Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 261

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 261


Chapter 261 

In the afternoon, Olivia and Daniel went to the kindergarten to pick up Andrew

On the way, Daniel mentioned something

Some time ago, when he was volunteering, he met a young man named Noah who was at the same age as him

Noah is only 29 years old. He has been married for seven years.” Daniel sighed

Olivia nodded. He married early. He barely reached the legal age for marriage back then.” 

And what is your opinion?Daniel turned to look at her

Olivia felt a little bit weird. Why would she have an opinion? Some people married young and some old. It was just their choice. There was nothing to comment about

I don’t really have one.” She shook her head

You don’t?At the red light, Daniel stopped the car and turned to look at Olivia, his expression kind of complicated

Olivia frowned

She couldn’t make out what he was trying to do

She was about to ask him what was going on today

Yet before she could, she heard his mellow deep voice just beside her ear. Olivia, let’s get married too.Unexpected of such a question, Olivia looked up at Daniel in shock

The traffic light had turned green. Daniel turned around and looked ahead, pressed on the accelerator with his right foot and the car rushed out like an arrow

He didn’t turn to Olivia again, yet he said solemnly, stressing every syllable, Olivia, let’s get married.” 

Get Married?Olivia repeated his words in her head

She squeezed her fingers, unsure of what to answer for a moment

She didn’t expect him to bring up this topic so soon. She had barely thought about it

So she hesitated, trying to figure out what to reply

Yet then, Daniel continued, If you haven’t made up your mind, we can get engaged for now. How do you think?” 


Olivia took a breath of relief

She nodded at Daniel and agreed. Okay!” 

Daniel was so happy that he was lost for words for a while

He made it! That was wonderful

Daniel was a very sophisticated person. He understood humans pretty well. He knew how to negotiate

He had read a lot of psychology

He once read something called House Splitting Effect. There was a dark room, if someone proposed to open the window, the proposal was very likely to be denied by a group of people, however, if another person proposed to destroy the ceiling then the first proposal would become much more acceptable

He was using the exact same trick

Daniel’s goal was to engage, not to marry for now

After picking up Andrew, the three of them went to a nearby restaurant for dinner

Olivia felt a little guilty for having hesitated when Daniel proposed to get married. She felt that she had hurt Daniel, so she was very cooperative and she agreed to whatever he said that day



She even took the initiative to mention the engagement date

Do you think we need to think about it carefully?” 

Daniel sat on the chair. He had already taken off his jacket and was only wearing a white shirt. The cuffs were rolled up, revealing a firm and powerful wrist

Hearing Olivia’s words, he looked up slowly

He said in his deep, cellolike voice, No need.” 

No need

Olivia looked up

her beautiful eyes filled with surprise

Daniel tapped his fingertips on the table and said, September 9th.” 

Olivia’s hand that was holding the fork paused in the air. She looked over in shock. A week later? Isn’t that too soon?” 

Daniel shook his head. This is a good day.” 

It indeed was, but wasn’t it a bit of a rush? Would they have the time to prepare everything that was required

Olivia was very worried. The engagement was in seven days. There were many things to prepare. They needed to make arrangements for the venue and the guest list. She hadn’t even purchased the clothes, shoes, and rings for that day

Don’t worry,Daniel said confidently. I’ve prepared everything for you.” 

He took out his phone and showed the photo to Olivia

This is the engagement venue. It’s at the old residence of the Sullivan family. It’s already set up

As for the guests, I don’t think we need to invite a lot of people. I prefer to only invite our close relatives and friends

The clothes and shoes are ready. Try them on and see if there’s anything you need to change.” 

And the rings had been customized. They would be delivered in a few days.” 

Daniel was talking excitedly

However, when he turned around, he saw Olivia looking at him calmly with her arms crossed

Daniel’s heart skipped a beat

He thought to himself, Oh no, she found out.” 

Olivia looked up and said slowly, Is this your trick?” 

Don’t call it a trick,Daniel said righteously. I am just insightful. I knew we would get engaged one day so I had everything ready in advance.” 

He moved closer to Olivia and whispered, I really want to marry you.” 

After saying that, he gave Andrew a look

Andrew reacted quickly. He immediately hugged Olivia’s other arm and blinked his big eyes pitifully. Olivia, don’t you want to marry my Daddy? Is it because you don’t like me?” 

Oh no. What are you saying?Olivia’s heart softened. She held Andrew in her arms and shook him. Her tone was gentle. I couldn’t kike you more. You’re so adorable

Andrew raised his face. Then would you like to be my mother?” 

Of course, I do.” Olivia lowered her head and kissed the little boy’s soft face

Daniel was very productive

Olivia had just agreed, he announced the engagement to the world the next second



He also posted on Twitter: Dear Princess, I’ll see you on September 9th

The Sullivan Group’s subsidiaries reposted this Twitter and posted at the same time: Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan.” 

Almost instantly, This tweet went viral

The news of the engagement of the richest man instantly hit the headlines all over the world

It was at the top of the trending searches

Every major news outlet was reporting it

The news could be found in the financial column, entertainment column, and even scientific column

The netizens were dumbfounded

They had no idea what was going on. The news was too sudden

They couldn’t believe that in the blink of an eye, the richest man was engaged. They never heard he had a girlfriend

The netizens were in an uproar

It’s too sudden. Oh no, how can he get engaged before I even grow up?” 

Who is Ms. Taylor? Does anyone know? I have never heard of her.” 

Am I the only one who’s curious? Look, I saw this piece of news on financial channels. entertainment channels and even scientific channelsWhat does it have to do with science, can anybody explain?Oh, come on, don’t spread rumors. It’s covered on scientific channels not because of Mr. Sullivan but because of Ms. Taylor.” 

There was also a link behind this comment

People who clicked on it were all shocked by Olivia’s dazzling resume

Oh my god, Ms. Taylor is amazing. She got the Lasker Award at such a young age. She must be a genius.” I knew she must be an excellent person too.” 

Well, even though Ms. Taylor has made some achievements in biology, I still don’t think Ms. Taylor is good enough for Mr. Sulliva. After all, he is the wealthiest man in the world.” 

Oh shut up! Are you blinded by money? How dare you say that scientists are inferior to capitalists!” 

The netizens were arguing with each other

The Sullivan Group’s public relations team had controlled the comments, so the discussion didn’t go too far

It was not very intense, and there was nothing too negative

However, Daniel still didn’t like it. He did not want to see any arguments. He wanted to see everyone congratulate him and Olivia


The ecommerce department posted on their official account: The Sullivan group will pay the bill for 100 people who retweeted the post.” 

The Technology department of Sullivan Group posted, We will send out 100 computers to those who retweeted.” 

The reading department of Sullivan Group posted, 10,000 lucky netizens who retweeted would get 10,000 read coins!” 

The video department posted on Twitter: “We will select 10,000 lucky netizens from those who retweeted, and the chosen one will get a oneyear premium for free.” 

After dozens of Sullivan Group subsidiaries posted on Twitter, other cooperating companies also joined 




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The nets went crazy 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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