Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 256

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 256

Chapter 256 

Olivia threw away the stick used for selfdefense and leaned forward. She easily restrained Ernesto and tapped a few acupoints on his body. 

Ernesto no longer felt hurt in an instant

Oh! How magicall 

When he was still surprised, something even more shocking happened

Olivia stared at him and said coldly. Ernesto, have you had enough fun?” 

Ernesto’s calm expression changed drastically when he heard this

He was stunned

After a while, he said, You’re awake?” 

“Yes.” Olivia nodded. Then, she announced coldly, The hypnosis has been removed, and our deal is over.” 

Ernesto got up from the ground and looked at Olivia in disbelief. Impossible, impossible. How can you be awake?” 

No one in this world could be removed from his hypnosis unless he removed it himself

As Olivia walked out, she said in a low voice, I woke up when I saw your face.” 

What do you mean?Ernesto was a little confused

Olivia turned around and looked at him. Suddenly, she chuckled. Don’t tell me you think that I’ll hand myself over to someone else without doing anything and let them hypnotize me as they please?Olivia never did anything that she wasn’t confident in

Since she dared to let Ernesto hypnotize her, she had made all the necessary preparations in advance. Not only did she have to give a psychological hint, but as long as she saw Ernesto’s face, she would be able to recall everything reflexively

She even set a time limit for hypnosis

When the onemonth deadline was up, the people she had secretly arranged would immediately appear and take her away. They would also think of a way to let her see Ernesto and remove the hypnosis

If anything happened, the hypnosis would not be removed

The research institute would report to the country and pressure Fesmuowana through the Hushe Republic, asking Ernesto to remove the hypnosis

At that time, things would not be under Emesto’s control, or even the Wilcox family’s 

Thus was a national affair

After leaving the alley, Olivia threw the flashlight to Ernesto and pressed the button on the smartwatch 

on her left wrist 

In less than three minutes two ghostlike figures immediately appeared

It was Pets and Tyson 

Miss Tavinthe raver of them said an un 

Give modded le due cathon! Lot’s leave 

Fameo followed beland When he tward as tw quickly ran a few steps and stopped to front of Olivia 

As you going to see Cullat as you want to and tren who did 

Os did not log and track at all bia

Ese and Does she 

Regret of 


understand Are you really a cow how you what chankung



The night was very dark. Only the faint moonlight shone on her face, blurring her facial features and making it difficult to see her expression

However, Ernesto could still feel the coldness from her

In Olivia’s mind, regret was the most meaningless thing

Gillian had already done those hurtful things. She had already hurt others. What was the use of regretting

It was just to make herself feel at ease

Olivia turned to look at Ernesto and said calmly, I let you hypnotize me in exchange for the Wilcox family’s hypnotism. Now that the hypnosis is over, we have nothing to do with each other anymore.” 

At this point, Olivia paused and continued, I’m not a goodtempered person, and my patience is limited. I hope you won’t provoke me again.” 

She meant to cut ties with Ernesto, which made him feel very uncomfortable

What made him uncomfortable was not the threat in Olivia’s tone, but her attitude of leaving him alone as if she didn’t want to have anything to do with him

It was as if after tonight, they were no longer related. They were complete strangers

Ernesto’s heart twisted. He suddenly felt an indescribable sadness

He wanted to say something

Unfortunately, Olivia did not give him any time to speak. She got into the car and closed the door

Her actions were extremely cold and heartless. She did not even look at him

By the time Ernesto came back to his senses, the black car had already left like an arrow and disappeared into the thick night

All that was left was a thick, foulsmelling smoke

What a hateful girl

Ernesto stomped his feet in anger. How could there be such a woman? She didn’t even say goodbye to him

Tyson drove and asked Olivia where she was going and if she wanted to go back to the Taylor family to pack her things

Olivia slowly turned her head and looked out of the window. Her tone was even colder than the night wind. There’s no need. You guys can go over later and take the notes I left behind.” 

Tyson nodded and asked, Where are we going now?” 

Olivia looked at the lights not far away. She suddenly thought of Bettany and said, Let’s go to the Fulham. family.” 

The Fulham family’s fast food restaurant was already closed. It was pitchblack inside, and there was only a faint light in the depths, indicating that the owner had yet to rest

Peter went over and knocked on the door

After a while, Bettany came out

Olivia opened the car door and gestured for her to come in

Bettany looked up at Tyson and Peter and hesitated. After all, it was almost midnight. It was really not safe to get into an unfamiliar car like this

However, she remembered how Olivia had helped her in the evening

Bettany mustered her courage and sat in

Olivia, it’s already so late. What’s the matter?” 

She was a little nervous and sat up straight

Olivia smiled and comforted her. Don’t be nervous. I’m here to tell you that I’m leaving soon. You don’t 



have to give me that painting.” 

Leave?Bettany was surprised. Where are you going?” 

Olivia was about to speak when a few clangs came from outside the car

Someone was knocking on the window

Bettany rolled down the car window and frowned at Tucker outside the car. What are you doing here?Tucker curled his lips and looked past Bettany to look at Olivia. His tone was sinister. We have a guest. Why don’t you come in and sit?” 

Dad!Bettany was unhappy and reminded him. Olivia is my friend. Don’t provoke her.” 

Humph!Tucker’s expression was cold and terrifying. He looked at Olivia meaningfully. Girl, remember not to meddle in other people’s business in the future. Otherwise, you won’t even know when your head will be chopped off.” 

When he said this, Tucker’s tone was filled with threat

Bettany couldn’t stand Tucker’s sarcasm. She waved her hand to chase him away and apologized to Olivia. Olivia, I’m sorry. I’ve implicated you.” 

She bit her lower lip and looked embarrassed, finding it difficult to speak

After a while, she said, Olivia, during this period of timebe careful. My father is not a good person.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, her face flushed red with embarrassment

Not everyone had the courage to admit that their biological father was despicable

Don’t worry,Olivia said calmly. He can’t hurt me.” 

After saying that, seeing that Bettany’s expression was still worried, Olivia added, I’ll leave here tonight and never come back.” 

Hearing the news that Olivia was leaving immediately, Bettany first heaved a sigh of relief and then was shocked. You’re not coming back anymore? You’re not going to visit Samuel or Amelia?” 

Olivia played with the phone in her hand. You’re mistaken. I’m not the Taylor family’s daughter. I just lived in the Taylor family for a period of time.” 

Bettany was a little stunned, but she was very smart and immediately realized that there should be


This was Olivia’s privacy, so she could not ask further. She only looked at Olivia reluctantly. Then, Olivia, will I be able to see you again in the future?” 

Olivia leaned back in her chair and said casually, Let’s leave it to fate. We will meet if we are fated.” 

Olivia. Bettany opened the car door. Wait for me here. I’ll be back soon.” 

As she spoke, she got out of the car and ran toward the door. After a while, she came back with a painting. Olivia, this is for you.” Bettany looked sad. I don’t know when we’ll meet again in the future. Keep this painting as a memento.” 

Olivia took the painting and looked at it. Suddenly, she smiled and said, Then I’ll also give you a gift.” Huh?Bettany was a little stunned

Peter was smoking not far away. When he heard Olivia’s words, he glanced at Bettany

He thought that this young lady was so lucky to be favored by Miss Taylor

In the future, she might have some good fortune

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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