Look, Bettany has already fainted. We can get the doctor to check on her later to see if she has had drunk some knockout liquid?” 

Marco walked towards the small room and saw Bettany lying on the ground, unconscious

He shook her hard several times, but Bettany did not wake up

Marco’s expression darkened as he realized that something was wrong

Outside the room, Tucker stared at Olivia with a dark gaze. His tone was ruthless. Mind your own business. We’re Bettany’s parents. When Bettany wakes up later, she’ll be on our side.” 

Yeah.Olivia nodded. I know.” 

You know?Tucker was shocked. If so, why did you still meddle in our business and call the police?Olivia took out her phone and found a recording. She played it to Tucker. So, I recorded it just in case. Even if Bettany is on your side, Talia has already admitted to having drugged her. This is the evidence.” You recorded it!Tucker’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as if he wanted to kill someone

I did.” Olivia nodded. Otherwise, why would I talk nonsense to you for so long? I could have just left and called the police. I was trying to get evidence.” 

Olivia did not like to waste time doing meaningless things. Whatever she said and did had its meaning. Moreover, the prerequisite for her saving people was to protect herself first

They had an old saying that relatives were favored over outsiders

Bettany’s relationship with her parents must be closer than with her

What if Bettany sided with her parents and turned against her

However, if she left without doing anything and watched a young girl get hurt, Olivia could not bear to see that


Leaving her in the lurch had broken her moral bottom line

Therefore, she got the evidence in advance before calling the police. This way, nothing would go wrong

Tucker was furious

He did not expect to meet such a meticulous girl in such a small town

What a genius she was

Marco took all of them away, and Bettany was sent to the hospital

Olivia went to the police station to make a statement

Marco asked her, How did you find out Bettany Fulham had fainted?” 

Olivia said, I saw three shadows at the door. One of them seemed to be sitting on the ground. There was 

a painting on the wall in the aisle. There was a small piece of broken porcelain at the door.” 

After hearing this, Marco and his colleagues looked at each other in surprise

They could not help but admire her observation. She could have seen all those details

Marco was extremely curious. What made you think Tucker Fulham and Talia Fulham have drugged her but not some other bad person?” 

Olivia explained, It’s because of Talia’s behavior. The daughter was in trouble, but as a mother, Talia was only panicking. There was no worry or fear on her face. This didn’t make sense at all. Recalling the previous news, everyone said Tucker and Talia wanted to marry their daughter Bettany to a paralyzed guy for Tucker’s younger daughter, so I guessed Tucker and Talia had drugged her.” 

Marco applauded. Oh my god, that’s amazing.” 

She could even become a detective

He couldn’t help but ask something irrelevant. Do you usually like to read detective novels?” 

Olivia shook her head. She didn’t seem to be interested in these

Then you’re good. You deduced everything just by sending a notebook over. You rock!” 

Wasn’t she good

Olivia frowned. It was easy to find out. She did not think it was such a big deal of it

One colleague at the side reminded Marco, This is just a guess. Bettany hasn’t woken up yet.” 

Right, he almost forgot about this

Marco thought Olivia’s guess should be the fact, but they had a problem

When Bettany woke up, she might cover up for her parents

After all, they were her parents by blood

So, he reminded her kindly, You’ve observed very carefully, but we still have to wait for Bettany’s confession later. After all, they’re Bettany’s parents. And this will probably end up with nothing definite.Leaving things unsettled was the best outcome. But they were worried that Tucker and Talia would twist the facts and accuse Olivia of calling the police to vent her anger, slander them, and ruin their reputation. I almost forgot about it.” Olivia took out her phone and clicked on a recording. There’s a recording here.” 

Marco was dumbfounded

Even his colleagues beside him widened their eyes

She was so wellprepared

Why… Why did you record?Marco stuttered

Olivia answered, I was afraid they would make a false countercharge, so I recorded it as evidence.” 

Marco gave her a thumbs up. Bravo! You’re too alert!” 

Tucker and Talia were indeed fine. When Bettany woke up, she admitted that her parents had drugged 



But it did not cause any harmful consequences, and they were her parents, so Bettany did not intend to pursue the matter further

The police let them go home and settle it on their own

After Bettany came home, she brought some food over to thank Olivia

Olivia, I owe it to you today. Thank you.Bettany was a little embarrassed that she had only brought some food from the restaurant. She then fetched one of the paintings and gave it to Olivia

Olivia. I painted this myself. It’s for you. I hope you like it.” 

Olivia looked over and saw an oil painting of the Virgin Mary

The character was delicate, and the colors were clean. The entire painting looked amiable and gentle. It felt like Raphael’s work

Olivia was surprised. Did you paint this?” 

When speaking of painting, the smile on Bettany’s face brightened. She talked nonstop and said a lot about it

From what she said, Olivia knew that Bettany had been fond of painting since she was young. When she was still a primary school student, an art teacher noticed her talent and taught her many painting skills. When she was in junior high school, Bettany had taken all the art painting jobs

Later, her mother was sick, and she dropped out of school. But she did not give up. She worked hard to earn money while practicing painting

I taught myself this.” Bettany smiled, showing two dimples on her cheeks. She looked cute. I’ve read a lot of books and searched a lot of painting skills online.” 

Speaking of what she liked, Bettany changed from her previous gloominess and unhappiness. She was in high spirits, and her eyes were filled with light

This portrait’s neck is too thick. Not good.” Doris had come over without being noticed

She had a pen in her hand and directly poked at the portrait of the Virgin Mary

The quiet and peaceful neck of the Virgin Mary was instantly dyed black

What are you doing?Bettany subconsciously pushed Doris away

Doris frowned. Why did you push me?” 

Bettany’s wrist trembled. After a long time, she said, You destroyed my painting!” 

Gosh, you called this thing a painting?Doris was disdainful. She looked up and saw that Bettany’s eyes 

were red in tears. She frowned and said impatiently, Fine. Fine. I’ll fix it for you, alright?” 

Didn’t you want me to comment on your paintings? Let’s use this one. I’ll enhance it for you.” Doris arrogantly raised her chin as if Bettany had taken advantage of her

Bettany took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her chest. She hugged the drawing board in her 


She bowed to Olivia. I’m sorry, Olivia. This painting is ruined. I’ll paint another one for you.” 

With that, she left with the drawing board


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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