Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 257

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 257

Chapter 257 

The people in the sandwich shop found Olivia was missing the next morning

Megan panicked. What should we do? Olivia is missing!” 

Julian yawned and slowly walked out of the room with a coat on. Take your time. Maybe she’s gone out.” Derek and Stella also came down from upstairs. They said anxiously, Why don’t we call Miss Dale?Megan nodded

After a few calls, the first thing she said was, There’s no need to look for her. She’s gone. I’ve already transferred the money to your card. You don’t have to call me anymore.” 

With that, she hung up the phone

The members of the Taylor family were left dumbfounded

After a while, Derek finally found his voice. He took a deep breath and said, She has left just like that. It’s too sudden.” 

Megan frowned and said in a dissatisfied tone, She is really too much. She didn’t even inform us before she left.” 

During this period of time, Olivia was considerate and sensible, so Megan had already treated Olivia as her child. For a moment, she could not accept Olivia’s departure

She started to grumble

Stella chuckled and said mockingly, Mother, you really treat her as your own daughter.” 

They had made a fool of Olivia. It was already good enough that Olivia was not angry and didn’t take revenge. How could she inform them before leaving

After saying that, Stella thought of something

She suddenly shouted, Oh no, we still don’t know the sandwich filling recipe!” 

This was a big deal

Currently, there were a total of ten sandwich fillings in the Taylor family’s sandwich shop. Stella had only learned three of them, and she was not very good at making them. The taste of the fillings she mixed was far inferior to Olivia’s

What should we do? What should we do?Stella was so anxious that she stomped her feet

What are you panicking for?Doris came down from upstairs and reprimanded, It’s just a few sandwichfilling recipes. Don’t act like you haven’t seen the world. When I participate in this internal competition organized by the Painting Association, I’ll be chosen by one of the teachers of the Painting Association and taken in as a disciple. At that time, I’ll have everything I want. How can a few recipes compare?” 

Megan originally felt sorry for the sandwichfilling recipes. After hearing her daughter’s words, she suddenly felt more confident. Yes, Doris’s painting is the most important. If the sandwichfilling recipes are gone, so be it. It’s not a big deal

Furthermore, chopping filling in the morning will affect Doris’s painting. We might as well stop selling the sandwich.” 

Mom!Stella was furious. She raised her head and glared at Derek before stomping upstairs

Derek smiled awkwardly at Doris. Doris, your sisterinlaw is just too anxious. Don’t be angry.Derek. Doris glanced at Derek and frowned slightly. Don’t be blinded by these small profits. Sandwich is so cheap. Even if you sell ten thousand of them, you won’t earn two thousand dollars

But paintings are different. If I’m accepted as a disciple by a teacher from the Painting Association, I’ll be famous. Any random painting can be sold for thousands of dollars or even one hundred thousand dollars. You’re my brother, so I’ll definitely take care of you.” 


Doris had always spoken like this. She had been smart, so since she was young, her family doted on her and obeyed her. She was used to being domineering. Even when she spoke to her family, she still spoke arrogantly

Back then, Derek was used to her attitude and did not think much of it

However, during this period of time, he had interacted with Olivia a lot. He had seen Olivia’s sincere way of thinking for others. When she helped others, she would not make others feel uncomfortable

When he faced Doris again, he felt a little uncomfortable

However, Derek did not say anything. He just turned around and went upstairs to look for Stella

In the Fulham family, Bettany was painting in her room when she suddenly received a call from the express delivery. It said that there was a delivery for her

Bettany put down her pen and looked happy. It must be from Olivia.” 


put on her shoes and ran out

Tucker sat at the counter and looked at Bettany’s back with a frown

Seeing this, Talia was extremely nervous. She quickly explained for Bettany, Bettany is still young. She hasn’t seen you for many years and is a little distant. She definitely isn’t on the side of outsiders.Bettany received the package and opened it as she walked toward the small house

Tucker stopped her. Bettany, don’t interact with those indecent people. Listen to me and marry into the Hall family. In the future, you can have whatever you want. Don’t you want to learn painting? The Hall family will send you to the art school and hire a famous painting teacher for you.” 

