Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 255

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 255

Chapter 255 

After dinner, Megan brought up the Fulham family

Talia is really ruthless. She even knocked out her own daughter.” 

Stella agreed. Bettany is really pitiful to have such a pair of parents.” 

Then, she turned to Olivia. Olivia, did you realize that something was wrong and call the police?Olivia nodded. Yes, I went to return the notebook and found Bettany unconscious on the ground, so I called the police.” 

Julian did not agree with Olivia’s actions. Under normal circumstances, he did not speak much, but this time, he could not help but lecture her. Don’t interfere in such matters in the future. Bettany is her daughter. She can do whatever she wants. Outsiders are not to interfere.” 

Megan nodded. Yes, Olivia. Don’t interfere in other people’s business in the future.” 

Olivia did not say anything. She lowered her eyes and held an orange in her hand

She had a nagging feeling that something was wrong

Her family should be benevolent and kind. Why would they despise her for meddling in other people’s business

Olivia massaged her temples and the suspicion in her eyes deepened

At this moment, her phone rang

It was Gillian

Gillian was at a hotel in town and wanted to talk to her

In the hotel, Gillian was sitting on the sofa with her phone in her hand. She looked frustrated. Ernesto sat opposite her. His gaze lingered on Gillian’s face. After a while, he said with a faint smile, Have you thought it through?” 

“Yes.” Gillian lowered her eyes to hide the madness and unwillingness in her eyes. This is the last time. I’ll hypnotize her one last time. I want to see how Olivia will face it when she knows that the person she likes 

has fallen in love with her sister.” 

Could Olivia accept it calmly? Or would Olivia be like her? Would she fight for Jarron’s attention and push her sister off the cliff in her madness in the end

Ernesto was playing with his phone. His eyes were deep, and there was an evilness in them that was difficult to describe

He looked at Gillian and nodded. Sure, but” 

Ernesto’s tone changed. Hypnosis alone is not enough. Relationships will become shallower as time passes.” 

At this point, he smiled. I have a good idea. On the way here, I’ll pretend to be injured and get her to bring me medicine. Then, I’ll take the opportunity to hypnotize her and make her fall in love with me.” 

And then?Gillian was curious. He could not have gone through so much trouble to pretend to be injured just to hypnotize her

Ernesto chuckled. His unusually flirtatious face immediately looked so evil

He said, After that, call her and ask her to leave. What happened next would be that I recognized the wrong person after I woke up. I thought it was her sister, Doris, who saved me.” 

What do you think? Isn’t this a good idea?Ernesto turned to Gillian. His eyes were sparkling with mischief

Gillian was silent

This man was really evil. He actually came up with such an idea



Olivia would definitely fall for him if she was hypnotized in such a location and in such a situation. In the end, it would even be a mistake

Olivia had to watch helplessly as the person she liked treated her sister well because of a mistake. How desperate would she be

After hesitating for a moment, Gillian nodded. Alright, we’ll do as you say.” 

On the way to the hotel. Olivia received a call from Gillian. Gillian asked her to take the small road to the east, saying that she would wait for her there

Olivia nodded and did not think too much about it. She walked toward the east

The town was not as prosperous as the city. There were no street lamps in some places

The path to the east was a little remote. It was only nine o’clock in the evening, but it was already dark

They walked to the intersection

Olivia stopped in her tracks

Ernesto, who was leaning against the wall in the middle of the path, could already hear Olivia’s footsteps. He pressed his shoulder to make more blood flow from the blood bag

His long legs also stretched into the middle of the road, trying to trip Olivia

After all, this road was too dark. If he hadn’t tripped Olivia, she wouldn’t have discovered him at all. Everything was ready. Ernesto leaned his head against the wall. As soon as he closed his eyes, he felt a glaring light shining on his face

What the hell was that

He was going blind

My eyes, my eyes

In an instant, the dark path was as bright as day. Ernesto covered his eyes tightly with his hands, but even so, the light revealed between his fingers was incomparably intense, blinding him to the point that he could not open his eyes

Because it was too bright

Olivia walked in with a strong flashlight and had a clear view of the situation in the path

She took two steps inside and was about two yards away from Ernesto. She asked curiously, Why are you lying here? Isn’t the ground cold?” 

Ernesto could not see Olivia at all. He could only determine where she was based on the source of the voice

With a low grunt, Ernesto said weakly, I’m injured” 

Olivia glanced at Ernesto’s wound and frowned. That’s chicken blood. Are you a chicken?” 

Ernesto was speechless

Fuck! Was she a dog? She could even smell chicken blood

Fortunately, Ernesto turned his head quickly and immediately corrected himself. The blood is fake. It’s my leg. I broke it.” 

Olivia took out a huge stick from behind her. She held the stick in her right hand and poked Ernesto’s left. leg. Is it this one?” 

Ernesto could not open his eyes, so he could not see Olivia’s movements. He only felt something poking his left leg

He nodded. Yes.” 

Alright. Olivia put away the stick. I’ll call the police immediately and get someone to send you to the hospital

No, you can’t call the police.” Ernesto shook his head and made a painful expression. I was shot by




Before he could finish, Olivia had already taken out her phone. There’s a gunshot wound. I have to call the police!” 

Ernesto was dumbfounded

How did that happen

Saul had clearly told him that the plot in the novel was like this. The male lead was shot by a gun and could not go to the hospital, let alone call the police. Therefore, the kind female lead would personally save the male lead

Why did Olivia call the police

Ernesto was puzzled. Don’t call the police. Why do you have to call the police? I already said that I have a gunshot wound!” 

There were differences between domestic and foreign cultures, and this plot was borrowed from the novel. Therefore, Ernesto thought that Olivia would be like the female protagonist in the novel. She would not call the police and would save him

Therefore, he couldn’t understand why Olivia called the police

Olivia looked vigilant. You’re really interesting. What makes you think I’ll help a criminal? Of course, I’m on the same side as the police.” 

Probably only a fool would not call the police and casually believe in a strange man one met on the street. Even if she wasn’t worried that he would hurt her, she still had to pay attention to scamming

She did not have any money now. If she was extorted, she would go bankrupt

Seeing that Olivia still didn’t give up on calling the police, Ernesto couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t care less about pretending and pounced on her

He was nearly 6 feet and 3 inches tall and had practiced boxing since he was young. His skills were excellent and his explosive power was extremely strong

Such a sudden pounce would definitely snatch Olivia’s phone

And yet… 

Before he could get close to Olivia, his abdomen was ruthlessly poked by a thick and round stick

Oh, it hurt so much

Like a bird that was suddenly struck in midair, Ernesto fell to the ground with a thud and rolled on the ground in pain

It was too painful, so he couldn’t care less about covering his face. He covered his stomach with both hands

Olivia raised her flashlight and shone it at Ernesto’s face

When she saw the exotic face, Olivia’s body shook violently

Then, countless memories returned

She remembered


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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