Bettany’s hand that was tearing the package paused

She looked up and stared at Tucker. Her tone was cold. Tucker, I’m calling you Dad for the sake of my mother. Don’t push your luck.” 

Bettany!Talia scolded. How can you talk to your father like that?” 

Bettany turned her head and suppressed the sorrow in her heart. Mom, I’m your daughter. Do you want me to marry a paralyzed person?– 

Talia shook her head. I’m not asking you to marry him. It’s just an engagement. Your father said that the company is in danger now and only the Hall family can save it. Can you help your father?” 

Bettany couldn’t take it anymore. Why should I help him? Doesn’t he still have a daughter? Why don’t you let her go?” 

Shut up!Tucker’s voice was cold. Missy is your younger sister. How can you be so heartless and not act like an elder sister at all? You really disappoint me!” 

At this point, he even vented his anger on Talia. How did you teach your daughter?” 

Talia was frightened and immediately explained, Tucker, don’t be angry. Calm down. Bettany is still young and hasn’t interacted with Missy before. She doesn’t have any feelings for Missy. When they get along for a long time in the future, their feelings will deepen.” 

Enough.” Tucker grew impatient. Bettany must marry him!” 

Ha.Bettany sneered. Don’t force me. I won’t marry into the Hall family. Even if you use despicable methods to knock me out and marry me, I won’t let the Hall family help you!” 

Bettany!Talia slapped Bettany and looked at Bettany angrily with reddened eyes. Apologize to your father!” 

Bettany was already used to her mother being like this

Her heart no longer hurt. She just felt disappointed

She raised her hand to rub her face and looked at Talia coldly. Mom, you’re such a bitch! I’ve never seen a woman as humble as you.” 

With that, she ran upstairs


Bettany. Talia called out to her from behind

Tucker grabbed Talia and said in a cold voice that seemed to come from hell. Ignore her. Let’s see how long she can hold on. A girl shouldn’t be too stubborn. Doesn’t she like to paint? Let’s break one of her hands and see how she can paint.” 

Talia couldn’t help but shiver

Hatred flashed in the depths of her eyes

She lowered her head and said in a weak voice. Tucker. Bettany is too young and insensible. Give me more time. I’ll definitely persuade her.” 

Tucker glanced at Talia and suddenly laughed

He raised his hand and touched Talia’s cheek. His voice was gentle. I knew it. You understand my heart the most.” 

Talia lowered her head and smiled shyly

Upstairs, Bettany ran to the bathroom and washed her face with cold water to calm herself down

She didn’t understand. She couldn’t figure it out

Why did her mother, who had been relying on her for so many years and had always doted on her, suddenly change after her father appeared

Her mother even wanted to force her to get married

After wiping her face, Bettany opened the package

The delivery was very light. It should be a piece of paper or a letter

Bettany guessed that it should be a painting

She had given Olivia a painting, so Olivia also gave her a painting in return

The package had been completely opened. Inside was not a painting, but a letter

Bettany found it strange. Did people still write letters these days

She took out the envelope and opened it. She realized that it was not a letter but a thin paper shell. It looked like an invitation card

What exactly was it

Bettany became more and more confused. Was it a greeting card

She casually took out a thin golden paper shell and opened it

It was a line of words

Bettany looked over. The more she looked, the heavier her breathing became, and her pupils dilated

This, this was actually an invitation to the Painting Association’s internal competition

Bettany’s legs went weak, and her wrist trembled slightly. She almost couldn’t hold the invitation in her hand

At this moment, she suspected that she was in a dream

She rubbed her eyes hard and looked at the invitation letter again

It was true! It was actually true

This was given to her by Olivia. Who exactly was Olivia

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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